Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It lets you BREAKDANCE. Players can view and vote to rank the best Melee Weapon! War fans: Quassus (best with and without a riven, 0.50/1.55 riven disposition). Not as obnoxiously rare as Royale with cheese, and Broken Bull clears like a mofo. Riven dispositions are as follows: 1.31-1.55 (5/5) Very Strong, 1.11-1.30 (4/5) Strong, 0.9-1.1 (3/5) Medium, 0.7-0.89 (2/5) Weak, 0.5-0.69 (1/5) Very Weak. Embrace the fluidity! Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. One-Handed daggers are unique weapons. Brutal tide is hands down the best stance. In the new system, the next attack is being constantly updated, depending on the last input received. Stats used: Heat damage ( for extra status proc and it could be any element really for the sake of the calculations, if the weapon isn't going to get an extra status to proc from this stat, I change it to attack speed), crit. Friendship ended with VOLT. So Gram prime at x12 is compared with the rest of the heavy blades. I cant afford shit so I trade IGN:oshunter124. Sword and Shield: Silva and Aegis Prime is better than Sigma and Octantis without riven by 5k DPS (both have 1.0/1.55 riven disposition, but with a riven Sigma and Octantis is better by 16.5k DPS). Melee Combos are only available when a melee weapon is drawn, and cannot be performed via Quick Melee attacks when using a Primary or Secondary weapon. Melee combos are initiated by inputting different inputs of the Melee key (PC default E , see also Key Bindings) and various other keys, for example   + E    + E    + E , where the E  key is tapped three times in succession, whiling holding down the   key. Blind Justice has a lot going for it, but not gonna lie, the main reason I stick with it is the stealth kill animation. Hammers: I have been asked especially for this one :) so there we go! This was updated because of the wave of nerfs for rivens. Stance Any kind of input entered after the initial follow up was ignored until the next attack had started. Whips: Atterax (0.90/1.55 riven disposition, best with and without a riven). The difference now, is that both share a design that uses common movements and attack types. Has two different attacks that are dependent on the direction the Warframe model is facing (left or right). In most cases, the following improvements can be applied to any given Stance Mod equipped to a weapon (not just individual weapon types! Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! Interesting! Archived . All stances can be acquired from weekly conclave missions. :D. All These weapons have slash as its highest percentage. Leveling up Stance mods increases the amount of additional mod capacity they provide, as well as unlocks additional Melee Combos for use. For those that prefer non-zaw weapons, Destreza Prime would be the second-best choice (1.14/1.55 riven disposition). All Stances provide a bonus mod capacity of 5 when maxed, doubling it to 10 when placed on the matching polarity. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. 2 handed Nikana: Pennant (0.85/1.55 riven disposition, best with and without riven). Stat Stick (25 categories). Easy combos. Heavy Attack button or holding melee button, Slow, yet strong attacks that leave the player vulnerable during wind-up time. damage + elemental heat damage + base damage with a harmless negative you will have 6 different statuses to proc. 100% chance for a specific proc, like Slash), and enhancing mobility via lunges and jumps. Blind justice for nikanas Cleaving whirlwind for heavy blades Crushing ruin for hammers Swirling tiger for dual swords. Feel free to disagree, and some are about equal, but this is just what I think, not counting quick attacks. Just finished my nikana prime now I gotta make a build for my redeemer. 17 comments. Many Melee Combos allow weapons to perform attacks they are incapable of doing without Stances, like giving single-target melee weapons like the Skana the ability to hit multiple enemies. Many Melee Combos deal varying amounts of damage from a single combo, for example, Many Melee Combos perform multiple strikes from a single keypress, for example. Sign in. :) 2) Additionally, Hammers can be used for Marked for Death finisher builds. Well, I use shimmering Blight. It is similar to “Shattering Impact” mod but this one only works with “Impact” hits. Heavy Blade Stance Mods. 1) How many statuses proc does it proc in its combo, 2) How many types of status procs, 3) the bonus damage that comes with the combo and finally, your taste for that combo. High damage multiplier. Highest melee riven disposition currently is Amphis (1.50/1.55). Used to close gaps on enemies through high mobility. I personally like and my top preferences are Balla and Fragor Prime. The heavy blade stances are just slow and awkward imo. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Heavy attack builds follow the same pattern for all weapons so these are also the best using heavy attack builds. The game is currently in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Check the "Stances" section and see where those ones drop. Iron Phoenix: Crimson Dervish: Vengeful Revenant: Swooping Falcon: Rising Steel (Conclave only) Sword Weapons. One-handed swords: Skana Prime (1.20/1.55 riven disposition, best with and without the riven , however, can only be found in founders pack) Dakra Prime, 1.10/1.55 riven disposition, is the second-best sword with and without a riven. You can also pick up some valuable Stance Mods from Baro Ki’Teer from time to time.