During this time, take advantage of not being attacked and deal as much damage as possible. Lloyd's most annoying problem is his incessant use of his Dragon Buster, which rips right through Dragoon armor, as it did for Lavitz all those chapters ago. Each round, the balls will move one step closer to the party, and after three rounds, they explode, causing a decent amount of damage. Your saving grace for this attack is that it has to take time to charge before it can fire. Focus on using physical attacks to defeat this Virage (and honestly, any Virage). In addition, if you fail to complete any Addition, Kongol interrupts and attacks you, dealing even more damage. This means she is all-around dangerous. As with the first Virage in the Volcano Villude, this battle is over when the Virage Head is destroyed. It is much easier than the Grand Jewel as well, especially if you have been training well. Note: Recommending a party is difficult for this battle. First, it is important to note that if you remain in Dragoon form for too long in this phase, Melbu will use a technique like the Dragon Block Staff, making them useless and putting you in danger for as long as you're in Dragoon form. The correct answers are as follows: The first several questions directed at Dart and Lavitz have the potential to derail you, and if you answer incorrectly, Shirley will let you know that you are off track and start over. They frequently run away and tend to confuse many players. Poison Needles and Panic Bells can be bought in Ulara. The latter option will likely yield a faster battle, while the former will offer more opportunity to level up Additions. If you have been struggling up to this point, this is a good chance to regroup. However, if a character gets 200 SP or more, it becomes a huge risk to use that character's Dragoon powers again. This is not an exact science. Because of this, we recommend focusing primarily on physical attacks, like Additions or D-Attacks. At the beginning of the battle, Dart uses the Dragon Block Staff, weakening both the Divine Dragon and all Dragoons. Even if you diminish its HP to 0, the battle will not end until the conversation progresses far enough. This is why you have those Talismans equipped. Using powerful attacks like the final Additions of Albert and Kongol, or even Dart's Blazing Dynamo with the Soul Eater equipped, will deal him quite a bit of damage. Mostly be careful with Dart in this battle, because he will take extra Water damage from the giant wave attack Regole uses. This is the method we typically use. When I fight this battle, I typically use magic to defeat Feyrbrand and physical attacks to defeat Greham, but you can of course choose your own strategy. Kamuy has a strong magic defense, and uses few magic attacks. If you spent a lot of time training up to this point, it becomes much easier, to the point where my last playthrough (which focused heavily on training) would have labeled this battle "Extremely Easy." If you happen to have any Earth-based items like a Pellet or Meteor Fall, that would do a decent amount of damage, especially if you use Rose to throw them. If you didn't start using your powerful attacks in the last phase, this is a good time to break them out. The other annoying feature of this trio is that Selebus has the ability to heal Kubila and Vector a decent amount of HP. As always, the Psychedelic Bomb X will be very useful, but even more so. This is why you (hopefully) boosted his magic defense. Don't forget your various Repeat Items. Dart's Fire-based D-Attack and Dragoon magic will also do a decent amount of good in this battle. However, with those powerful (and numerous) magic attacks, you will need to watch his health as well as Dart's. Barring this, I do not recommend using much of your Dragoon power, or your other more powerful attacks, just yet. It is aimed at one person, doing full damage to that character and half to the characters on either side. Not to mention, he has attacks that can leave your characters Poisoned or Afraid. Dragoons are useful here, especially powerful magic attacks, or Lavitz's magic. The usefulness of Dragoons in this battle varies greatly depending on your level of training. You can if you want, perhaps to level Additions, but otherwise spend time Guarding. This battle requires little strategy. And don't forget to use Flameshot or Final Burst either, both of which will do a decent amount of damage. *There is only a certain chance you will receive this item. If you are at a high enough level, this and a Psychedelic Bomb X will probably bring each piece of armor to 1/4 health or below, and possibly destroy one or two of them. For the duration of the battle that you cannot deal damage, be sure to watch Dart's health. Be careful with Shana in this battle as well, because her low defense and HP make for some difficult times. Unlike the battle with the Grand Jewel, there is no grace period during which Dragoon attacks are actually viable. This makes for a useful character in this battle.