This is definitely a good thing though, as it emphasizes its amazing purple flowers even more. A few months later, I noticed strange little black spheres on the surface of the substrate: a slime mold that you normally don't get rid of had infested the pot. General Forum Questions and Discussion . 10 or less. Utricularia longifolia Gardn. At the beginning I had no problems with this plant (maybe only space problems) and it even flowered. Once I got seeds from successfully pollinating a flower, but unfortunately they did not germinate. I've started its cultivation from turions a kind of dormant bud that appear in winter to allow the plant to survive in cold water. Sa culture est assez facile, recommandé aux débutants de pour cette espèce. Mist it with pure water regularly. long: scape slender, reaching 2 ft., with fls. forgetiana. After that it grew relatively well. Sarracenia Forum 2015 T-Shirt! Sarracenia Forum 2016 T-Shirt! It tends to be easier to grow and very rewarding. Utricularia longifolia #181423. Utricularia longifolia Gardn. Sarracenia and Darlingtonia. Ils se situent sur les racines. I received this small species as a division many years ago. Il existe deux forme : celle de base est appelé « grandes feuilles » et l'autre de plus petite taille « enfant terrible ». Seeds: Utricularia calycifida x longifolia. JANARTHANAM & A.N. It has always been one of my big goals to cultivate this plant at some point. Cultivo: Grau de dificuldade : f cil. After the bitter struggle, I now know that this plant survives almost everything. Level of difficulty: My own experience: Unfortunately, about half of the species are not yet in cultivation. Sarracenia 2014 T-Shirt! In the course of time I acquired various forms of this species. I water mine using the tray system and always have them sitting in at least an inch of water, more often 2 … As soon as the first leaves appear, you can put the pot in water or flood it completely to the substrate surface. Livraison internationale de graines de plantes rares et exotiques. General CP discussions. Sarracenia Forum 2016 T-Shirt! HENRY, BLADDERWORTS OF INDIA, Botanical Survey of India, Calcutta, 1992.ISBN N/A. Besides its rope-shaped leaves with circular, 10-cm wide limb, the mauve, yellow-hearted flowers are particularly remarkable. Fig. Je n'ai pas d'information sur la pollinisation, qui est une méthode de division très peu utilisé, car compliqué. It is often confused with U. radiata, but the two are easy to separate, as I describe under that species. I also removed the infected leaves to prevent the disease from spreading. Here some general information and some selected species in detail: Epiphytes - They also flower in great numbers. Fortunately, the flower was not affected. I have have my Utricularia longifolia for over 4 weeks and NOTHING. Moderators Section. Utricularia longifolia originates from the tropical rainforests of Brazil, where this species grows upon trees and rocks. Now I own this beautiful species again for some time, which I cultivate in dead and living sphagnum. … After successful pollination, I received many seeds (see pollination) that germinated in record time. Substrate: Peat-sand mixture Otherwise the plant had rooted the pot well. Even the perennial Utricularia can be short-lived if they are ignored. Substrate: Peat-sand mixture A Brazilian species, perennial and densely tufted: lvs. La floraison survient la plupart du temps au printemps. Images et lettres. Introductions. The leaves of this plant have unfortunately been eaten. To date this large group of very interesting plants has generally been ignored by carnivorous plant enthusiasts. There are many determination keys too. It immediately spread throughout the pot. A really spectacular feature of this species. Terrestrial species (tropical), Light: bright - partially shady Unfortunately, it didn't feel very comfortable there, which is why I put it on the windowsill (south side) after a few months.