The indicator light flashes after the ENGINE START STOP switch has been turned off to indicate that the system is operating. It was parked for an hour or so before I drove to run an errand, the light did not turn on for this drive. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. airbag warning lights not come on when you start the hybrid After disconnecting the battery I removed the trim to get to the Passenger side seat belt squib connection located at the bottom rear floorboard. You can reset the airbag light or SRS light on your Toyota yourself in your own garage. You should take it to a mechanic for repair immediately, as you do not want your airbag to deploy while you are driving. Make sure to buy the correct Airbag Clock Spring specific to your vehicle. Find your Toyota or Scion model so that we can personalize your experience. Create an account and get the most out of your Toyota today. I will check for bad connections around the passenger seat later this week. Dashboard icons are displayed in a variety of colors, The seat sensors tell the airbag system that the seat is occupied. A buzzer sounds and the warning light flashes to indicate that the master warning system has detected a malfunction. Come discuss the Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Rav4 and more! Put the yellow electrical connector back in place and close the panel cover. After it has been fixed, you should reset and turn off the airbag light. Red icons indicate That is where I found the seat belt pretensioner as the culprit and sent it off for repair. Put the yellow electrical connector back in place and close the panel cover. Pressing and holding the VSC OFF switch for three seconds while at a complete stop will illuminate the TRAC OFF and AUTO LSD indicators. If it comes on for a few seconds as the vehicle starts, that is completely normal and part of the diagnostic cycle. This is a very common reason why the airbag light comes on. (Amount remaining depends on vehicle; consult your Owner’s Manual for more details.). I have read these reviews I have a 2016 Toyota corolla and for the first time today the light under the air bag off started to blink even with car off, this has not happened before, have had car over a year now, but reading the comments im confessed, is it some alarm that has just now decided to active itself and I have no worries, or is it a faulty air bag alert,, See if you can tug at it and get it moving again. Pull down on it from the top. The indicator light stops flashing after the ENGINE START STOP switch has been turned to ACCESSORY or IGNITION ON mode to indicate that the system has been canceled. The AUTO LSD indicator will come on. My light flashed. Indicates a malfunction in the EPS system. Indicates that cruise control system has been activated. Here are some common reasons that your Corolla’s airbag light could come on. When it lights up, it's an indication that there is a problem with the Supplemental Restrain System (SRS). Airbag Reset & Seat Belt Replacement/Repair. Most of them should be left to a professional. The airbag system has saved countless lives since its invention. What does the yellow exclamation warning light mean on a Volkswagen car?→. Please see your vehicle's Owner's Manual for Look for a yellow electrical connector. Mostly though it dosent stop flashing or the airbag stay on if the system has a problem. "Toyota Pickups and 4-Runner, 1979-1995 (Haynes Manuals)"; Haynes; 1998, "Toyota Corolla: 2003 through 2005 (Hayne's Automotive Repair Manual)"; Haynes; 2006. to help protect you in an accident, which could result in It will not work until repaired. system, this could mean that these systems are not available open door or low engine oil pressure. The options are: I forgot to mention the torx screws on the Airbag Sensors Assembly have locktite on them. death or serious injury. Consult your Owners Manual or schedule a service with a nearby dealership. You will have to remove your steering wheel to fix this one. toyota camry: air bag light flashing every 3 seconds on 2003… Customer Question.