), and tubing is measured by the outside diameter (O.D.). Photo by Lemmy. Return any unused item within 30 days for a full refund. Before you jump headlong into the project, you need to have a plan, or at least an idea of your finished product. This guide is not intended for step-by-step procedural instructions on how to bend tubing. You will also find several other suppliers in the RESOURCE section. Ron Covell tack welding his frame in his video as described in the picture above. The point to be made is simple! Bending tubing! The satisfaction you will get from building the frame alone is hard to put into words. Any compromise in frame integrity could result in premature failure and personal injury to the rider, or even death. Although it's possible to build a frame without a jig it's not a good idea. So, which one is really better? If you have any questions regarding any of the work shown here, Other tools used for measuring include a decent tape measure, carpenter’s bubble level, a steel rule, a machinist’s square, and a nine-inch caliper. There are several good sources for drawings if you don't already have a set. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. A sketch will work if you dimension the drawing together with tubing angles. A motorcycle, often called a motorbike, bike, or cycle, is a two or three-wheeled motor vehicle. The most famous early duplex frame was probably the Norton Featherbed of the 1950s, but many notable examples have been produced since. In either case, the cost would be prohibitive to the small shop or the individual builder. So, if you choose to go with this frame, it’s important to check this post to recognize what the differences between a rigid frame and a softail frame. The stressed-member design can be used with more than one style of frame, so you will often hear this incorporated into the description of the chassis. Material should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all scale, grease or oil residue. × Covid-19 notice: Due to the current global pandemic crisis, BikeBandit has seen a large increase in Internet traffic through our website, and is also experiencing a large increase in customer tickets, phone volume and shipping … One of the most important tools for keeping everything plumb, is a Bubble Angle Finder, shown here. An illustrated guide to my Yamaha Virago 535 Bobber build. This allows the fuel tank to be narrower, an important styling element for some. The opinions out there are as many and varied as the welders that use them. Place major assemblies into the frame to verify alignment. A twin-spar frame moves the upper portion of the duplex rails outward, to the perimeter of the bike. Don't be afraid to take a few pieces of scrap and weld them together. Norther Tools and Eastwood make pretty decent ones as well. Buy a name brand like Lincoln or Hobart. The "wire feed" systems are faster than "stick" welding, but when using one of the "wire feed" methods for welding tube, the advantage of the speed is lost. A prototype Indian from 1901. This type of tubing is created with mild steel. Various tools, crutches, and other "insider" methods can be used, but unless the issue is one of cost, it would be very difficult to imagine anyone wanting to build a bike "free-handed" when a jig makes the process so much easier. This picture demonstrates the use of the Angle Finder in determining that the geometry of the tubing is as it should be. A jig is a massive help in the frame building process because it holds your frame together as you do your mock up and welding. Some fabricators say that ERW is just as strong as DOM. Purchase price of excluded items is applied toward free shipping level of $79.95. Most folks know nothing about frames, which is a pity. The last item that relates to frames is actually the engine. Frames made this way are usually light and easy to manufacture. If you have to force it, you have done something wrong. Buy them both at the same time and you just might get a discount. Before any successful project fabrication starts, the designer must have a goal in mind, as well as product expectations or there could be chaos. Welded Bobber Chopper Frame by Luke Hudson, Australia. As riders and powerplants began to test the bounds of duplex frames, engineers looked for ways to reduce chassis flex further. Tube Welding: Since the focus of this report is the fabrication of Chopper Frames, we will concentrate mostly on manual tube welding as opposed to orbital welding. I know welders in their sixties who have fabricated some works of art with an old 'buzz box' welder (an old stick welder). This frame is far lighter than the single cradle frame shown earlier, despite its bulkier appearance. Notice in the first photograph how the bead blends well into the metal without a lot of buildup of metal. 1. This could be a series of blocks or a welded frame upon which you place the leveling platform. Monocoque frames are similarly constructed, but incorporate the bike’s outer skin (bodywork) as a structural piece of the frame. Everyone involved in the process must have the same goal as the designer. If you don't have a source for tubing, you can find several under the topic of RESOURCES in this document. If you want to build your own jig, there are numerous sources for the plans, including Custom-Choppers-Guide.com.You probably already noticed that these are the same sources for frame plans. "Insurance is only $8 a month?!" This articles gives detailed instructions for changing brake pads on a 750 1999 Kawasaki ZX7R motorcycle (it may also be applicable to other models). Note the large open area that utilizes the engine as an integral part of the structure. ), a must have. For these, we use a paper template. This article will show you how to find used parts and what motorcycle parts to look for in salvage yards and on sites like eBay. Get your equipment, plans, and start building! All miter junctions are not so straightforward. Clamp the seat post tubing and make the rough cut with a notcher. Harley-Davidson photo.The earliest frames were diamond frames: a simple diamond shape in one plane that supported the engine. The tubing should be mitered and fitted such that the junction fits easily together. The welding jig must be mounted with all four corners level. For our example projects, we are using tubing with a 1.25" diameter, and a 0.125" wall thickness. or create an account It's not easy, and TIG welders are quite expensive. Motorcycle frames started looking markedly different from bicycle frames in the earliest part of the 20th century. If you're looking for the least expensive kit cars, here is a list of five cheap kit cars based on estimated final build cost, with photos and a summary of each. Vespa photo. A sketch will work if you dimension the drawing, together with tubing angles. They are Chromemoly, DOM, and ERW. All frames are a juggling act between these factors and usually quite a few more. After you are satisfied with the parts placement, you can begin welding the frame together. How it works: Sign in If you're looking to build a motorcycle frame, check out Chop Source frame jigs / fixtures. An illustrated journey of a standard '92 Virago 750 into a custom bobber. Cut the seat post to length according to your drawing. Customized rolling chassis by 'Stinky' (UK). ("It's a stressed-member, dual-spar design."). The argument for and against TIG, Stick, and MIG welding is almost as old as the first motorcycles ever built. So if you are not experienced or your funds are limited, go with a good stick welder. Tips and resources to build a small-block Mopar 360. The preferred method is TIG because it is a very smooth and strong weld. Rather than using traditional frame building materials, such as boxed sections and tubing, pressed-steel frames boast formed sections made of light-gauge sheet steel that’s been formed and pressed in dies and then spot-welded. (Well, most of them can be welded. After the platform is level, you can then place and mount the verticals to the platform. Now comes the fun part. Look close at the photo on the right, and you can see the penetration between the lower tube and the upper tube. Great web page, and i think that this has all the information that is required, although the bending machine looks very expensive but would a REM bending machine sufice ? To build a jig yourself, and I mean all the machining and other work yourself, you will have to invest anywhere from $200 to $700 in materials alone. Learn how to disassemble and clean the carburetor on your Honda Goldwing motorcycle. Step 2: Design. Those tubes get added stiffness and rigidity from shorter sections of tubing welded between them. There are many software programs out there that can help you with this. Welding of horizontal or vertical planes can generally be termed as "flat welding". The materials must be of good, uniform quality.