Both Carter and Texas A&M direct stock foundation. Our main meat breed is Blanc de Hotots. We're a small family operation in Berks County, PA. We raise Silver Fox rabbits for garden, fur, and table. We raise show-quality Argente Bruns, New Zealand whites, Californians, Holland Lops, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We are a microfarm in SE Wisconsin. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. Bred to the ARBA standards for their breeds. Show-quality Rex & Californian rabbits. We breed pedigreed standard Rex rabbits for excellence in meat and fur. $60.00. I started raising Silver Fox rabbits in spring of 2011 and have enjoyed it so much I've kept at it ever since. We are a small rabbitry with American Chinchilla and Standard Chinchilla rabbits located between Tulsa and OKC. I breed a variety of meat rabbits. Over 50+ years of breeding/showing class 4 and class 6 rabbits. Flemish giants, Americans, Rex, mini rex, mini lops, Holland lops, English Lops, and netherland dwarves. Our color varieties are: black/orange tri and harli, blue/fawn tri and harli, black, blue, chocolate, red, and white. We have mixes, including American crosses, Flemish and Chinchilla crosses and purebred Flemish! ARBA Recognized Rabbitry specializing in English Angora's, Checkered & Continental Giant's, and Thrianta rabbits. We mostly breed for our own consumption but we always have a few extra breeders to sell. We also have a few mixed breed meat rabbits. Read more about The 6 Most Loved Rabbit Breeds. Rabbits For Sale by Moustafa Rashed, Last female stay I have been working with Silver Fox rabbits for 5 years now, and of the several breeds I have dabbled in, they are the best all around rabbit for meat, fur, brooding ability and personality. Also raise Californian X NZ cross meat rabbits. Mixes of some or all. So I started my own rabbitry! Visit us on MeWe or Facebook We are a small rabbitry specializing in Silver Fox and Rex rabbits developed for meat production. We have New Zealand rabbits: Blacks, Blues and Broken. If calling is easier, please leave a voicemail and I will call you back at my earliest (and quietest) convenience. I raise mainly New Zealand rabbits and occasionally have a Silver Fox litter. Some mini rex available. Breeding replacement stock only available. Good conformation yields a good carcass. We currently breed New Zealand's (Black, Broken and White), Giant Chinchillas, Flemish Giants, and crosses designed to grow quickly and have a high yielding carcass.