Trask Ulgo is an NPC and currently a companion of The kid, in an ongoing sci-fi RP campaign loosely based on Star Wars, using D20 rules. To install this mod, copy all the files except for this readme into the Override folder in your KotOR directory. Seeing as Ulgo is old enough to have served in various larger wars, it's quite possible he ended up serving with his brother, he does hint at them having been in battle together. He aided a new recruit on the ship to the escape pods. Personally I would have used the model files to replace the 3rd Caucasian head to avoid the appearance.2da file from being altered to keep things less complicated for those with no modding skills. He says he served on a ship called "the Harbinger", but refused to go into detail about this. Anybody remember Trask Ulgo? end_pop03.dlg Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Manage Cookie Settings. ;), Welcome to the modding world Shadowleader. It's not a perfect explanation, but it works, and I think it's fun. Intallation: Simple. Please sign in to participate in this discussion. He claims his brother taught him a few things about lightsaber combat, including how to assemble one. I also want to thank Achilles for the outstanding work on his version on the mod, and for giving me permission to use his mod as the foundation of mine. Those who can alter .2da files shouldn’t find this a problem. 3. The more you do it, the more feedback you’ll get, and the more you’ll learn how it works and before you know it, you’ll be an expert. As a side note, Tyreen, his 2IC, doesn't seem hell bent on taking orders from him, which is strange considering that a former officer would be likely to run a strict and disciplined crew. © 2020. The Endar Spire module has been modified to reflect your new status. -------------------------------------------. Enjoy the mod everybody! -------------------------------------------, If you find any bugs with this mod, or would like to make a suggestion, you can contact me at this email address:  [see read-me for contact information], Acknowledgements The author did that to give you Trask’s head as selectable. It's likely that what ever caused him to leave the military also caused him to lose much of his faith in the military and his own training. Anyway, on to what this mod does. 2. end_pop01.dlg He is caucasian appearing to be in his early forties or late thirties, with graying hair in the old fashioned seargeant hair-cut style, with an equally gray full beard. An ensign of the Republic Fleet who risked his life to help Revan free the Endar Spire. We’ll leave his fate out for spoiler reasons just in case somebody here hasn’t played the game and decided to read this review. Originally known as FileFront, GameFront has been serving up the very best mods, maps, skins, tools, and utilities since 1998. These files were taken from the Endar Spire module and altered to keep the story consistent: end_cut01.dlg You sort of can since your underwear will change if you wonder around in it instead of wearing clothing or armor as you progress to the dark side. make_consular.ncs - assigns XP, Class, and Inventory for Consulars Someday. Uses the basic components of Achilles' Padawan Mod. Trask Ulgo is within the scope of WookieeProject Knights of the Old Republic, an attempt to build comprehensive and detailed articles with topics originating in the Knights of the Old Republic metaseries. Since 2010, we've also been bringing you the very best in gaming culture, short-form reporting and video content! ------------------------------------------- Most of his skills evolve around his military past, it would seem. ;). It's hard to tell how long he's been in this business. We later learn that this new recruit was an amnesiac Darth Revan. Services managed and hosted by Hopefully that won’t confuse anybody out there. 4. :D. Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. This means for the short time you work with Trask assuming you are using the Trask head, you will look like Trask, but the portrait that is supposed to be you won’t be, but on the other guy. Uninstall Features Also, it's a lot of fun to hack Sith guards to pieces with your lightsaber, and in the tutorial module you can do this without much trouble. 1. The ship was taken over by Sith forces near Taris. Please note: when this mod is installed you will *not* be able to play the "original" storyline -- if you wish to play a Soldier, Scout or Scoundrel beyond level 1, you cannot do so with this mod. Since the author just made the change of heads, there are no dark side transitions. Shadowleader gives us the option to select Trask’s head so you can play with it. By using this site, you agree to our Guidelines. For what ever reason, Ulgo left the Space Navy and became a citizen of the Free Trade Alliance, bought his own ship, hired crew (including Tyreen Tavkers) and started a legitimate transporting operation, which later became a smuggling operation. It's also entirely possible that there are other underlying reasons for this. This means that your character will: - start the game at third level (initial class and two jedi levels) It replaces the 3rd Caucasian male head. Ulgo was a Galactic Alliance Space Navy officer, and with his skill set, it's fair to assume that prior to obtaining such rank, he served with special forces of some such, but he doesn't care to reveal much of his past. That should be fun for those who had never done that before and would love to wear it because it’s new to you. These files were based on Achilles' Padawan Mod, but were altered to conform to the new storyline: end_trask.utc - Trask Ulgo's character file make_guardian.ncs - assigns XP, Class, and Inventory for Guardians It seems that his sarcastic and witty demeanor is his way of putting up with crappy situations and generally a way to shield himself from the outside. He used to own a ship too, but currently, he just has a shit load of credits from the insurance and no where to get a new ship. Trask was a cool character, but I hate the fact that he dies in the first level. -------------------------------------------. Later Trask dies and you make your way through the ship and meet up with Carth Onasi and escape the Endar Spire just in time before it is blown to bits. Trask Ulgo war ein Soldat der Galaktischen Republik und Fähnrich innerhalb der Republikanischen Flotte zur Zeit des Jedi-Bürgerkriegs. Somewhat secretive, cautious and protective he would strike most people as somewhat self-concerned but has on numerous occasions shown loyalty and that he has a moral code and a set of ethics that he is however somewhat flexible around. After the movies play, you'll be taken to the new introduction and storyline. You may only provide a review once you have downloaded the file. After you leave the Endar Spire, the "new storyline" sort of stops. Adds three dialog option to the first conversation with Trask Ulgo, allowing you to skip the Endar Spire, or Taris completely, even with light side or dark side points, and all Taris vanilla items. Weird things happen sometimes, right? This is primarily a role-playing mod -- it puts the Padawan mod it is based on context in a way that will (hopefully) mesh with the rest of the story better. I have used the "training module" (the attack on the Endar Spire) as an opportunity to explain why this Jedi is on Taris, and why he never tells anyone -- including other Jedi -- that he already is one. Two responses to Carth's initial conversation on Taris have been modified slightly to fit in with the new backstory. Where possible, I have tried to move the "learning the rules" conversation branches and pauses that appear throughout the game, especially in the beginning. My character wakes up and is immediately told by Trask Ulgo that the Endar Spire is under attack and that we need to find Bastila and get to the escape pods. end_trask01.dlg - Dialog file that triggers the scripts and sets up the story 20 likes. 4. The only reason to use this mod is if you're interested in the backstory and would like to see it fit a little better into the game itself. Well, sort of. A capable tactician, good fighter and a capable pilot. 3. He claims to have been born and raised on Coruscant  - The Capital planet of the Galactic Alliance, and that his brother is a Jedi, and that they saw each other on many occasions. Once you have done this, start a new game. Maybe. Er nahm unter anderem bei dem Kampf um die Endar Spire teil, in welchem er den rehabilitierten Revan kennenlernte, für welchen er sich dann ihm Laufe der Schlacht auch opferte. OesterskovRP Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. One thing to consider is that as you use the Trask head you will get to wear the Republic uniform instead of the default clothing based off of your character class (Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. end_levelup.dlg Ulgo is a male human, and stands 186 cm tall, of muscular and athletic build, most would call him a big man. Or maybe he just never adherred much to discipline in the first place. Another little thing that isn’t that big of deal is you may notice that the portrait of the 3rd Caucasian head is still the same. Yeah, he played a very small role in the original Knights of the Old Republic game. While I have *tried* to remove as much of the "tutorial" portion of the game as possible, there is still enough hanging around to piss you off if you've been through it twenty times already.