[3], Tea is most commonly consumed in the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation due to its relative accessibility. Along with being a pleasant drink to accompany an interesting and enlightening conversation, tea represent exactly what Iroh stands for: balance, unity and peace. Temperature matters when brewing tea! [16], Located on the grounds of the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace and surrounded by lush gardens, the King's Tea Palace was among the most prestigious in Ba Sing Se, considered a place for tranquility and reflection. Avatar: The Last Airbender is enjoying a nice resurgence now that it's on Netflix, but the series would be nothing without Uncle Iroh’s moral lessons and patience. An example of this unknowing lesson occurred in Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2 when Iroh bought a cup of cold tea that desperately needed heating, thereby revealing that he and Zuko were firebenders. Fans of the popular Nickelodeon show know Iroh loved nothing more than tea — he even opened up his own shop in Season 2 — however, a recently spotted Easter egg reveals how Iroh specifically used tea to drive home a point about elemental harmony that's key to the entire story of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Remember, too, where it is your power truly lies. Please get approval from admin before self-promoting or advertising any product, service, group, or page. With servants on hand to brew and serve the tea, it was often used by Earth King Kuei as a place to meet with guests, or frequented by the king and his pet bear, Bosco. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Just remember to not burn your tea … [17], Located on Chameleon Bay, a small inlet in northeastern Earth Kingdom, Madam Qiji's teahouse was used as a daofei headquarter in 296 BG. Its yellow roof stood out among its green neighbors and rose above them in the haphazard layout of the town, ringed by the broadest avenue of open space around. It is sometimes confused with the white jade bush due to the similar appearance of the two plants. Iroh didn’t love any just old tea — only a well-balanced cup of tea brought him joy and peace. Iroh's love for tea also connects itself to his desire to maintain balance and peace in the world as a member of the White Lotus. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Having said that, there are three varieties that we know he is especially find of. It is made from lychee nuts and, due to the fruit's availability, is commonly found in many parts of the globe. The History of the Four Nations: 2:45—2:50, The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Tea?oldid=2826726, The ingredients involved in the creation of the chi-enhancing tea were not specified, though the intended increase in energy and Aang's subsequent hyperactivity after consuming it are similar to the effects associated with. It is sometimes confused with the white dragon bush, due to the two plants having similar appearances. [4] Tea is also known to be consumed in the Spirit World, as it was served during Iroh's tea party that Korra attended in 171 AG. Caitlin Sinclair Chappell is a features writer and junior editor for CBR. When consumed, chi-enhancing tea is a natural stimulant that improves strength and increases energy tenfold. As the theory explains, clay made from earth makes the cups that hold the tea, water acts as the primary base of the drink, fire hits the water, as well as helps extract the flavor of the leaves and the air cools the tea, so people can enjoy it. Wishing you a safe journey and a speedy return, Uncle Iroh, Interim Fire Lord. [3], The white dragon bush is a plant that grows in the eastern Earth Kingdom. Traditional in design, the once-failing business was revived after being taken over by Iroh and was frequented by many high-class citizens due to the renowned tea served there. It enjoyed commercial success during the short period that Iroh worked there and was frequented by citizens of the Lower Ring searching for a place to relax and talk over a cup of tea.[1]. While the Moon Spirit is tied specifically to the Water Tribe, Iroh knows that killing a spirit and blocking waterbenders from their power source is detrimental to the world at large. KEEP READING: The Last Airbender: Combustion Man, the Series' Weirdest Villain, Explained. [10], Zuko and Iroh were served ginseng tea during their stay at Zhao's base. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. [2] Air Nomads are also known to have drunk tea before their genocide, having their own distinct style. [12], A tea available in Iroh's teashop, this brew is enjoyed by many citizens of the Earth Kingdom, specifically those in Ba Sing Se. He later reaffirmed this view to Zuko upon their departure. [2] It is brewed from a variety of leaves and herbs, which are steeped in hot water prior to consumption. As the brother of the Fire Lord, he was easily set up to be another antagonist; however, even in Season 1, when he was helping a not yet redeemed Zuko pursue the Avatar, it's clear there is more to Iroh than meets the eye. General Fong offered Aang chi-enhancing tea to attempt to force him into the Avatar State. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. While the beverage made Aang hyperactive, it did not successfully induce the Avatar State, which was the intended goal. Whether it's with Toph on the mountain side, where Iroh gives her advice about accepting help; with the mugger in Ba Sing Se, where Iroh convinces him to pursue his real dreams instead of a life of crime or with one of the many customers at the Jasmine Dragon, Iroh finds the good in people and helps them on their path to self fulfillment, with tea often finding its way into the mix. While the beverage made Aang hypera… 8 Spotlights Eraser Head’s Tragic Rise, Pokémon Theory: Ash’s Name Hints at His Future Career, One Piece’s ‘Hungry Days’ Commercials Prove the Series’ True Strength Is Its Cast, What Makes Marionette Mansion One of Junji Ito's Most CHILLING Stories. [8], Spiced tea is commonly served in the Fire Nation. [14] When Iroh brewed a tea from the white jade plant, he developed a severe rash that would have caused his throat to swell and restricted his breathing if left untreated. Uncle Iroh is the epitome of strength, wisdom, and power. On the surface, Iroh’s love of tea could be misconstrued as nothing more than a simple character trait, but it also serves as a representation of his spirituality and calming nature.