They are easily rolled up for storage when not in use and also have adjustable cords for smaller items. 2.What is the purpose of a DIY truck bed divider: To prevent your cargo from rolling around the truck bed as the truck moves up and down. How to DIY Cheap Pickup Truck Bed Divider, Login to add posts to your read later list. The article also provides an exhaustive guide for other truck bed cargo storage solutions. This method is a bit easier than method 1, and also a bit shorter. If you have acquired the Heininger cargo bar before or any other cargo bar, you can buy the cargo bag as an accessory. There are three simple methods of doing your own pickup truck divider/ cargo bar as long as you love such projects and are not afraid of dirtying your hands. Take care to ensure you cut just the right size following the measurement to ensure it is not too big or small since it means the plywood will not fit into the truck bed. The unit is set in the truck and good to go for camping or any other chore that requires a bit of secure organization. If not properly fitted, the timber will definitely slip off the truck bed. Share it with us! When you start searching for the best truck bed divider, you’ll quickly learn that there are a lot of options on the market. I needed something that would allow me to secure small parcels, groceries, a few tools, propane tanks and camping gear yet be flexible enough that I could reconfigure it and quickly make it larger or remove it to have access to the whole truck bed. With a dimension of 59 x 5 x 5 inches, the Hitchmate cargo bar is expandable to a truck bed width that spans from 59 to 73 inches. Did you make this project? 5. SpacePac is available in seven different sizes to fit all pickup truck beds including: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and many others. I used available lumber from the local Home Depot. If you intend to carry large heavy items in the open truck bed, a heavy duty cargo bag is the ideal solution for your truck. DIY truck bed dividers are the new thing in 2020. The 24" X 48"plywood floor was trimmed to 42.5 " and attached to the backboard with glue and screws. If you do not have the tape measure, just use a string. Get local pricing . The deck divider also doubles as a BEDBIN for storing smaller items. Buy Kesler hinges that can be drilled into the truck bed sides/walls and use them to hoist the timber hence giving it firmness and holding it into position all the time. Choices include simple products such as a ratcheting bar while others feature full panels to section off the truck bed. It might be problematic trying to force the timber to fir into the span of your bed width.