Wait, What About These Different “Duties?”. They’re round-shaped cup-like metal rings and make sure that you don’t oversteer. Start charging through those grinds with the Tensor Mag Light Reg Trucks.Guaranteed for life, Tensor stands behind their product to produce the best quality truck on the market.A newly designed truck made for your desire. All brands list their details in the product description and if you go to your local skate shop they will help you out. Independent released their first skateboard truck (Stage 1) back in 1978. Don’t ride them too loose, low trucks usually require a tighter setup. Class 1 trucks are very small, pretty much only the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier are there at this point. ", We use cookies to optimize your experience and for analytics and advertising purposes. The bushings are the rounded, cushiony pieces of urethane or silicone that sit in between the baseplate and the hanger of the trucks. Transition skateboarding is about vert, bowls and mini ramps. If you can’t find the badge you can usually make these out by wider rear-view mirrors (meant for peeking around trailers). These classes exist for safety regulation, commercial designation, and registration purposes. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For a while, there’s a trend to make trucks lighter either by hollowing out the axles and kingpins or using aluminum. Probably any brand is fine as long as they offer quality trucks, you’ll need a high truck because you also need bigger wheels . Easy to install, sharp looking finish. You probably already know that size matters but what exactly do you need, let’s go! The biggest culprit is that narrow trucks (relative to your deck’s width) offer less stability, so if you skate vert and bowl it might be an issue. When I skate on the street I skate and 8.0″ deck because it feels a bit more responsive. You will see a small plastic piece that keeps the truck steady, this is the pivot cup. If your trucks are too wide for your board you can’t do any primo tricks as your board will position itself in an angle when resting on its side. The right width is the most important of all but there’s more to it. Don’t obsess with picking exact matching trucks, as long you’re able to stand primo (standing on your skateboard wheels and side of your board) you’re fine. The Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan fall into Class 2. This makes for universal fitment of aftermarket cargo components. If you ever hear a clicking sound make sure to check your washers. Some basic info –. Trucks are made of a mix of metal, steel, brass in a process named die casting, sometimes they’re covered in a powder coating. If you only skate transition go for Independent trucks or Venture trucks. I do like them but it’s more about just wanting them, not a rational thing. Independent and Thunder both use the metric system to name truck size, for example, '129' which refers to the hanger width in mm. Hollows aren’t that much more expensive as regular trucks but there isn’t a difference in performance. Classes as described by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Center for Transportation Analysis, Oak Ridge, TN. I haven’t tried this myself though. Usuall… First, the width of your trucks’ axle should match your deck and vice versa. INTERLOCKING BUSHINGS - Better controlThe unique shape of these bushing interlocks with the truck hanger. It’s important that the axle is made of quality steel or titanium because the axles deal with lots of force. Usually, a standard truck is fine but if you have the budget hollow trucks and titanium could be an option. If you have suggestions feel free to leave a comment. 7.625 axle. Manufactured with a lower kingpin to allow more clearance through those grinds and roll-ins. Independent now make the "144" and Thunder make the "148" which both have 8.25" axles. All the different parts play an important role to make your truck perform and behave as a solid trustworthy truck should. As in stay bent. Lighter trucks won’t help you ollie higher, but aluminum is usually stronger than the mix of metal trucks are made out of. What is the hanger on skateboard trucks? I also suggest going for a wider truck combined with a wider board. You can buy these at any hardware store and they’re rather cheap. REDUCED WEIGHT - Lighter than all othersThe redesign of the truck has allowed us to shave off more weight. Riser pads are for skateboarders who like cruising on bigger wheels and prevent wheel bite. Trucks come in all kinds of sizes and brands don’t really have a standard so keep that in mind and read the specification carefully before you buy. The distance is measured between the baseplate and the truck’s hanger. You’ll also find solid vs. hollow versions of some materials. Larger wheels can be fitted without wheel bite, 53mm to 58mm, as the axle now sits further away from the deck. It’s entirely up to you just experiment a little what feels right. Tensor Alloys Skateboard Trucks - raw (5.0) in stock at Tactics. Now you know this, you can see that a truck size of 5.0" actually has an overall width, including axle, of 7.75" making it a perfect width match for a 7.75" deck. Like mentioned, make sure your skateboard deck matches the width of your trucks’ axle. GVWR refers to the maximum operating weight a truck can possibly carry while driving including the truck itself. The axle nuts are used to secure your wheels to your axle’s truck. Great designs but the cheaper options are just as good. If you are working with longboard trucks, the sizing may be different so contact us to find the best fit. In marketing and now common speak, pickup trucks are generally classified by a different system that revolves around “payload” rather than total weight. Tensor, Independent, or Ventures are great for cruising and tricks, Paris V3’s are awesome carvy cruiser trucks. A massive tire size chart with both metric and inch tire sizes listed to easily compare every tire size in one spot. Even though seemingly insignificant, you really should make sure to attach them. This will change how high off the ground your board is and can also be a factor when choosing wheel size. Indy’s are manufactured by Ermico Enterprises Inc and is the only dedicated truck manufacturer in the USA. Because they turn better they give a bit of a surfy feeling when cruising on bigger wheels. … The hangers width is often used to help you choose the right deck width, but it’s better to look at the axle width. This entry was posted in How to guides and tagged how to, skateboarding, guide, trucks on 12th February 2018 by Gurney. They’re a good option if you like to skate transition but also like to shred the streets. They are a bit lighter (hence the name) and have a hollow kingpin and axle. If you feel like your kingpin hits ledges or rails when grinding, sand them down a little. Here’s a chart to help you visualize truck classes-by-GVWR: Graphic by Jason Torchinsky. I personally love riding them in my local mini ramp! Confusingly, the trucks you buy will actually measure wider than the size stated as it doesn't count the axle. This gets a little trickier. Indy’s are loved by mini ramp, bowls, and vert skaters but I also see many street skateboarders riding Indy’s because they just last longer. Social Media:Facebook / Insta / Youtube / Twitter. Higher trucks don’t offer more pop compared to lower trucks. If you’re a tall person or if you mainly skate transition, wider trucks (and wider deck) is often recommended. These trucks were made for team riders originally who preferred a slightly higher truck. The hangar is the biggest component of your truck and holds the axle where your wheels are attached. In Stock - FREE Shipping on orders over $60, "Honestly, Tactics is the best online boardshop out there. It doesn’t have the forged baseplate and is a little thicker. TENSOR TRUCKS. A chassis cab van is an enclosed van cab with nothing but frame rails behind it, while a “cutaway is the same thing but with an open back-half of the cab (think; ambulance). When I called Three-Quarter Ton pickups “Heavy Duty” that’s only in the context of Light Duty. NEED HELP? The kingpin also controls how much pressure is being put on the bushings. Riser pads can increase height allowing for bigger wheels. They allow you to pivot your board when you lean to make turns. $22.95 Color: Size: Add to Wish List. I'm an aged skateboarder, but I still shred responsibly. Modern “half-ton” trucks are pretty much the GVWR Class 2 list; Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan. Bowl/pool skaters require a bit looser trucks for better carving the bowl’s curvy surface. Today these trucks tend to have a curb weight (weight empty but ready-to-drive) around 5,000+ pounds and payload capacities between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds. A strong baseplate is essential when you grind a lot of curbs as the baseplate has to deal with a lot of force. We have gone through the most common skateboard truck brands and actually measured the trucks to give you an accurate table for comparison. When you turn and step off the trucks stay where they were at. They turn a bit better compared to low trucks because of their higher profile. These trucks consist of a hollow kingpin, a titanium axle, and a forged Baseplate. Heavy skaters should go with harder bushings in general. My name is Ruben and I've been skating since I was a kid. Sign In or Insta @skateboardershq, 11 Best Cruiser Skateboards - Bought & Tested. Thunder has the lowest profile keeping your center of gravity low. Payload is the amount a truck can carry in its bed, and the industry still uses three classes with archaic and misleading names. This part is important when making turns. Sign In or