People think you need to be greek to party and have a good time. They can be competitive in Greek life events, which may make them appear to be top tier; however, their focus on socializing can affect their academics and philanthropy initiatives. You have the white frat boys, the black frat boys, the Asian frats, Hispanic, Indian, it just does not stop. They were students calling Phi Mu girls Phi Moo at Arkansas and then the girls at LSU are pretty girls and it's a popular sorority. 5 Clubs You Should Try During Your Freshman Year Of College, 10 Reasons Why Attending Emerson College Is The Best Decision You Could Make, 5 Tips For Staying On Task And Increasing Productivity, 10 Tips For Staying Organized During Virtual Classes, 10 Things to Know if You’re Rushing a Sorority from a Sorority Girl, Top 10 Worthless Things They Teach You In College, How To Make The Most of Your Freshman Year of College in Quarantine, 10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re In A Sorority. The addresses of where to send the letters will be on each UF sorority's website. And while the course work is very challenging, students find a wide variety of activities to keep themselves entertained outside the classroom. The tier has everything to do with how picky it can be about members. It is probably true that it depends on the chapter, but most of your impressions are pretty accurate. They are very involved around campus! The women of the west are changing what it means to be part of a strong group of women who want to help change the world not just change an outfit. I won't say all of it is unwarranted but most of it, about 85% I'd say is mostly just shit talking Greeks for the sake of it because it's an easy scapegoat/demographic to go after. Delta Delta Delta ("Tri-Delts") have a national reputation that was lampooned in a 1980s episode of Saturday Night Live ("Delta Delta Delta, can I helpya helpya helpya?"). Just because some students are not the most responsible, that doesn't mean that all of the students are. There's also a ton of different houses, both fraternities and sororities so it's easy to find somewhere you'll feel at home as long as you go in with an open mind. Jason Menayan (author) from San Francisco on July 05, 2016: The title says it all: these are stereotypes. These are the things sorority women want you to know before UF sorority recruitment. Being the flagship public university in the state, UF prides itself on offering one of the top higher level educations in the South East. However, only about 25% of our 50,000+ population is in a fraternity or sorority. Good luck and Go Gators! While the Greek population is only a small percentage of students, it seems as though they have a dominant control over the university. There are people from all nationalities and I personally dont think there any stereotype in particular. Some say the sorority is full of girls who were rejected at top-tier sororities but are still solidly mid-tier. At my school the top three sororities are Delta Zeta, Tri Sigma, and Alpha Sigma Alpha. "Classy" and "involved" are not words typically used to describe Alpha Phi girls, but "fun" and “popular" are. PNMs...Don’t take advice from a dude who’s never even been in a chapter. Our daughter is a proud AOII at the University of Alabama. Recruitment counselors are these amazing undercover chapter women that will help you ladies throughout the recruitment process.