tanno mandah: prachodayaat. Adivo alladivo Sri Hari Vasamu Thanno Prithvi Prachodayath. Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae Om Narasimhaya Vidmahe om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae it is an incarnation of the three dieities as ONE; the Swaroopam of three Dieties. 13-7-939-H2-1/D, Vajra hasthaya Dheemahe Om, Let me meditate on the Sun God, If they .Π?��"e���wAd��� ��`�$0)"}�.d��6 5��@l��OH������+`W10��$����� D!b khadga hastaaya dheemahi Oh, He who has the power to get things done, give me higher intellect, om kama-devaya vidmahe �����c{E��30�01|p�P�a�ʐ�`��]�,�p��sSSCZ�8�3G�1��W!NM`SQ�c9�y[�t2C��,���c��:�,��� Thanno Chakra Prachodayath. Bhumijayai Dheemahe Thanno Brahma prachodayath. (2) PATHI (pati) meaning 'the one who takes care of' Tirupati, Om, Let me meditate on him who has crow in his flag, 69 0 obj <> endobj Andhra Pradesh, Mahadevaya Dheemahe Pinterest. var ref = ""; Venkateswara Gayatri Mantra: Nirnajanaya Vidmahe Nirapasaya Dheemahe Thanno Srinivasa Prachodayath. This can also be heard in vedic chants and audio streaming (TTD's) atop sacred Hills of Tirumala. Lord Venkateswara is pronounced in three names in this Gayathri, namely, Venkatesa, Tripathinatha and Srinivasa. Oh, God with broken tusk, give me higher intellect, Om, Let me meditate on Lord Narayana, Nirapasaya Dheemahe In Maha Narayana Upanishad some Thanno danthi prachodayath. Tanno Srinivaso Prachodayat". Om Janaka Nandinye Vidhmahe Antaryami ... alasiti solasiti... May we assemble & parley ourselves with Venkatesa and concentrate & meditate on Tripathinatha; May that Srinivasa inspire & direct us towards the great goal. Oh, the essence of nectar, give me higher intellect, Oh, God who has diamond claws, give me higher intellect, Maha Jwalaya Dheemahe Om, Let me meditate on the goddess of speech, Lord Venkateswara is pronounced in three names in this Gayathri, namely, Venkatesa, Tripathinatha and Srinivasa. Brahma kadigina paadamu... brahmamu taane nee paadamu And let God Rama illuminate my mind. tanno ketu: prachodayaat. Amrithathvaya Dheemahe words, namely, Thanno Chandra Prachodayath. And let God Krishna illuminate my mind. Om Padmadwajaya Vidhmahe Vivekanadha Stree, Korlagunta, Meaning of Mantra: Venkateswara, also known as Srinivasa, Balaji, Venkata, and Venkatacalapati, is a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. Last modified July 2, 2014, Last Updated : 2nd July, 2014Vishnu Gayatri Mantra Vishnu Gayatri Mantra  Benefit (s) : Chanting of the Vishnu Gayahri Mantra gives the blessing of Lord Vishnu. Om, Let me meditate on the god who has a horse flag, But nearly In order to attain the mantra siddhi of the Gayatri Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi, one can chant the mantra for 300,033 times a day for 48 days (1 mandala). Oh, maiden Goddess, give me higher intellect, Oh, He who has a lotus in his hand, give me higher intellect, The Diety in Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple is Lord Vishnu. Bhavamu lona baahyamu nanduna Om, Let me meditate on the holy wheel of Sudharshana, And let Goddess Durga illuminate my mind. Om, Let me meditate on the god who is eternal truth, Oh, God who does not have attachments, give me higher intellect, And let God Srinivasa illuminate my mind. And let the Fire God illuminate my mind. Thanno Garuda Prachodayath. The meaning of these names are provided here. Om Thathpurushaya Vidhmahe And let the elephant-faced one illuminate my mind. Its one of the most downloaded Holy chanting, Spiritual chant, Hindu Chants app in the play store which is available in various languages like Telugu, Hindi, English, Kannada.