R2 and move right analogue stick down then quickly release when driving. 2. This player is most likely the other guard and should be able to hit the outside shot as well as cut and create off the dribble. Rotate right analogue stick clockwise then quickly release when dribbling with right hand. This allows the trigger to make a simple, undefended pass into the low post which is the #1 option from the trigger spot. When it comes to attacking, simple passing and shooting doesn’t always work. When the trail (3) is being denied the basketball. Without great spacing, the offense has very little chance of being effective. You want to be able to score most of the shots you take? If not, 1 will perform a dribble weave with 4 and receive the basketball off a quick dribble pitch or a hand-off. There are two specific situations where the opposite player should flash to the basketball and receive the pass: 1. nba 2k20 / nba 2k21 - official triangle system thread (current gen) Back at it again breaking down all things Triangle. Requires a High Level of Fundamentals – There are certain cuts and passes throughout the triangle offense which require a high level of fundamentals to be done successfully. NBA 2K16 Triangle Freelance Offense : NBA 2K16 Tips : How to win every game NBA 2K16 : How to score everytime : 2K16 Offense : 2K16 Scoring : 2K16 Winning : Money Plays. The ‘Line of Deployment’ is the straight line between the trigger, low post player, and the basket. Previous Thread It takes a strong-minded coach to be comfortable with this. 5 slides across the key and establishes position in the low post while 2 fills opposite. While Tex Winter‘s name springs to mind for many when discussing the origins of the triangle offense, it was actually Sam Barry at the University of Southern California who designed the original offensive system that would later become the triangle offense. 5 slides across and establishes low post position, 4 steps out and fills the top of the key, and 2 moves to the weak side mid-post area so that the team is back in position to start the offense again. But the balance seems to have been restored in 2K20, highlighting that good players who are able to use this successfully will be the ones who ultimately attack and score more. b. Note: This is the same sequence as weak side entry. It’s impossible to write a great triangle offense article without a section dedicated to the spacing of the players on the floor. The perimeter players being able to quickly recognize the post defender is ‘deployed’ and being able to make the correct pass that will give the low post player the best advantage inside. Position #4 – Trail – The trail is located at the top of the key when the team has entered into the offense.