Points represent the approximate center of a larger area. Falakiko is a form of Francis. It means elf counsel. Alphabet. - Few evangelicals and few who identify as Christians. A great place to find Samoan Biblical names is the Samoan Bible: https://archive.org/details/oletusipaiaolefe00bibl/page/n529/mode/2up, Your email address will not be published. I am interested in saying/speling. The data is sometimes not as precise as it appears. Consonant combinations are not permitted. For example, Samoa’s name for John is Ioane but the Tongan version is Sione and the Maori say Hone, etc. For example, the phrase "Come and eat!" I’ve created a list here of some of Samoa’s most common Bible names. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Another archaic aspect of Tongan is the retention of preposed pronouns. Values for %Christian Adherent and %Evangelical (which determine unreached status) are often informed estimates, some more accurate than others. https://archive.org/details/oletusipaiaolefe00bibl/page/n529/mode/2up. It is a VSO (verb–subject–object) language. Asked about the changes in himself and his village since he received a What, for example, is the rule or the guiding principle, which lies behind the fact that a Tongan says ʻeku paʻanga for ' my money' but hoku fale for 'my house'? . [13][14] For 'simple' two-digit multiples of ten both the 'full-style' and 'telephone-style' numbers are in equally common use, while for other two-digit numbers the 'telephone-style' numbers are almost exclusively in use: ʻOku fiha ia? (how much (does it cost)?) Stress normally falls on the next to last syllable of a word with two or more syllables; example: honorific words (the language for the chiefs), polite words (used for more formal contexts), derogatory words (used for informal contexts, or to indicate humility), Goods, money, tools, utensils, instruments, weapons, vehicles, and other possessions which the subject owns or uses (, Animals or birds which the subjects owns or uses (, Things which the subject eats, drinks, or smokes (, Things which the subject originates, makes, mends, carries, or otherwise deals with (, Persons in the subject's employ, under their control, or in their care (, Things which are a part of the subject or 'unalienable' from the subject, such as body parts (, Persons or things which represent the subject (, The subject's relatives, friends, associates, or enemies (, Things which are provided for the subject or devolve to them or fall to their lot (, In general, persons or things which surround, support, or control the subject, or on which the subject depends (. The Complete Bible was published in 1862. 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Get One Samoana updates sent to your inbox: The Truth about the Samoan Tattoo (Tatau) – Part III, 3 Ways to Use the Samoan Language feature of Google Translate. The Bible has a lot more references to men, so of course I found more men’s names. Since the majority of the Tongan population is Mormon and Catholic, religion also plays a key role in the naming of the children. Welcome. For example, Masisi (a star name) in Tongan is cognate with Matiti in Tokelauan; siale (Gardenia taitensis) in Tongan and tiare in Tahitian. Each syllable has exactly one vowel. - Few evangelicals, but many who identify as Christians. Listen here for free to the Bible in Tonga (Nyasa). Colors are from the Joshua Project Progress Scale. The possessives for every person and number (1st person plural, 3rd person dual, etc.) Wondering where you can find the perfect Tongan name? The meanings of, the ordinary definite possessives starting with, all ordinary alienable possessive forms contain a, the emphatic forms are not often used, but if they are, they take the definitive accent from the following words (see below), first person inclusive (me and you) is somewhat of a misnomer. Blanks mean an unknown value. Each syllable may have no more than one consonant. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Remember that every culture has a different way of saying these names. force a term to be included by preceding it with a + sign I have asked this question before. Lemuelu = Lemuel. Besides, it will even stand out from the crowd of the popular names today. e SEH tah). - Few evangelicals, but significant number who identify as Christians. The baby girl should be named after a female member of the family, and the baby boy must be named after a male member. I’ve always been a fan of Bible names, but hearing them spoken with Samoan diction makes them all the more meaningful to me. Joshua Project makes every effort to ensure that the subject in an image is in fact from the specific people group. Lol.. Aww Lemuelu is a BEAUTIFUL name! Doesn’t it just sound like a sweet friend who is loyal to the end? Use mouse wheel or +/- buttons to zoom the map. Also, please bear with my pronunciation keys (e.g. Today’s Samoa is founded on Christianity, so it’s very common for us to give our children Bible names. Joshua Project data is drawn from many sources and of varying accuracy depending on source and editorial decisions. Or, provided that we give a sufficiently wide meaning to the word 'impress', we may say, perhaps, that ʻeku is used in reference to things upon which I impress myself, while hoku is used in reference to things which impress themselves upon me. Each point represents a people group in a country. Improper wordlists may or may not follow these rules. That was still so as of the Privy Council decision of 1943 on the orthography of the Tongan language. Please read our Disclaimer. Reproduction and republication are prohibited without written consent from both text and sound recording copyright holders. The first are the normal alienable possessive pronouns, the latter the stressed alienable pronouns, which are sometimes uses as reflexive pronouns, or with kia te in front the inalienable possessive forms. Listen here for free to the Bible in Tonga (Nyasa). The Tongan language distinguishes four persons: First person exclusive, first person inclusive, second person and third person. clothing/dress, ko hono valá ʻona: it is his/her/its own clothing/dress, ko hono vala ʻoná: it is his/her/its own clothing/dress; same as previous, ko hono vala ʻoʻoná: it is his/her/its very own clothing/dress, ʻoku ʻoʻona ʻa e valá ni: this clothing is his/hers/its, ʻoku moʻona ʻa e valá: the clothing is for him/her/it, ʻoange ia moʻono valá: give it (to him/her/it) as his/hers/its clothing, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 20:20. It means fiery one. Joshua Project may be able to provide more information than what is published on this site. I’m a virtual assistant and will try to answer questions about Joshua Project, unreached people groups, the Great Commission and more. The Bible and the Book of Mormon were translated into Tongan and few other books were written in it. Like, my favourite Samoan Bible name for boys is Ionatana (Jonathan). It means home ruler. Words with long vowels come directly after those with short vowels. In addition, possessive pronouns are either alienable (reddish) or inalienable (greenish), which Churchward termed subjective and objective. Most papers still follow this practice. Tonga (nyasa) is also known as Chitonga, Kitonga, Siska, Sisya, and Western Nyasa. [EDIT] Thanks to a Facebook comment, I’ve gone through and corrected some of the names above. How can I help you? Can you hear that? Heneli is Tongan form of Henry. A displayed zero can mean true zero, a very small rounded number or sometimes unknown. Tongan is unusual among Polynesian languages in that it has a so-called definitive accent. If you know it, please share in a comment below. It means Frenchman. Can you hear that? SEINI f Tongan Tongan form of JANE . Click the image in the popup window for a people group profile. “30 Samoan Bible Names for Boys” I thought I had a shot at making the cut this time. All rights reserved. Detailed maps are often found on specific people profiles. Learn how your comment data is processed. It may be stated as follows: the use of ʻeku for 'my' implies that I am active, influential, or formative, &c., towards the thing mentioned, whereas the use of hoku for 'my' implies that the thing mentioned is active, influential, or formative, &c., towards me. Anjelo is Tongan form of Angelo and means angel. Oh, my lists are in no kind of order at all, as you can see. (For example, the Tonga telephone directory for years now ignores all rules. The meanings of. Talking Bible, Garbicha says, “I cannot explain to you everything that has can be further divided into normal or ordinary (light colour), emotional (medium colour) and emphatic (bright colour) forms. The Kingdom of Tonga, a Polynesian sovereign state comprising 169 islands, has a unique and interesting naming convention. This gives us 12 main groups. Pronounced “yoh nah TAH nah” (emphasis on the TAH syllable, with a light ‘tee’ sound). The word "lua", meaning "two", is still found in some placenames and archaic texts. *Sakaria (Zacharaiah) See a medical professional for personalized consultation. First Bible publication in this language was in 1996. Audio recordings and the Bible translations read for those recordings are individually protected by copyright as indicated on each book page. There are plenty of exceptions which do not fall under the guidelines above, for instance, ʻeku tamai, "my father". Although the acute accent has been available on most personal computers from their early days onwards, when Tongan newspapers started to use computers around 1990 to produce their papers, they were unable to find, or failed to enter, the proper keystrokes, and it grew into a habit to put the accent after the vowel instead of on it: not á but a´. What then of nouns that have no real verb interpretation, such as fale "house"? They appear as the three major columns in the tables below. Tonga (nyasa) is also known as Chitonga, Kitonga, Siska, Sisya, and Western Nyasa. To help you in your selection, we’ve have got a comprehensive list of Tongan baby boy and girl names. It’s great for a girl or boy. - Evangelicals have a significant presence. In rare instances a representative photo may be used. Etuate is a form of Edward. Kainga means relative in Tongan language. Points represent the approximate center of a larger area. Find a People Group, Language, Country, Resource, Story of Jesus audio (Jesus Film Project). [citation needed] They are used much less frequently in Sāmoan and have completely disappeared in East Polynesian languages, where the pronouns are cognate with the Tongan postposed form minus ki-. Posted by hamogeekgirl | Samoan Names, Gagana Samoa | 11. I also love it shortened to ‘Tana’. If your favourite Bible name doesn’t appear here, it’s most likely because I’ve never heard the Samoan version of it (as with the name Abigail).