The result was Turn A Gundam that spanned between mid-1999 to mid-2000. The Mecha themselves (by futurist Syd Mead who designed Blade Runner and Tron) are so aesthetically different they border on grotesque. Then there is the moon, which is basically a traditional Gundam colony on crack. 1. Press Room It is the Correct Century, two millennia after a devastating conflict which left the world broken. Where Zeta was cruel and bleak, Turn A is optimistic and expresses a hope in people that Tomino never had before. Everything is so mundane, people are absurdly boring, and the society depicted is so lame that time might as well be standing still in that world. It's a really impressive kit by itself, and I love it. This plays very well in early episodes when the battles take on a very War of the Worlds feel to them. Sure he has his issues, but also he does really well for his time, and Bandai really did well when thinking for possible gimmicks and what he should have. Regardless of how they felt at the time, most assumed the Turn X wouldn’t be far behind. Unlike normal stickers, the backing of the foil stickers are a shiny silver to do this, which is cool, but at the same time not. the one of the few Gundam shows that doesn't get a lot of hate but has been praised by a lot of anime fans including Gundam enthusiast such as myself. HG RX-78 Gundam + Gundam Trailer Truck Coating version. Yoko Kanno delivers again in the soundtrack, one of my favorites she has done. Slowly, though, it grew on me to the point that I liked it enough to buy the MG. ... - HG Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Owsla] - MG V2 Gundam Ver.BTE. Also be careful with the legs, as the moving "fin" gimmicks do require parts that move in tandem with each other, which could go wrong when not handled right. He's not as anti-social as Amuro or as hot-headed as Kamille and Domon. Very few characters actually died in this series compared to any other and their deaths had very little impact on the main cast. I felt like watching a theater play from 1500 trying to appeal to the royals. - cctv11. (! As you can see with this frame, the waist actually has some really good sideways movement. This is used in conjuction with an innovative reactionless I-Field Beam Drive system to move the suit's limbs and provide thrust. Well, you ARE Studio Sunrise, so you at least try. A lot of fans came to love the Turn A Gundam over time mostly because they liked the anime. Using all the experience from his prior endeavors as both an author and director, Turn A Gundam is the answer to both the Gundam universe and Tomino’s own personal strife. I'll go with fins) "fins". Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Turn A Gundam 1/144 HG Mobile SUit at -Core Fighter cockpit can split off from main kit and transform. I definitely recommend this series!. Definitely keep in mind this is not an HG kit, and is from the first release of the show. ZZ Gundam Clear Color Ver. until one day the moonrace decide to return to their roots, earth. The series also does a solid job exploring the political and social issues plaguing both factions such as discrimination, planetary colonization and military corruption. MG ∀ (Turn A) Gundam Review So the series that I was watching at the time when I bought this was Turn A Gundam. To keep it frank, I absolutely loved the series, so that love combined with the fact that the MG Turn A Gundam was the 100th MG was enough to make me buy this guy. ends up piloting a powerful relic from past "Dark History", the Turn A Gundam. so I'd end my talk of those story/art/sound/character/joy/overall parts here. The arm actually swivels at the elbow, but it works fine. is the thing: the story to Turn A is extremely original, and everything you will see in Turn A is completely different from the other Gundam out there. So if you make a mistake, you're going to have to try to take it off and do it again as opposed to just rubbing it a bit to get in place. Today I've got a review for you on the MG Turn A Gundam. The color scheme is very nice. However, this isn't the case as the kit is a solid object, so the inner frame has a perfect 180° bend. - Web Designer, Game Developer, Japan Lover & Gunpla maniac living in Osaka Your eyes do not deceive you, the eyes comes as a part in clear yellow plastic! So, why did I considered bad? Let me show you what I mean. Gundam … Has some extra parts from the original Turn A Gundam like the head, shoulder armor, knees, and core fighter. It serves to put a nice contrast between the two, and both are developed quite well. Tomino Yoshiyuki “OMG! Released as part of the All-Gundam Project, the HGCC Turn A really is its own animal. Bought this at a Anine con (surprisingly) and it's my first P-Bandai and Turn A Gundam Gunpla. It may take some time, but I think we’ll find the same happening for the G-Self (still a weird name). grow on you, but it's very apparent from the first few episodes of Turn A that many of the characters feel real. The frame has got downright astonishing and groundbreaking articulation. Sản phẩm nhựa cao cấp với độ sắc nét cao, an toàn cho người chơi; Mô hình lắp ráp rèn luyện tính kiên nhẫn, khéo léo. Posted on Mar 7, 2011 - Comments Off on HG Extreme Gundam Review – 67.1% GPB-X80 Beginning G Review – 67.1% Posted on Oct 20, 2010 - 5 Comments