F2: Cycle between several preset HUD depths, Ctrl F2: Kill HUD (for screenshots. And the oculus runtime is running in background all the time. It's ok, though. Ctrl ~: Switch to an even lower convergence preset for ATM cameras, Just WD2 freezes with nvapi. What alternatives do I have? Please enable javascript to view screenshots. 1 is infinity, negative numbers pop out. values to cycle between with the F2 key by editing the [KeyHUDDepth] section. The depth can be Ctrl + Alt + F11 don't work correct when I use side by side as is. WD2 is 60 FPS (without a limited) in 2D - and (around) 30 FPS in 3D - is this normal for this series? z sets the convergence override If it helps you to make the fixes better we all benefit from that:)Ironically i don´t have much hangs. i beg you! Do not set pixel density higher than 1.30 (There is a report that it breaks the I install it in January 2019. 3D Vision was set to Discover mode, and game set to borderless windowed. What you think about it? 3552x1728 is to much for stereo mode? He would be a dick if he actually releases it since the mod gives you an unfair advantage in online modes. It was good. Fixed the "bright white glitch" at particular light volume boundaries (most (and the blue glitch was prominent throughout the whole game). This fix is bundled with the new SBS / TAB output mode support in 3DMigoto. The first time you run it (and again after any driver Performance seemed OK with single card, but this is a super high end machine.Not necessarily any helpful info there, but just notable that at least one test case shows it working OK at present. Watch dogs 2 : what do you do when the "cabbie for hire" is not available in the driver sf app Watch dogs 2 : in the mission watched I need to select "cabbie for hir.. How do I get into the coit tower The various screenshot options provided by Ansel should all work fine, but There are also separate adjustments for 3D HUD elements in z and w. The units I tried to install the 376.33 drivers, but i´m on windows 10 and it won´t let me activate 3d vision. I reinstall it, from new full installer placed here and Watch Dogs 2 again show side by side. for WATCH_DOGS2 v1.09 update. (oddly I didn't have a problem with "Depth of Field" and "Motion Blur" being ON By the way - I noticed both WD1 and WD2 have slow FPS (in 2D and 3D) versus other games - e.g. Blue screen may have corrupted something - do a clean driver reinstall with DDU, verify the game files in UPlay, uninstall and reinstall the fix. As far as we know our 3D fixes have never triggered a ban with these type of killed ;-), Ctrl Shift F2: Kill lens grit (for 3D screenshots, especially when using the Latest versions of 3Dmigoto are a lot more compatible. this. Most freezes i got with scoutx. Played the game yesterday 4-6 hours without any problems. Hi DSS, thank you so much for reworking on WD2. To I reinstall it, from new full installer placed here and Watch Dogs 2 again show side by side. Blacksreen after fix installation. I try somehow fix problems in 3D mode for this game without result probably one year, try 3-4 versions of drivers 391,398,419 and always has bugs, or blackscreen. Note that the old driver recommendations for SLI still stand - that is, if Take a look at Helifax's CM Unleashed on the forums. That's a particularly good test case, as you did an A-B-A test, and verified that nvapi64.dll is causing you problems. Want play it, but...1080ti sli, Windows 10 pro, 12gb ram, 6 core Xeon.It maybe a most unlucky game in my life. Back in game I try to reinstall game, and still blackscreen in any mode. After that I use DDU, uninstall drivers&experience and install old driver 391, which was better earlier. Yeah. I don't know what to do now. 1st person camera with the scratch grit pattern). Can I somehow activate compatibility mode for side by side in this game for boost speed? And also 3D fix is broke 3D migoto. I remember one time I can activate it on some 48x driver. for WATCH_DOGS2 v1.016.189 update, Re-enabled reflections of glass surfaces in screen space reflections I remember i got trouble with the nvapi64 in the past with another game. personally I find the stereo screenshot option to be lacking (no off-center for WATCH_DOGS2 v1.09.154 update, Fixed new rediculous shadow map size being stereoised (3DMigoto update), Disabled compatibility mode that was added in the 378.48 driver, Fix is now distributed as a 7z file to keep the filesize down (it would have Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. files). Thank you for all of those that worked on it, and now worked on WD2. =/. Can you please put here url to the generic 3dmigoto? You need to then use a generic 3Dmigoto, not this fixed version, where only the SBS was enabled. severe. as the camera passes through a specific point - most of these are very small Please make a version v1.5 for version v.1.07.141 (of game). Anything up close will have blur/smudges/halos as part of the way CM works. For CM, you want to uninstall our 3D fix completely, using uninstall.bat. update) you will get a UAC prompt for Rundll32 to install the driver nvidia control panel to output checkerboard to remove the 720p limitation. Which is a pity cause it were nice to play in multiplayer aswell. The release notes for the new driver are crap - they already had an SLI profile for the game, and the new driver has a massive regression introducing negative scaling - 378.49 gives me 18fps in SLI / 28fps non-SLI, while 376.33 gives me 44fps in SLI. You can also specify several preset You can use 7-zip to extract it).- Fixed road dirt decals (happened to notice they were out while taking an ultra-high convergence screen shot with the quad copter)PSA: If you are using SLI, avoid the new 378.49 driver like the plague - it has severe negative SLI scaling in this game and to to make matters worse temporal filtering cannot be selected with that driver. Fog from steam vents is falsely obscured when an object is in front of them, I get a 3d hud, and ansel mode is in 3d, but the game itself appears to only show one of the two images. Win10 1803, Driver 418.81. When I launch it for the first time, I have a crash with the blue screen just after having answered to the question concerning rundll32. are convergence override values, so higher values bring the HUD closer and I would suggest installing the fix manually rather than using 3D Fix manager - there have been a few recent reports of it breaking ini files, and you can update 3DMigoto yourself by just replacing the d3d11.dll and nvapi64.dll files. ultra-high convergence screen shot with the quad copter), HUD kill switch will now also kill target lines and object highlights, Fixed footprint decal on sand (didn't notice this was broken because it was invisible), Fixed road line decals hovering a few millimetres above surface, Returned security lasers to correct depth (was caught by the heat distortion fix), Added spider crosshair and weapon heat guage to auto adjust list, Disabled white light glitch fix that caused problems in at least one air vent panels on the Temple of New Dawn glass & shrink wrap). My specifications: top (in list) custom windows 10 worktable resolution 2960x2880 (becouse of some bug it set in game aspect ratio for Watch Dogs 2), worktable resolution before game 2442x1188 (nvidia now scale custom game resolutions to worktable resolution and this resolution is the top among stable, biggest can crash game), in game resolution 1776x1728 (optimal for good sharpness on my VR device). 0 is screen depth, By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. and take various types of No need to thank for that. https://github.com/bo3b/3Dmigoto/releases. But anyway 3d migoto still can't be installed in automatic mode. enable it, edit the d3dx.ini, find the [Present] section and uncomment (remove present (caused by the "strange blue glitch" fix), but it is relatively minor Modding games takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the work I do The lens grit texture has been moved to depth to look better. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Much better than gta5. It not best, but looks not bad. Thanks a lot for Helixmod !!!! Watch_Dogs 2: Complete Car On Demand 1.5 Mar 8 2018 Released 2017 Role Playing . Maybe developers of helix mod can help me find some way to optimize SLI or something other? And regreattably SLI still can't activate. Launch the game. boundaries in the Shanghaied mission), Fixed distant lights reflection in a blackout, Added HUD kill switch on Ctrl+F2 for better screenshots, Added lens grit kill switch on Ctrl+Shift+F2, Fixed several crossairs: Sniper scope, Grenade launcher, X hit indicator, red crosshairs, Moved bullets and Police sniper laser back to 3D (was caught by a HUD adjustment), Fixed a few minor issues on the horizon & around sun, Fixed clipping on thick San Francisco volumetric fog, Fixed another type of fog - should make fog 3D under all weather conditions, Fixed more instances of 2D transparent effects in nethack vision (glass I fiddled with depth of field, thinking it might be that, and also convergence. He's in it for the fame, which is not that bad as other modders can easily do what he did AND share it. Please report back if you still notice problems, it helps us debug. I tried with your fix and I just get stuck in the loading window.. without your fix it goes straight in and works. Download the fix: https://s3.amazonaws.com/DarkStarSword/3Dfix-WATCH_DOGS2-1.6.7z, Update v1.6 (WATCH_DOGS2 v1.016.189 update). https://s3.amazonaws.com/DarkStarSword/3Dfix-WATCH_DOGS2-1.6.7z, THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM - 3D Vision All in one, Borderlands 2 3D Vision Patch New Version, Dragon Age Inquisition - 3DMigoto DX11 3D Vision Fix: Beta v12 (Game v1.04), Re-fixed reflections, etc. Won't look as good. I read that the Nvidia 3D engine can only use three CPU threads, so that may cause a CPU bottleneck compared to newer chips with better single thread performance. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. After I install new driver game still show side by side 3D (for DVI), but go to black screen after shadowplay activation.