Later on, the 35-year-old politician started the European Defense League in Europe. He said: ‘I feel like I need to step in here, having observed the situation unfold. The UK would be 100% white and we would be slaves to Hitler. I know he has put my family at risk, that is what I am trying to sort out now.’. I’m not sure all the BLM/ANTIFA activists care for such historical facts. In a subsequent Parler statement, Robinson expressed his disappointment at the way the attack and its aftermath had been reported in the mainstream media, which implied that he had invited the arson assault because he had disparaged Black Lives Matter. The inference will always be that by disliking a violent revolutionary marxist ideology cloaked in race and race-baiting is the same as hating black people. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Period. All Rights Reserved. latest news, feel-good stories, analysis and more, Man charged with rape and kidnap of girl in Mitcham, Boris Johnson to address nation on first day of new lockdown, Female police officer kicked down flight of stairs while trying to stop burglary, ‘No evidence’ of coronavirus found on Tubes and buses, Lockdown? Get your need-to-know “It was after all the BLM stuff. Sometimes, he shares his harsh feelings about the Islam community in media. Whatever else anyone says about Tommy Robinson, he is a loving husband and a devoted father. In fact, Robinson’s recent posts on Parler clearly indicate that he is not remotely ‘racist.’ One praises a black sports coach railing against the divisive nature of identity politics. — Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (@SholaMos1) July 28, 2020. No country should give Tommy Robinson refuge. Cumbria Police confirmed it was aware of reports that ‘an individual identifying himself as Tommy Robinson’ had visited an address in Workington. But Pie is supposed to be a comedian who has attempted to claw himself a reputation as someone who doesn’t merely go along with the fashionable, politically correct groupthink but who seeks to challenge it. In a Facebook Live video this morning Robinson said: ‘Someone was sharing my address where my wife and kids are. In a statement on Parler he said that he did not think the arson attack on his wife’s property had anything to do with his track record of outspoken views on Islam. I find all this nastiness utterly inexcusable. browser that The Blackadder star … The aggression and destructiveness of the hard-left Black Lives Matter is another. If he were a licensed middle-class commentator in what little is left of the conservative media he might just have got away with it. Robert Lincoln-Samwell tweeted: ‘Oh please, you don’t travel six hours just to have a friendly word with someone and the only reason he wasn’t threatening in the incident you are talking about is because he was on film, he was on film this time, funny how he claimed “I will only use it if I need it”.’, Melissa Paur added: ‘Tommy’s victim complex is almost as big as his nose.’. But because he’s a working-class lad, handy with his fists, not afraid to get into a fight, unpolished, impulsive, with a string of minor criminal convictions, the political and media Establishment find it easy to belittle him and demonise him. BLM Marxist activists and ANTIFA defaced the Churchill statue, they desecrated the cenotaph, they tried to burn the Union Jack flag. So Robinson added a new verse, referring to the case of a British gay man who had been sentenced to two years imprisonment for having sex with his 18-year old partner. Katie Hopkins moving to Dubai? I never “ranted” about any hate for anyone based on their skin colour, I ranted about a violent Marxist ideology at the very core of BLM leadership. I have come to his house and spoke to his parents, who live at the address. It was a six hour drive and an even longer one back.’. ‘His mum and dad got hold of him for me at 7am, and I have video footage of me speaking to him.