Conversion technology that allows you to change the kayak from a covered tandem to an open tandem or covered single paddling arrangement. Also, you can stand on it while fishing. This part of the kayak is the shape of the boat’s bottom. If they are geared towards lakes, they may even be more flat on the bottom. Will you use the boat on your own, or do you want it to be capable of accommodating more than one boater? Besides these companies, Advanced Elements, Hobie, Ocean Kayak, and Cobra also are well known. The Excursion has many of the same features as the more expensive kayaks. See The Top Brands! It features a cockpit and offers you some shelter from the water and the wind. This object is for your waist. Required fields are marked *. Meanwhile, if you are an experienced boater, and you do not mind boating on a swift speed, then a narrow and extensive kayak is right for you. You do not have to worry about the boat capsizing, too, because this kayak offers the stability you need. The Sun Dolphin Excursion has a sit-in cockpit giving it a slightly more cozy feeling than the larger open cockpits of other kayaks. In the next section, you can check which one suits your requirements. Multiple foot wells so you can choose the most comfortable seating position for yourself and still have ideal leverage for paddling. This is one area that it may fall short in if you want a kayak that can truly do anything that you throw at it. 3838 Camino Del Rio N #102 San Diego, CA 92108. As for the water vessel’s height, you should take this feature into serious consideration when you look at the length of the boat. Furthermore, shopping for the best Costco kayaks is worth looking forward to because the retailer offers a wide variety of boats from which you can select. Adult paddlers of different sizes can enjoy this watercraft’s multiple footrest positions as well. When you are purchasing a kayak, you should consider its length, width, and height. You will need the following pieces of equipment:– One paddle– One spare paddle– A personal flotation device– A bilge pump– A spray skirt for cold water and chilly weather– One dry bag for personal belongings– A signaling whistle– One headlamp or headlight with extra batteries when kayaking after dusk or when it is dark already. For a hard-bodied kayak, it’s hard to find a cheaper option than the Sun Dolphin Excursion. Did you know that when you purchase one of the best Costco kayaks, the weight capacity of these watercraft is not the same? We have a large selection of ... We offer both single rider kayaks and tandem kayak versions. You will find this boat maneuverable and tracking well on rivers and lakes. For a one person kayak, the Excursion is easy to transport and launch so that you can be completely self-sufficient on the water. You can make your decision according to the kayak’s color, costing, type, appearance, rating, features, and so forth. You’ll find that the Excursion is easy to control and tracks great through the water while still being very stable.