The presenters are told to buy "the ultimate American road trip car" for less than £5,000 online and meet in Peru, specifically in the city of Cusco. Hammond bought a 1987 model for £1,600 which had done 94,318 miles according to the odometer, and had aftermarket wheels, aftermarket alarm, a lower suspension and extra locks fitted. Clarkson won the race despite having been caught behind Hammond and May at times and almost colliding with No. The three have to drive faster than the 1:35 time set by the Stig in a Vauxhall Astra with a diesel engine. James went first and despite having the Jaguar, still got quite wet. No points were given.Series 9, Episode 6 - The Top Gear Build a limousine challengeClarkson's car: Fiat PandaHammond's car: MG F 1.8 VVCMay's car: Alfa Romeo 164 LS and Saab 9000 CSE V6 - joined together.Challenge 1 - Building the limo. In the middle of the race, Chris' Mercedes lost one of its wheels, causing a considerable damage to its running gear. Hammond's Fiat was voted the best by both Clarkson and May, to Hammond's obvious surprise. Early on their trip, Freddie discovered that his Chrysler has no power steering, which makes matters worse in roundabouts. Despite the harsh treatment the hearse received, its engine still runs by the end of the show, much to Paddy's joy. Once they have purchase the car of their choice, they are given a number of challenges. Despite the car's reputation for durability, it turned out to be the most unreliable car, suffering multiple drivetrain and suspension breakdowns right from the start. The presenters were told to meet up at the SS Great Britain in Bristol. Clarkson bought a 1981 Lancia Beta Coupé, which was the most unreliable car of the lot. At the rolling road, Rory's Rolls-Royce scored 161.9 hp from its original 189 hp, Matt's Bentley scored 262.1 hp from its original 300 hp, while Chris' Mercedes 379.7 hp from its standard 394 hp. However, when he showed his co-presenters under the bonnet, May noted it had carburettors, making it the older 3.5-litre model. Winner: Eddie. The GT4 used in this challenge was later bought and being repaired by Hammond, only to be damaged again when he was in the Petrolheads, where he was tricked and rammed during a challenge. Jeremy and the Starion went last and he got up to 119 mph, with the help of an overboost function on the turbocharger.Challenge 2 (Ride Quality Challenge): The trio had to drive their cars over a stretch of severe Belgian cobbles with a bowl of water on their laps. Finally the presenters decided to form a stunt driving team in front of a live audience at the Essex County Fair (this did not count towards the points challenge), they all collided almost immediately. Afterwards, Freddie's Chrysler suffered from overheating issues, forcing Paddy to tow him to their next stop: a driving range. The tests began with a drag race; Hammond won easily, Clarkson came second, and May last. Afterwards, they head to the Ebisu Circuit to receive the next challenge: drifting against local drifters in Kei trucks. May bought a 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth, Hammond a 1996 E36 BMW M3, and Clarkson a 1989 Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth. Jeremy road tests 2 lightweight supercars, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. level 1. After the race, they headed to Havana, where Chris' had a nostalgia in the Malecón road, where the first two Cuban Grands Prix were held. Jeremy purchased a brown 928S ("Underneath its rust beats a heart of pure arthritis"), James got a white 944 and Richard bought a blue 924. Once they have purchase the car of their choice, they are given a number of challenges. Clarkson decided to respray his car in Skoda Green, a colour he used on his Fiat Coupe in the Police Car Challenge. The presenters were given £100 to buy a car that was road legal (had current tax and an MOT certificate). Upon arriving in Varadero, Rory and Chris decided to race the locals in a drag race, where both of them lost in a considerably large gap. Paddy went first, where he clocked 55.72 mph while breaking his Porsche's rear suspension. May bought a 1994 Lexus LS400 for £900 as well, which he painted in a traditional 'jam sandwich' livery, fitted with a siren from an ice cream van, and armed with paint sprayers at the back. James went next, and on the first attempt the radar gun failed to generate a reading, but on the second attempt, the Jag reached 140 mph (although the engine blew up in doing so). Hammond's BMW manages 21 mpg, earning a point. Once they have purchase the car of their choice, they are given a number of challenges. As a result, cars that were near to the end of their lifespan could be had for almost nothing, because the owner just wanted to avoid that fee. In the final part of the trip, both returned to Varadero to have a rematch with local street racers, only this time, they race in a makeshift oval track made using used tyres. May broadsided him on as he passed, causing the brakes to become jammed on. As a followup from a previous challenge, and as punishment for the useless reviews of the vans tested, the presenters were given £1,000 to buy a van and face a series of challenges. James finished the Rally first, but he drove so slowly that he completed fewer laps than Hammond (80). Clarkson had to shorten his car so that it was legal and roadworthy (but was still eight feet longer than a London bus). All three offended locals, and the presenters claimed both they and the crew members were chased out of town by friends of a local garage owner. Considering that insurance write-offs may be a good way to purchase interesting cars on the cheap, the presenters set off to find performance cars that have been written off by insurance companies and meet at the track. Then, each Porsche was inspected and judged by two independent members of the Porsche Owners' Club of Great Britain. The presenters are tasked with creating their own off-road mobility scooters for rambling in the Welsh countryside. James got 15 points for three replies. To prove the tractor's performance credentials, Matt aimed for 81 mph in order to beat a previous world speed record set in Finland. 10th November 2017. Challenges faced included a hill climb (during the return trip, Hammond crashed his Nova, setting up a running joke throughout the challenge,) a "supermarket sweep" gymkhana event through a closed supermarket, (with Hammond again finishing on his side), and a drag race, in which Hammond critically damaged his car's engine after accidentally changing from second gear into first instead of third. The Merak began to deteriorate at Castle Combe, where it was revealed to have terrible brakes, and the engine began making worrying noises alongside very poor performance.