© Valve Corporation. ✧ Yes In Callum's route, she and he are equals, while in Nazagi's route, she's clearly subordinate in both position and political acumen. ✧ Protect Cassidy ✧ What does your heart tell you? ✧ It’s sad Your choice of alliances will shift the story and bring you to fifteen different possible endings. Freedom is a good life. Her job is to guide and advise him, to make him look good so that he can land a royal bride. Advise her to "Tell Duke Pherod,", Dolores will make you an offer. ", After Nazagi makes his move to get you out of the dungeon, tell him "That's insane! ✧ I am in awe of Gaston! Favorited. English Otome Games Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Normal Ending: A Position for Myself -> Goodbye. All rights reserved. When Cassidy is first introduced, Madeleine mentions that it is rather hard to tell a noblewoman's exact age. Unfortunately, events are not going according to plan... A visual novel of romance and royal intrigue. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), When asked by Dolores whose room you'd like to inspect, choose Duke Pherod's. ✧ Talk to Oscar All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. ✧ There was an assassin (This will prevent a Gaston or Nazagi alliance.). ✧ Unfortunately, yes ✧ I will. (You can also choose to wear the necklace but. It only takes a moment. Tell Dolores "It is none of your business" when she talks about your relationship with Callum. Love and friendship can be found in unexpected places. In this world, men rule, but women inherit. In which route do I unlock the CGI where Cassidy has a breakdown? It is her responsibility to keep him out of trouble - not to let him walk blindly into a political minefield, not to let him get arrested for a crime he didn't commit, and definitely not to let him fall in love with her. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ✧ Hug him Rejecting her offer will give you Callum's Bad Ending. When Dolores asks which room to inspect, choose Nazagi's. In Chapter 5d, select "Send a message" and "You're getting better" when Oscar returns to talk about his poetry. ", If you chose "Tell Duke Pherod," Dolores will make you an offer. ✧ I wish things were different Callum's Endings and Dolores' Endings (Advanced). Just be honest with her :). ✧ Let him choose that ✧ A position for myself Princess Cassidy is completely unable to bear children, due to possessing, his solution is to have Madeleine bear his children instead. ✧ I think she’s attracted to you ✧ Snark at Dolores This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. ✧ I am tempted… Eventually both he and Madeleine learn to tune her out. History indicates that the crown … Her job is to coach her employer, Prince Oscar, on how to be the sort of man that a princess would marry, while generally keeping him out of trouble. ✧ Tell him You may also like. When Nazagi talks about his secret, tell him "You'll manage eventually. Which is where Madeleine comes in. @aydience i just replayed a while ago, it's in callum's route, hope it helps! ✧ That’s sweet Dolores in particular comes across as charmingly vulgar without actually swearing at all. If you then try to get Dolores to trust you at the end of her route, she will lead Madeleine into a lethal trap instead of helping her run away. 2 . ), When you save Cassidy, choose "Let Callum explain.". Her job is to guide and advise him, to make him look good so that he can land a royal bride. CROWN.ITM Crown of Fallen Kings First uncovered in ancient ruins to the South of Amn, this crown has seen the rise and fall of countless empires. In Chapter 6d, choose "Hug him" and "I can't make that choice. The differences between Callum and Dolores' routes are probably the most subtle decisions in the game. Princess Cassidy is actually his little brother Prince Caspian, blamed for the kidnapping of Princess Cassidy. minimum price of $20 USD. In Chapter 6a, Defer to Cassidy when prompted. If you choose to talk to Callum at the river (something you cannot do on your first run), be supportive of him (I don't know if insulting him prior will kill off the chance of Callum alliance. Dolores will ask you a lot of questions here and it's not very easy to tell what distinguishes between Callum and Dolores' routes at first glance. The Confines Of The Crown. In Oscar's route, even though she's steadily falling in love with him, Madeleine insists on pairing him up with Cassidy, as that will guarantee him a good future. It is only visible to you. On Sale! There is currently no walkthrough for The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The Crown. ✧ It’s sad ✦ Save 6 He's not. Callum and Madeleine get married. ✧ Defend Callum ", After Duke Pherod intervenes, choose "Say Something.". I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS GUIDE UNLESS YOU ARE STRUGGLING TO GET A SPECIFIC ENDING. Please see the. The uprising was in fact caused by his mother-in-law, indirectly. ✧ Untie her ✦ Load Save 2 The Confines of the Crown, formerly titled The Royal Trap: The Confines of the Crown, is a Ren'Py-based English Visual Novel / Otome Game developed by Hanako Games.It features an unusually active heroine, and a twist on traditional gender roles. itch.io Halloween Sale 2020. ✧ I wish things were different With the succession at stake, who can you trust? ✧ It’s the truth. In some paths, he actually saves Cassidy's life. You will get access to the following files. Link to The Confines of the Crown by selecting a button and using the embed code provided more... Statistics.