Julz Apr 19 2018 12:57 am liri Nov 02 2017 8:55 pm What kind of relationship does he have with Bang Je Soo? i like his character in season as the hacker of the Golden Time Team. let's see if it will be more interesting. With the help of a gutsy female detective, a prosecutor who has lost the ability to feel empathy tackles a murder case amid political corruption. ailee Sep 17 2018 7:15 am This will great in voice 3... Florensia Sep 26 2018 12:50 am Thus, the storyline for season 1 is so interesting and amazing. I prefer season 1 than season 2, the ending was sh*t, the evil character is not cruelly tortured, this season was upsetting. Can't wait for the season 3, OMG what happen with kang center i hope she in season 3 too. Director Kang is become unsure of Captain Do when she receives mysterious photos. Voice 3 premiere will be on May 11. Stop hating on the show, there's only 2 eps & it's already good! Jo bo ah and jang hyuk!! You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss, https://post.naver.com/my/series/detail.nhn?seriesNo=472806&memberNo=1005482. Hope director kang survived. Hi guys, I want to ask something. I have watched the first season with jang hyuk & kim jae wook- that was truly awesome. Lee Hana and Son Eunseo are confirmed to reprise their roles from Season 1 of Voice! This drama was a rollercoaster of adventure and suspense, each episode building up on the tension and drawing the viewer in. This drama is really awesome. Make up your goddamn mind bruh. ..i think, I know what going on between Kang Woo and Je Soo but I dont whant to spoil it...argggggg. Najihah Aug 12 2018 3:52 am View production, box office, & company info. They did manage to make the most terrifying unusual custom molded weapon in those freaky kettle bells. Lee Jin-Wook's acting is superb to say the least, and it was refreshing to see a subtle romance brewing between him and Kang Kwon-Joo. Hmm, Marie Aug 12 2018 4:10 pm Voice (Season 2) Title: 보이스 시즌2 / Voice (Season 2) Genre: Detective, Crime, Thriller. For Kim Jae Wook... Like seriously... His character already died in S1, there is no need to bring him again...I mean his character... it will be weird If He join the s2. Cloud Apr 17 2018 7:17 am So glad LJW is wearing some decent clothes and has his sexy hair cut back..... Yshay Aug 29 2018 3:22 pm And Je Soo's mother said that the ill-tempered blood runs in Je Soo something like that so I thought Je Soo is the older son of Kang Woo's father but it really mean was Je Soo's father was a rapist. The ending of this season really broke my heart in to pieces ? Finallllyyyyy❤~!! Then comes the scene of the bomb with Kwon Joo and the flashbacks of Kang Woo's past. Episode 1 61m. i didn't think there would be such a relation between both season ...... but i guess there would be a lot relation between them cuz of the teaser. I feel Lee Jin Wook didn't do a good job with his role. Hiso Oct 28 2018 10:46 am Ran Oct 14 2018 12:50 am PLEASE Feb 09 2018 11:38 am .... who will be the next leading lady, Park? Hospital Playlist N. Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 16. I will be the happiest fangirl if my little wish for them to star again in this season will be granted ??? Excited for this!!! 1004 Jan 13 2019 6:46 am Tin Sep 04 2018 1:28 am lee jin wook for the lead role plzz ,,, he is way too perfect . Wowww_ im ded ,.please let janghyukbe the main actor again his actings so amazing ,,,please the same casting & we really appreciate your hardwarking( staff, actor , &singers too ) i really enjoyed voice &niw it will be season2 im ready for it. Yumi: Yes, you can. Ugh! Where is ending of This drama . The only one who looks realistic in this show (except children, they always play excellent). A crime drama that revolves around the "golden time" for an emergency call. But LJW is doing a fine job in season 2; just wish he would show off some beautiful martial art skills like JH. I love his character the most in first season but please stop asking for dead character to come back to live geezzzz. Freeze Nov 03 2017 7:23 pm it was in the news, that's why the male lead is different now. Sorry, not my taste, so I shall quit this drama.... zuezoo Jun 24 2019 1:56 pm the ending was a shock to me, but I really like this season. Korean Dramas. Korean Dramas. The emergency cases for this season are all good and anticipating. It is the second season of the 2017 OCN TV series Voice. Well, JH is something else and yes we are missing him like crazy. To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. lmao, if there is nothing happening between them istg i'll cry lol. PLEASE... give us an update on Daeshik! Great TV series!!! When he wakes up, he finds himself back in 1987. voicejjang Aug 13 2018 1:40 am Lee jin wook was awesome. At least Lee Ha Na has him in hand. 장혁 Mar 15 2018 12:06 pm and He already has drama to play soon tho..(OCN drama too) I will watch it.. Yuhuuu.. i love voice drama.. now i am feeling excited because there is lee jin wook. Secret Sep 17 2018 3:33 am Bjork Jul 27 2018 6:36 pm She says a psychopath kidnapped her and is about to kill her. But, after watching episode 1, I don't want to watch it anymore. with the same main actors please !! From the very first episode, the very first MINUTE of the episode, I was captivated and couldn't stop watching. I will really great show to watch. okay ... why didn't i saw yeesung in this season? lol lools like many viewers think the same, Tima Aug 12 2018 9:06 am With Lee Hana, Eun-seo Son, Jin-wook Lee, Kim Woo-Seok. Meanwhile, Kang Kwon-Joo (Lee Ha-Na) graduated at police academy with top marks. AZ Sep 17 2018 11:55 am Because Miho is found dead inside the well and her ear got cut (which Je Soo has). Working tirelessly at the Emergency Call Center, she uses her first-rate hearing to save lives and catch culprits. Korean Dramas. Chocolatess Apr 17 2018 9:40 am my Oh Hyun-Ho. the murderer exploits Kang-woo's psychological weakness to make people around confused, even for Kang-woo himself. Together, they take on the most dangerous criminals their city has ever seen. I would be a great collab! W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Ama Aug 12 2018 4:50 am Wahhhhhhhhh ? query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); 1. A group of criminals are brought together by the law to assist in stopping crime. He also falls in love and recovers his humanity. Lee Min Ki had a villain role in that movie and he really portrayed the character perfectly. I swear to god if they don't i would drop the series. I like the male lead , he is the actor with deep expression . I loved the new man lead character. And even Daesik’s. A man possessed by death. Violet Nov 06 2018 2:53 am The drama "Voice" gathered much interest and popularity. They're actually interesting, I mean it's bold to address sexual molestation and pedofilia in an asian country but something about the delivery didn't really trigger concern. i recommend the drama for all my friends its great ? But I thought it would be with the same casts.