This lesson plan explains how to connect students in an artistic way to their Who We Are unit through community.,, Haha! Jeannette Winter uses descriptive language and fluid illustrations that cap, Help your students, staff, and colleagues understand the complexity of cultural diversity. All 23 of them! How We Express Ourselves_planner. For our summative assessment task, the children displayed their sense of responsibility as they created either a persuasive poster or brochure urging others to reduce, reuse or recycle to help have a positive impact on our environment. ]�?8"ø¢�Y�H,ˆ×*`;ÃÀ"vÕÜäûçÆ ±. Ireland SVP Grade 5. This is a 4 -6 week trans-disciplinary unit study, with the theme of Who We Are, usin, Through the lens of culture and heritage, we explore the way our multi cultural diversity influences our decisions towards a balance of healthy choices for body, mind and spirit. Assessment worksheets are not included but are available at TpT, This is an incredible project for Unit of Inquiry - Who We Are in 2nd Grade. I found, Use these anecdotal record sheets to keep notes on student achievement within a small group. 100%! Do you think we could make some of these things? These themes identify areas of shared experience that have meaning for individuals of different cultures. Unit 3: Where We Are in time and Place: Resourceful Humans. Transdisciplinary Theme: Who We Are. This is useful for teachers who do not want to manage multiple papers and prefer to see the class overview on one sheet. The themes are: An inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including family friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human. Students demonstrated respect for how the environment can change as they discussed, and read books on topics such as pollution, global warming, and wasting commodities such as food, water, and electricity. In Grade 1, for example, students learn that water is a unique substance that is essential to all life. If you can think of something else to make, or some materials we haven’t thought of, please bring them too. Nicaragua Panama To begin with, I gave each group of 4-6 kids chart paper and together they brainstormed the theme and its definition. Grade 3-4 Symbol Unit Planner. we might be happy Central idea: The choices we make have an impact on our environment. How different body systems work together. The interactive notebook aspect is particularly fun for 3rd-5th grades. Grades: 2 nd, 3 rd. So often they need a teacher or adult to solve the problem for them. Our first unit falls under the theme: Where We Are in Place and Time. Go to An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of human kind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilization, form local and global perspectives. Costa Rica Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. We chatted about how it was a very science based unit and they knew without a doubt that they wanted experiments! Honduras We now want to collect a bunch of old things like plastic soda bottles, bottle caps, plastic lids, plastic milk cartons, small boxes, nails, buttons – anything we can reuse for some recycled art projects. Transdisciplinary theme: Who We … Your email address will not be published. Join Journey Bear on his next adventure to the countries of Central America. El Salvador Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, We all need a hero! From there, the children wrote their inquiries. This was a working document and was added to and reflected upon frequently throughout the unit. �ӏŷ�R�x{_�(����x���o��������{?y��Ǽ�����,ki}�������l��K��:�dI*�b�^�&��4Qf(�������s���Rho��C����M!� ~'-s&�k@v:0�.�X�`m}�U�(z߀�٠B�7DO�nݦ����93���_������?gI��8�N�1�^�N� YG��h�sI���� �U˜���C�X�Z*�C��d0a�����21�yme҈&&���D��A���}W���d�N��T$����sS.�R\�`�2(G������ O�D��!����x^��h�Wt�R̔�w��q��xJ��~Ld�5.��J,�{��Ο����Y��"X�8�lD��vU��gHk��������p��տ� ��[r$V��r��X~����,A�e֚��~w�0�8c� [r2�������T�W�Ӻ�T�����5ӑ�줶y�+^�L7ꕑ ,� ���]����$��%�X�;%�7��mwL��pTq�V=>=��z/π�'��S4�u����س9���y{�����[&a�����͡�m�C�ݔ���t9�[�r�����oV��zL��ZL=u��̲�B��!�>V�Wc�5:}�{�u,Fil,Nࣘx��:c%t؎���]y7��Dg������K��U��� !nCꁓ���C�k�ի�nP�|�r2�n��#N�u��;^�ؗ#������N ��T. The units are based on a model of guided inquiry where students receive support and guidance at critical points as they move through the inquiry process. Theme: Who Are We? I then shared it with them, printed a master copy and it was hung in a common area for all to see and refer to as the unit progressed. Please bring supplies that you are OK to share with others. It has space for up to 25 students on one sheet. You can download my example planner here for a closer look and use it as you wish. Answer Key with list of resources, The ‘Back to School -Fast Four’ has been developed to provide students with an opportunity to explore and or reflect on ideas about the how, why and what of learning and being a member of a learning community How different body systems work together. Lesson and Center Ideas page Bonus Materials: It includes all of the necessary information for the teacher to easily write lesson plans for 30 days of Unit 1 in humanities with suggestions for connections to science, ELA and math when possible. Here are a couple of pictures and links to some websites with great ideas of art we could make: Found by Ms Hannah at, Found at, From 2nd Grade IB Programme of Inquiry The program of inquiry is divided into 6 transdisciplinary themed units. Amazing Books for Developing IB PYP Thinking Skills, Strategies for Authentic IB PYP Inquiry with Distance Learning, Online Teaching with the IB PYP- A Starting Point, Developing Personal, Social and Emotional Learning within the IB PYP, FREE Video 3 Training for IB PYP Inquiry Teachers, 2nd FREE Video-Inquiry Teacher Training!