In previous versions the Floating Island was located above the Prison and Fire Station. 57469 Tablet 1000 Feel free to contribute the topic. Quests are mostly like achievements, requiring you to kill zombies or complete horde beacons. 57440 Grocer Bottom 57384 Bars Fort • • 57175 Blue Shirt Please see the. I’ve been trapped down here since… I can’t even recall. 57273 Shutter Metal 57376 Barbed Wire • Despite this, the zombie population was rather low, and it's unlikely the player will find more than 9 zombies per district. The Blue Keycard can be found in a trashcan here. It's a good place to start earning money if you explore the map alot during PVP or PVE. 57265 Door Metal In the northern part of the map, a single downed Helicopter can be found, inside the cockpit, the Black Keycard can be found. 57411 Orange Juice Bace Rade is actually Base Raid! I forgot the text he said and when I went to big J's Js I only found a not that says "thank you". 57502 Heartbreaker [Unobtainable] Another NPC, Matt, can be found next to Rainwright, offering a similar amount of quests, focusing on Fishing, Planting Boxes, and Farming. The Monolith is the location of the final quest and is located outside of the map's bounds. I have not! • I can probably make it on Wednesday or Thursday. A door at the end of the hallway will lead into a sewer, which twists around until becoming a somewhat normal sewer line, which terminates inside another black "monolith" room. 57014 Woogie Cookies help us deliver our Services. 57125 Eeeeeeel 57071 Cyan Dye Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 57235 Roof Metal 57441 Prison Top 57094 4x Scope [Green] 57449 Burned Pizza 57173 Yellow Backpack 57009 Blue Muscle You need to sign in or create an account to do that. • I think I found a refrence to HL:A. I don't know if it's a refrence to that though. All right's goes to P9nda. So erm.. Cultist. 57193 Bread He does alot of Base Raiding too! 57303 Pizza Germany (Festive) 57396 Water Tank @Gangren the no-build area is marked on the chart. 57358 Pine Sign 57177 White Shirt If the player completes all of Matt's quests, a green teleporter will appear next to him. 57368 Metal Placard This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. 57427 Knife 57283 White Bedroll 57310 Black Balloon • • The NPC safezone will allow players to sell their gear in exchange for currency that can be used to buy high tier equipment. 57494 Cloth Backpack Tier 1 57011 Military Alicepack It's likely a former Parking Garage owned by NORK. 57141 Horizontal Grip [Brown] Close. 5. Guns. 57216 Airdrop 57465 Vehicle Battery Unmarked Locations: Downed Helicopter • Bridge • Road Blocks • Crashed Portapoty. 57174 Black Shirt 57070 Brown Dye 57082 Banner White 57319 Pine Doorway 57108 Devestator Engine 57098 Pine J 57495 Cloth Backpack Tier 2 57290 Brown Bedroll 57397 Snare 57144 Holo Sight [Cobra] 57088 Banner Cyan Several Cows, Pigs and 57238 Ramp Crystal 57107 Devestator Receiver 57420 Butterfly Knife Vanilla items with changed descriptions/stats. Posted by 2 hours ago. 57232 Metal Wall #2 Monolith 57010 Red Muscle To get to this file, click on the File Manager tab on the left side of the control panel. 57032 Police Truck Gray Alt The map has a whole bunch of custom tips in order to assist new players with understanding the changes this map brings. Continuing up the stairwell, the player will encounter another locked door, requiring another key to open, which is located within a wardrobe not far from the door. The Bridge is north of the town. 57201 Carrot Seeds Components can be used to make Horde Beacons, Respirator Masks and many more useful items. Basic Military loot can be found here, along with some military vehicles. Your email address will not be published. In one of his videos/thumbnails had "Bace Rade" written on it! 57227 Roof Triangle Crystal Collection of all items from the Elver Map Mystery Box. 57385 Fridge 57507 Plastic Military Helmet Replica, 57015 Graphics Card 57418 Katana 57413 Apple Juice 57277 Pine Library 57406 Waffle It contains a variety of loot, and includes a parking garage underneath it, and a storage facility in the back of the establishment. You can't craft the Fish Sandwich legitmately but have to spawn it in as a cheat.-Catch a fish. 57097 6x scope [Gray] It can be accessed by completing all of Rainwright's quests and talking to the Spirit, receiving your reward and then taking the Green Teleporter. 57463 Yellow Vest 57118 Raw Fish Meat 57409 Water Bottle 57182 Pant White It's hard to remember anything from before *he* took over." 57023 Blue Motorcycle 57040 Cultist Robe #2 57017 Red Beeb 57305 Cooked Beef • In previous versions, there were far more teleporters located around the map, but they were removed due to abuse and being used to escape PvP. If the player has not rescued Big J, a text prompt will appear prompting the player to "Rescue Him". .-. 57374 Metal Table Sqr 57152 Dressing 57023 Rubber You can read more about these districts, and other locations, in the location tab. 57109 Turret Time and Space. 57005 THICC Military Backpack Besides, maybe there’s still time to do something about it. Zombies spawn here. 57505 Mosca Suppressor The Pink Crystal can also be found behind purple doors. 57366 Metal Flag On previous versions, no Zombies spawned here, this has since been changed. 57367 Metal Ladder Confirmation Gotten! Static variants are ones that drop from the horde beacon/gun crates and come with attachments. 57018 White Beeb 57093 Staff Position in relation to Canada is currently unknown. Players will have to scavenge the whole map to construct equipment like horde beacons and gasmasks that will allow them to obtain high tier equipment rather than simply looting a military base. 29.9k members in the unturned community. 57089 Banner Brown These recordings were checked by P9nda and Davidoz in order to make sure there was no explicit audio included. 57296 Couch Brown 57261 Large Safe Metal 57412 Cola Can The Highway is for the buildings near the highway. 57294 Couch Black 57148 Heatwave Stock Static variants are ones that drop from the horde beacon/gun crates and come with attachments. 57166 Police Vest I will be sure to watch it. 57389 Tough Glass 57158 Construction Bottom 57090 Banner Black That key will only open one door, leading the player into an office complex. 57004 THICC Military Vest 57030 Police Truck Blue [Unused] Yukon, Belgium Through the doorway, the hallway will distort further, with the player walking into a room both on its side, and upside down. 57072 Magenta Dye 57442 Prison Bottom A cafe can be found here, which houses a Cultist location underneath, along with a teleporter. 57375 Metal Trophy Case 57085 Banner Green The materials are needed from Elver. The map is automatically downloaded when launching the game for the first time during the auto-sub period, it can also be downloaded here. 57263 Baby Safe Metal 57426 Bat Elver Map: Various Questions (Singleplayer) Question. 57020 Military Nightvision 57200 Tablets 57011 Yellow Muscle No zombies spawn here. Horde Beacons can only be placed in Ghost Valley. 57359 Pine Spikes 57370 Metal Rack 57048 Cultist Mega Zombie Hood On previous versions, no Zombies spawned here, this has since been changed. The Red Keycard can also be found in one of the apartments. Although, additional thanks are given to Manoman, P9nda and Nelson Sexton on the workshop page. 57266 Door Crystal Civilian grade loot spawns on top. Unturned Bunker Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After unlocking the shead and talking with Big J where do I go again? Unturned Stockpile > Elver Map Bundle Elver Map Bundle. Underneath the building, a cultist location can be found, along with another entrance to the deadzone. It can be accessed as many times as the player pleases. @NinjaKitten Sure. 57239 Ramp Metal 57309 White Balloon 57244 Floor Triangle Crystal Hello? 57394 Pump Jack If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Unturned. 57102 Devestator Magazine 57223 Muzzle Booster Defiblirator Batteries can be found in Medical Locations and then crafted into Components. 57288 Yellow Bedroll 57390 One Way Glass All the IDs for custom items and vehicles on Elver. Pay attention to item descriptions! 57059 Mosca Iron Sight Located south of the Military Checkpoint, and north of the Southern Tunnel. 57002 Blue Ray 57286 Green Bedroll 57245 Floor Triangle Metal i did all of rainways quests but got nothing. 57332 Pine Window Having trouble hosting a server? A small military outpost is located here, along with the White Keycard, located near a destroyed car in the right tunnel. 12 Trader NPCs can be found on the Island, dealing only in NAZ Currency, not experience. A black guitar case can be found in the rubble of the left tunnel, and the Purple Keycard can be found inside of it. But also a reference to the album "Worlds" by Porter Robinson, as it features the purple hand, background and also has the text "Walter Robinson". The player can fly up to it with a Helicopter, but they will find that no NPCs are up there, nor can any of the extra interactables be interacted with, if the player tries, they will be prompted to sacrifice a Sacrificial Scripture at either the Town or Gas Station. 57105 Reflection Iron Sight Military Checkpoint is a Military Checkpoint located north of the Mall, but south of the Northern Tunnel on the highway. Military Checkpoint Bravo is a Military Checkpoint located south of the Dorms, but north of the Gas Station on the highway. 57478 Raider Stock [Gold], 57217 Heavy Barrel 57192 Wheat Bundle 57335 Axe • Can't get into my Elver server: "Your files are missing a custom barricade asset this server is using (57611)" 3.0 Bug. 57003 X-Ray In the second Elver Update, the navmesh was split up into multiple smaller navmeshes to help with performance. Zombies Spawn here. 57075 Reign Stock [Green] Destruction 57014 THICC Military Pants Can't load the map? 57025 Red Motorcycle 57264 Baby Safe Crystal Think of it as a daily quest, you can do it whenever you want. Tutorial, There are sixteen location nodes that are listed on the map. 57344 Pine Counter 57292 Pine Chair 57115 Fishing Rod Danaby confirming the map's "location" prior to release. 57197 Egg 57285 Red Bedroll 57219 Suppressor Make Raw Fish Meat. When I started playing I got one every 45 minutes to 1 hour but now I haven't seen one in a good collective 4 hours. 57352 Pine Hatch 57045 Cultist Top #2 57272 Vault Crystal 57022 Delivery Truck A Train Station is also located underneath the highway. 57161 Police Bottom 57331 Pine Wall Ramp Yay! On Nelson's desk, another key can be found. Cyprus Arena, Canada 57339 Chainsaw 57167 Civilian Vest olm abonelikten çıktım otomatik abone oluyor indirmek istmiyorum çıkıyorum tekrar abone oluyor bu ne aq. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. 57470 Tablet 5000 Where can I find the Safezone and NPC's?!? 57116 THICC Fishing Rod 57255 Doorway Crystal Devtest3 57018 Respirator If the player has met Big J the teleporter's text prompt will change, telling the player that the "Church interior is incomplete". If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Unturned. Demolition Site is a large construction location, located to the north in Elver. 57002 Can 57301 Couch Yellow 57484 Bag o’ Lead, 57034 Horde Beacon 57147 Heatwave Iron Sight Many Intercom systems are active, and play German or Dutch recordings at all times. 57379 Book Who are you? 57142 Horizontal Grip [Gray] I lied, I lied, I lied, I lied. 57044 Cultist Top #1 … Big J will be sitting on the teleporter with a laptop, working on the Church interior. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.