His non-biased approach makes it very, easy to trust what he says. Uniden’s R3 is a top of the line Radar Detector with a built-in GPS feature. to the point. Thank you for sharing! in giving both manufacture details and real world test results. Only resource I know of right now that is, Excellent information for newbies or Pro’s. how to use and set them up properly! Great info and makes it easy to understand. Very informative and answered a ton of questions I had. If you are looking to buy a radar detector or laser jammer, check out his videos before going anywhere else, simply the best place to get the best information and recommendations, thanks for all your great work. Thanks Vortex! There’s no one else that puts in the time and information about the radar community than him. More importantly, he is not a salesman. This quick programming guide will be updated as R-Series receives new features / settings. I trust his reviews. THE Pro. Very honest, personable, and has a passion for what he does. Vortex you can trust! I have used an older version but would love to be a tester for the company, I recommend the products and people reading the information on your web site to learn what is out there and available, I really like the idea of having the ability of recording my driving in case of a traffic incident. Uniden R3 is quite easy to configure and use. I'm so glad to of learned about the different brands and what performances they have. Outstanding U Tube channel. Great Content and Very Informative videos, Vortex is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the countermeasure community. to learn of your Miata getting smacked; glad you’re ok. Absolutely a essential resource for decision making. Thank you all for the great updates and videos. Objective and educational. He seems to be a great, honest guy. Thanks for all the youtube. Vortex Radar provides a wealth of knowledge on all radar and lidar platforms. I picked my car, but Vortex picked my R3 after following his research and testing. This guy yes I watch everything he does is the Master on radar detectors and counter measure equipment . Questions answered promptly, great informative videos! The Highway mode is the most sensitive for X band, K and Ka frequencies. Uniden R3 Button Functions Settings. very good information and short movies abaout the detecters. Have you already purchased your radar detector or laser jammer and want to set it up to give you the best performance and fewest false alerts? Keep up the good work! This helped a lot on narrowing down so many choices. he is the go to guy for radar detector knowledge & makes informed videos. He's always keeping us updated on Radar news, updates, tests, and, Alway share valuable information. While being similar to the Uniden R1, The Uniden R3 offers many different settings and menu options to choose... Highway. Great find when I was looking for a RD. Unbiased, honest and accurate information. Incredible knowledge of radar detectors. Please keep up the great work!! videos and recommendations. the speed countermeasure industry, Vortex is your guy! I completely trust the information that I get from Vortex. Ever since i found your channel on youtube ive been so intrigued on how much, information there is out there to learn on Radar Dectors. It is always nice to watch Vortex videos. He tells it like it is. I love the comprehensive testing of products. There is so much information here that will help one in finding answers, Awesome reviews glad to see some one honest and non bias keep up the good work mate :). Very knowledgeable man with lots of great advice. awesome youtube channel! Very informative channel for Radar Detectors and Dashcams! none the best resource out there when it comes to this industry! Best review and how to videos ive ever watched. Ka band is always ... GPS (R3 only) Speed Camera (R3 only) Redlight Cam (R3 only) RLC Q-Ride (R3 only) reviews and analyses of the products currently available has greatly helped me determine what is best for my needs. His subscription and contract services are second to none. I purchased the R3 solely based on your. They have been a huge help with equipment training. City. Reviews are spot on with his competition. Many thousand people need Spanish subtitles in your videos. Stand up guy ! This guy is the king when it comes to detectors. Great Information and review to help make the best chose for you. The most complete and thorough reviewer of radar detectors. Great page to follow. Again if reviews matter to anyone reading this, follow this guy because you will learn something new everyday, again awesome work. Great advise on the videos. The most knowledgeable data based source for radar / laser detectors in addition to countermeasures. The current GOLD Standard in detection news and reviews. Bought an R7 on your advice and its been a great purchase. Pressing the MENU button on the top of the detector lets you enter the configuration menu. unbiased reviews and will give you the best information possible on tbe products he test. It is simple to change settings on Uniden R1 or R3. dash cameras. THANKS!!! Everything you'll need to know about Top Detectors this man has you Covered reliable Information and that's Facts I. really Enjoy His Videos online an on Youtube , many Reviews I've learned alot an really enjoy the Collection I own thanks to Him. How to Update the Firmware of your Uniden R1 & R3, Customizing the Max 360’s Arrows, Colors, & Display, How to Program your V1 Gen2 with V1connection, How to Check what Version V1 Gen1 you Have, Getting Started with the V1 & Accessories, How to Program your New V1 & YaV1 from scratch on Android, How to Tweak a V1/YaV1 for Quietness and Maximum Performance, How to Set Up Custom Voice alerts in YaV1, How to open a Magnum and see which LNA it has, How to Set Up your Radenso Pro & Radenso Pro SE, How to Update your Radenso Pro’s firmware, Cobra SPX 7800BT Menu Options and Settings, Waze, Escort Live, & Cobra iRadar Comparison, How to Automate Escort Live on iOS using Activator, How to Automate Escort Live on Android using Llama, How to Hardwire a Radar Detector to your Powered Rear View Mirror, How to Avoid Speeding Tickets on a Budget, Viofo A129 Duo, A129 Plus, A129 Pro Comparison Review, Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020: Radar Detectors & Dashcams. I THINK...all the information they have on RADAR DETECTORS AND RADAR/LASER JAMMERS IS REALLY CLASSIC AND COOL.... Great unbiased reviews. Great production standards, too! products on the market. Great information and knowledge or products, Great reviews and advice on youtube channel and the forums, I have been watching YouTube videos for a while and have learned a lot of useful information on radar detectors and how. all is reviews are on target i do alot of reviews before i buy something an out of all the utube guys an gals this guy, is far better than anyone out there now with that said i think i deserve a 10% discount thats how it works i give you a good review i get mnie too lol just kidding keep up with the videos thanks. Love all the informative videos. your videos are very informative and has helped me select the best detector for my needs! Uniden R7: Uniden R1 & R3: Escort Max 360c: Escort Max 360: Detection The Uniden R1 and the Uniden R3 are two of the most powerful radar detectors on the market, capturing more than 12 times the distance of a police radar gun. Has taken over the helm left by Radar Roy! All rights reserved.#RadarDetector #VortexRadar #UnidenR3 #RadarDetectorTips #RadarDetectors Excellent reviews and great product information/support. This lets you dial back the sensitivity of K band and X band to reduce false alerts around town. Radar Detectors Tutorials: Escort Redline 360c: How to Program your Escort Redline 360c. He has even taken the time to respond to questions concerning setups and. Look forward to. high quality product, easy to follow instructions. Great informative videos on radar detectors (and related stuff). What I like most about Vortex Radar is the fact that you give an honest review what's good and not good on all products. Vortex Radar is a great source for factual information on Radar Detectors. Excellent reviews of all the radar detectors. Really like your vids! I like the share of information and ideas on the use and maintenance of radar detectors and related products.