Chapter 115 An Eye Opener ... She agreed to become a surrogate mother for Cherry to pay the debts she owed the hospital. Not only is she depressed from the events of the past, she doesn't remember the things that she ought to remember. Mira is in a hopeless situation. He savagely torpedoed his tongue and flicked and sparred it with hers until she moaned in protest. What if...", "That ex-wife... is the same wife that never showed her face after giving birth to her twins. When she heard the news, Janet returned from her self exile with her twin babies to stop their wedding ceremony. He did love her, but when he was overwhelmed by all the conspiracies, hatred drowned out whatever love was in his heart. +1-917-340-1976, Email : Please use proper spacing and paragraphs. Two. It offers all kinds of popular novels. > Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter > Chapter 115. The man was a devil, and she couldn't afford to sell her soul to him. She ended up pregnant after, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. And a warning to those who didn't know: there is a ridiculous amount of r*pe, violence, and domestic abuse in this novel. And this time, she had no way to run away from him. Now that she was free, she had no other intention in mind but to get her daughter back. Turn the page to find out more! Not saying you shouldn't read because of it, but be aware. Certainly not 1400+ chapters worth it either. Chapter 24 How can you have such an extreme taste? She moaned again, this time feeling breathless. She gave birth to twins: the older brother is healthy, while the younger brother didn’t breathe out. Why couldn't she go learn some self protection even. It was a rainy day when the gears of fate started to turn. Till I was backed up against the wall. Charlotte, working for Simon as her secretary, took full advantage of this job. Yes. True that at the beginning (1000 chapters lol), the FL meet dramas, dramas and dramas - oh my God, too many hysterical psychopaths who try to harm her! "So, are you planning to propose for another marriage for w.a.n.g Huo? "Like I told you in the very beginning when we met, You're mine! This stuff already happened to his daughter Wu Ziliang and he wouldn't want the history to repeat itself. When I took one step, one came to my direction and I almost passed out but I was lucky enough to hide behind the wall. ", "Plus... these are just rumors. She was unaware that no matter what happened, he wouldn't close the door on her. I was about taking another step when I heard my name. This is just my opinion but I'd prefer Hidden Marriage's slightly OP but individualistic MC then her. And great. I stopped at chapter 98 because it was too bad! Desperate to earn his love, she agrees to be sacrificed for familial interests. Can you f*cking not author. And the ML knows. Follow an exorcist priest assigned by Sancta Sedes to exorcise demons from every continent. No one actually saw w.a.n.g Guiren's wife. Or a murder? Seriously. Enjoy your favorite stories and millions of best sellers, novels, science fiction, romance, fantasy, mafia, CEO and more e-books on the go with moboreader. A car accident took away all her memories and she came back three years later. The devil Mira knows or the angel she presumes? Enjoy millions of free download e books on MoboReader now! Not only did he take everything from her, but he even twisted the knife of betrayal upon divorcing her right after she had given birth. This is a really good story especially the interactions around the cute children, the quality of the translation is good too. Chapter 51 Did you surrogate six years ago? As finding her pregnancy, she got nothing but his suspicion. It's extremely slow in that aspect. And this part really got me stuffed so okay it's like chapter 400 ish now and it's his son's birthday. read to find out! With her adoptive father’s business falling into crisis, she agrees to his contract. She had just barely gotten out of the hospital when she was thrown into prison. Because that little hoe stole the FL's rightful place. Enjoy reading novel online? However, their love story started with her as a honey trap. When she moved into Cherry's villa for surrogacy, she met Cherry’s husband---Adam, a handsome but cold and intimidating man. family ties are evolving, the kids (super ultra cute, the strong point in the story), the couple (fan of the ML, a real man). She's not useless, and she's mentally strong willed, just that her cheats are too reliant on the ML and her overall presence in the story is weak, she's overshadowed by the ML and little buns to the point where it seems anyone could take her role. Granfather Wu asked. "I heard the Jiang Yue already met Madam Fu. "I'm very satisfied with you. Grandfather Wu was frowning while listening to the narration of his son about Wu Minxia, his granddaughter. “Let's go and register our marriage on your birthday!” However, she didn’t know that it was a trap set by Cherry. Don't get me started on those twins YouYou is a idiot he has money to give but is scared that his mother would be frightened! Chapter 65 Why does the way he walks have changed? All content uploaded by user, if you are the author, please tell us! The longing about it... the yearning for more... the feeling of exploding was so tangible against her skin. This is what you get for spoiling her too much.". Will she be able to make her marriage work? Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Three." "Do you think I am so dumb to leave any evidence? All Rights Reserved 2019 Although it's kind of annoying how weak the female character is, the relationship between the male character and the female character does get quite interesting, I'm here for the cute kids. Don't tell me you're here to beg me to ask the Fu Family to have her stay in their villa? If it wasnt for plot armor she would be sold to someone and died also. She is the daughter of the director of Chengyang Hospital. "So? I'm looking forward to our next rendezvous!" Chapter 115 Gan Sister Wants To Gamble On Rocks. MoboReader is a free app for readers to use. Mature content. However, I also started thinking about all the books on hold on my reading list while waiting for this one to advance. Enjoy your favorite stories and millions of best sellers, novels, science fiction, romance, fantasy, mafia, CEO and more e-books on the go with moboreader. story is like a drug, you really won't be able to stop. Now she is stuck between falling for the gang leaders endless trial on her life or giving a chance to a stranger who everyone is scared of because of his scarred face. He had never tasted this kind of sweet nectar before. Still looking for novels to read online free? And because we have this strong rich husband, a smart kid (twin 1) and a strong kid (twin 2), and a powerful brother I can see why the female lead is always weak and never able to stand up for herself. The CEO's Surrogate Wife. Trapped series - Episode III: Trapped with Daniel. Chapter 115 Reluctant Wedding ... She agreed to become a surrogate mother for Cherry to pay the debts she owed the hospital. gtag('config', 'UA-136900486-2'); Brief: Once forced to surrogate, Miya gave birth to triplets. She made cash on the side by selling the charming CEO’s photos, slippers, and his other belongings. It gets frustrating at times. I stopped in my tracks and almost pied on myself. Chapter 313 let us have an insensible baby, Chapter 326 If She doesn’t Leave, Then I Leave, Chapter 334 Luring The Tiger Out Of Its Den, Chapter 340 The Lipstick Marks On The White Shirt, Chapter 342 Daddy Doesn’t Come Home Again, Chapter 343 She’s The Wife Of Your Master, Chapter 349 Looking Forward To Your Confession, Chapter 354 Go To Pregnancy Check-Up Alone, Chapter 360 When Will You Pay The Balance, Chapter 366 His wife just died, but he has a new girlfriend, Chapter 368 What did the couple go through, Chapter 374 You are not qualified to discuss her, Chapter 376 The Guilty Party Files the Suit First, Chapter 383 My Wife Starts the Rumour that I am dead, Chapter 386 She was so ashamed that she killed herself, Chapter 409 He still leaves early and returns late, Chapter 417 I Like Our Family To Be Together. Growing up without a mother can be hard. It was quite addicting, like a kdrama. All articles, pictures, comments, etc. "This time will be different. As a result, he was entangled by scum from then on. 《Only Love: CEO's Spoiled Wife》all content from the Internet, or users uploaded, Our purpose is to promote the original author of the novel. But even tho it's a reaaaaaallllly interesting novel, my heart CAN'T HANDLE the female protagonist's pitiful character. Tel : Yea anyways does anyone remember that it's his son's birthday? Soon her past comes back to haunt her and the gang leader will not let her go until she is his. Now I underetsnd why this series is currently at 1564 chapters.