Now there is still another intermediary layer for which you unfortunately have no human concept, since the theory is not common in human thinking. In the case from 1947 which you addressed, it is my understanding that one of the ships got caught in a fluctuation, its field linked up unintentionally with that of its squadron leader and it collided with another ship whereby both of them were heavily damaged. Our own abilities are not so powerfully developed; therefore, first we have to learn specifically alien mind influence in order to use our mimicry, for example—where mimicry is actually quite simple in your minds due to the implanting of the on/off switch. I believe I remember—I don’t want to specify exactly your date—that it was probably between 1949 and 1952 that there was a rather bad accident during some research being done on one of the wrecks. The diameter of the dome according to your measures is about two-and-a-half kilometers. It can also exert a camouflage function in the realm of electromagnetic radiation as well as manipulate temporal sequences of events—indeed only to very limited extent—and other things as well. In terms of your chances against a more highly developed species, you have none at all. Both ships crashed as a result; one of them fell near the collision point, the other a hundred of your kilometers or so distant. File history. Of course at the time, he did not really “recognize” who I was; he was totally convinced that he was talking with a creature of his own kind, although it was simply only a mimicry image. You ought to learn to solve your own problems yourselves or to become intelligent enough never to create those kinds of situations. With the necessary physical knowledge and the corresponding technology, the consciousness/awareness matrix, or soul, can also be separated from its field of rest. Question: I have here 5 prints of different UFOs, which claim to show UFOs. Did the person who took the photo display any kind of radiation and burn damage? Your people still think according to a simple and completely inappropriate scheme of generalizations. I don’t want to go into any kind of detailed description here since I don’t want pass on further any false and radical realm of thought.] It is one of your own secret military projects that you build with the help of immature alien technology —technology that was handed over to you by the extraterrestrials during the 1960’s and the 1970’s. Don’t you agree, this is also an example of the business regarding the question of “good” and “evil”? Why the openness now? You have to imagine for yourself the viewpoint of the more highly advanced creatures. Of course, they did not divulge the real reasons for their being here —copper, hydrogen, air— but rather they pretended to be curious “researchers” and offered to show people the functioning principle of the ships whereby they would expect in return some “favors.” Simple-minded as you are, you of course agreed to it…and were deceived. You really have to see it for yourself to be able to believe it. 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