799.M41 The Doom of the Ardent Seeker: The mission ship, Ardent Seeker, is ravaged by a false prophet of the Pilgrims of Hayte on the way to the shrine world of Maccabeus Quintus. In this age humans slowly begin understanding the universe beyond Terra, eventually terraforming Mars and from there other nearby worlds. 812.M41 The Disappearance of Inquisitor Layran: The Inquisitor and his retinue of acolytes vanish en-masse while investigating rumour of a xenos conspiracy, peripherally connected to the so-called “Beast House” organisation on Fenksworld. As rumours of the successful rebellion spread, so do brushfire revolts and uprisings on other worlds in the sector, and the flames of malcontent are fanned. The tau are forced to ally with the Imperium to stop them. For those of you who have steeled your soul and crave forbidden knowledge you read at you own risk! Eldar come to the aid of the Imperial forces in the Gothic War. Abaddon the Despoiler leads the 12th Black Crusade, opening with a raid on Arx Station. 810.M41 The Vervilix Disaster: After suffering serious malfunction in transit, the mass-troop conveyer Vervilix, far off course, makes a forced landing on the forbidden ice world of Mara. Drusus installed with full rights and title by the Equerry Primaris of the High Lords of Terra as the first Lord Sector Calixis to much acclaim. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The following contains the notable or important events in the Empire of Man, utilising the Imperial Calendar. His forces also plunder and attack Mechanicus facilities, exploratory bases and even rival tech-heretic forces in order to obtain their secrets. The corsairs are shattered and their threat ended at last when confronted and brought to battle by a force consisting of Battlefleet Calixis, Explorator and Rogue Trader forces (aided it is rumoured by unknown xenos forces) under the overall command of the Rogue Trader Kobras Aquairre. 811.M41 The Red Vaults of Luggnam: A small Adeptus Arbites taskforce, investigating evidence political corruption, murder and tithe-theft on the mining world of Luggnam, instead encounter the horrors perpetrated by the wanted arch-heretic Myrchella Sinderfell. These represent the backbone of how the game is played, and once you have mastered them, you can use all the additional rules found in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book to take your game even further. He successfully pulls back executive authority to the office of the Lord Sector that had been slowly devolving to the Great Houses over the years, and massively expands the directly controlled military forces of his office and institutes aggressive reforms to the governance of Hive Sibellus. 322.M39 The Angevin Crusade Begins: Preator Golgenna Angevin, a powerful noble from the Terran Court is raised to the rank of Lord Militant and granted a writ from the High Lords to persecute a crusade to liberate and dominate the area of space designated as the Calyx Expanse. Much of the true nature of events, as well as whole occurrences of dire import themselves remain hidden. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? 211-226.M41 The Meritech Wars: The clans of the Merates Cluster secede from the Imperium, rallying many renegade factions to their cause, raiding deep into the sector and causing widespread disruption and anarchy. 507.M41 The Second Siege of Vaxanide: A second Ork invasion force centred around the Space Hulk designated Pinnacle of Savagery attacks the system. The Ultramarines lead a united force in the Corinthian Crusade, defeating the orks of Charadon. The Apocrypha are subject change and sit slightly outside of the purity of Dark Heresy’s core rules. His other achievements include the creation of the sectors great legal code, the Corpus Presidium Calixis and the instillation of a Calixian Holy Synod at Tarsus on Scintilla. While a score of Rogue Trader and Explorator fleets range ahead of the main forces identifying targets and providing active reconnaissance in this dangerous region of space. In the aftermath, the tech-heretic conspiracy of the Logicians is proved to have been behind the war. 784.M41 The Margin Crusade is Launched: Under holy writ by the Synod Obscurus and taking place far to the Calixis Sector’s Spinward border, a crusade is launched into the Margin region beyond the light of the Astronomicon to the galactic north. During this period of relative peace, several notable regiments who had earned great glory in the wars (such as the Brontine Centurions) were given rights of settlement to their own worlds, while several attached forces (such as the Astartes) rotated out of Crusade service. Horus, Warmaster of the Great Crusade, betrays the Emperor. 502.M39 The Beatification of Saint Drusus: After nearly a century of deliberation the General Synod of Holy terra confirms sainthood on Drusus, whose cult and dogma had already flourished within the Calixis sector to become a dominating factor in the local Imperial Creed. For the first time the Crusade’s gains begin to be lost, and the Imperial forces are stretched increasingly thin in their defence of the new realm, and morale problems and discord grow in the ranks. Invading from the Calyx expanse’s Coreward, with the goal of linking up with Angevin’s own forces who advance from Golgenna to meet them. Dates are given according to the Imperial system, which is a problem because the vast interstellar bureaucracy of the Imperium of Man contains an entire division called the Ordo Chronos who are supposed to set official dates, but are currently experiencing a civil war called the Chronostrife. With his encasement in the Golden Throne this movement gains power and becomes the official religion of the Imperium. Although the war is officially over, the pacification of Tranch goes on, providing a bloody baptism of fire for many of the sector’s soldiers. His forces are eventually defeated when they lay siege to the Imperial Palace on Terra, but the Emperor is wounded has to be encased in life support within the Golden Throne to keep him alive. The only clue to the cause is found carved on a bulkhead in the hulk of sentry-17, which reads, “The worms that walk have come for us all”. Full effective pacification of the sector will however consume much blood and material of the Imperial war machine for a further three centuries to come.