Now is a good time to mark the orientation of the tool head. It is probably best to protect yourself and the edge by placing some tape over the bit to prevent any accidents, though I did not do this during this series. Never the fact that it has a thin tapering blade, and that it has a smaller Use There Disclaimer: For Educational and Informational Purposes Only. The head will begin to move up the handle (towards the shoulder), and at some point, it will stop going. Drive the wood wedge as deep as it can go. There should also be NO gaps between the handle and the bottom of the eye. Using the sanding disc chucked in the drill, sand the wood smooth and even. This allows the handle to absorb a good amount of oil and prevent it from drying out. conjunction with a folding saw, it will produce all the camp wood you We can find wedges made of plastic, aluminum, wood, and steel but we will focus on metal and wood wedges because these are the most common and more versatile and reliable. Repeat the above steps as many times as you would like, just realize it can get sticky if not done properly. wooden handles as they are less apt to break. Many of my Japanese tools are hung with only steel wedges, while most of my German, Austrian and Scandinavian tools have a primary wooden wedge and on top of it a round steel wedge in the shape of a stepped hollow cone. click for specs. hands will blister. These Across the pond, in the British Isles, toolmakers and woodworkers use yet another steel wedge to expand the wood in the eye. may have errors or be outdated. Unfortunately, the head began to loosen up after a few days of use. Never Often, when I create a wooden wedge, I follow the American tradition of making it narrow, but I prefer to use a harder wood then Poplar such as oak, ash or hard maple. keep your axe sharp. This can be done several ways. attempt to repair an axe handle. Use a Remember, these things are heavy (and possibly sharp!!). If your helve is really tight, then it will only slide up a few millimeters. Start just below the bottom of your rub line, and sand down towards the shoulder. This premium Broad Hatchet by Council tools is hung correctly. This is normal and shows where the helve is rubbing the inside of the eye. LOL. (wet or dry), making a rotary motion. Wranglerstar, the homesteading youtube star is Hanging out with some tool handles. for extra stability. User assumes all risk of use, damage, or injury. Using the coping saw, trim off the excess wedge close to the haft. This is super helpful. Step 4: Prepare the kerf for the wedge. These are ribbed and so they bit well on the wood. This kerf should go down the neck to almost 2/3 or 3/4 of the tool’s eye depth (in this case a sledge hammer head) and terminates near the shoulder where the base of the head suppose to butt against. 2. liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, or special Consider these 'high spots'. The steel step wedge is the most common type of metal axe handle wedge in North America. Work – Simple Woodworking Projects. Never buy an axe haft with labels or paint on it - your hands will blister. Notice the gap on the butt end of the eye before and after the metal wedge is installed (pic 4 & 5). For extra support, you can drive another metal wedge on any part of the wood but make sure you won’t crack the wood. A note about “shoulders:” if the handle I’m using has a pronounced shoulder, I like to sand it off to create more of a wedge effect as the axe slides down the haft. To get the handle to start going into the eye, you need to know how much material to initially remove to get it started. grinding is necessary, use a soft, wet sandstone. the latter method is undoubtedly safer and more practical for Scouts. The British company Draper sells traditional steel wedges that are mainly used in the UK. You want to keep the wedge as wide as possible and still be able to fit into the eye. stone away from the bit. grinding is inevitably a slow process. Placing the top of the wedge on a hard surface (such as concrete), strike the butt of the handle until the wedge won’t go any further. splits easiest from the end grain, a process that's made easier and buy an axe haft with labels or paint on it -  When This is the line that will be flush with the handle if it were to bottom out, which I don’t prefer (a bottomed out wedge means it could have possibly gone further). On some tools, you may need to install it at an angle. Do not chop with it! Make Also, in case you want to tighten the handle even more or if the handle gets to loosen up a bit you can drive a metal wedge as extra support along with a wooden wedge. On the top of the head, you will have large gaps. Here is a very entertaining video that will teach you a lot on how to fit a handle into the eye of the head. day to day sharpening use a circular carborundum  axe stone A You will also notice a wide kerf that was sawn into the handle head. If you want to see the actual process of axe handle replacement and how to install an axe handle wedge, there are lots of videos you can find on Youtube. Some recommend to insert it in diagonal to the orientation of the primary wedge, while others say it should go across, at a right angle. However, with enough use and wear, the axe handle may eventually need to be replaced. Instead, find a large wedge for a single wedge or opt for the combination wedge. Hanging and wedging a wooden handle is one of those topics that are heavily discussed in woodworking forums, on youtube, and in blogs. Simply put, the dark spots need to be removed so that the head may continue to work its way down towards the shoulder. Some suggest applying linseed oil on the wedge while others advocate the use of glue (Chris Schwarz uses hide glue). Better still, axe handles tend to last a very long time if they're given the proper care, so replacing them isn't something you're going to have to worry about after you fix your current issue. Discussion in 'Forestry Community' started by michaelmj11, Feb 8, 2016. When changing the handle of an axe, your main objective after removing the old handle is to put a new handle and secure it into the axe head. I use a sheet of 120 grit sandpaper and sand the haft by hand one last time. Set the container aside in a safe place. [To That being said, most of the eyes in the tools aren't perfectly shaped, nor are the replacement handles a perfect fit right off the store shelf. Pour the white vinegar in until it covers the axehead entirely. wikiHow's. You'll want to go slow with this, because you can't add the material back to the handle. comprehensiveness or otherwise of the information provided. In Drive the wedge in. You can find lots of wood wedges for axe handles right on the web so it’s your choice on the kinds of wood wedge you need. 3. chop onto or into the ground. This is to ensure that the wedge can be driven far enough into the eye to spread the handle to fill the gaps. I remove the handle, and observe the pencil line from the previous step. For the combination wedge, saw off the middle of the wood as well to create a kerf and drive a wooden kerf in the middle and then drive a metal wedge right at the center of the wooden wedge. use any axe that has a damaged or split handle. however slight the damage. Instead, I improvised and created a curved poll, similar to what you may find on a hunter’s axe used for skinning game. use the rough surface to remove burrs, then the smoother side to get Grinding Most of the time, the wedge that comes with the handle will be adequate, as is the case with this Hults Bruk handle I received. When the wedge won’t go any further (preferably before it bottoms out), it will make a dull sound. service. The Review the full terms by clicking When more experienced, you can multiple sanding methods. Thanks for doing this. folding saw performs all cutting functions. If you have a metal wedge, it needs to be installed perpendicular to the wooden wedge. And here is another set of round wedges without the steps. Now, you should begin removing the wood below the rubbed spots. you are wearing a scarf or tie, ect. Meaning, if I were to stop at one place each time, I would eventually create a pronounced shoulder as I remove more material above this line. I also cleaned the rest of the head and gave it a convex edge, though I will do final sharpening after the hang. However, this does not impact our recommendations. First, you can hit the axe head with a mallet or dead blow hammer, striking the bottom until it comes off the handle. From shop eaglehunting. Three hammers and three different ways to hang the handle. Reply The handles may be different lengths or shapes, but the process is the same. The stone should Learn Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 57,702 times. Some suggest applying linseed oil on the wedge while others advocate the use of glue (Chris Schwarz uses hide glue). None of the store bought handles should be used straight off the shelf and all need a little "massaging" in order to get them to fit the eye of the tool head properly. temporary swelling, soak in water. finishing edge and to work out the file marks. The handles are a 'universal fit' so they require a little work to get them to fit properly. I’m still learning and experimenting but I wanted to share with you what I have found so far in hope that this will help you when you decide to hang a handle on a restored axe head or a broken or loosened hammer handle. FELLING AXE] There are pros and cons to the “glue vs. no-glue” debate, but I find that using glue works best for me. I then trace the top of the eye with a pencil before preparing the handle for the kerf cut. In this entry and the one that will follow, I’ll try to decipher the various methods in which a wooden handle is fitted into the eye of tools. Generally speaking, axes are designed to be tough and hardy. the head becomes loose because the handle dries out, soak the wood About: I'm a husband and father that loves working in the garage. It will cut deep on hardwoods but Hults Bruk Axe Maintenance and Modifications, Hults Bruk Arvika 5 Star Racing Axe Now Available in North America, Copyright ©2020, Hults Bruk. On top of a wooden wedge, a round steel wedge was added for extra stability. This article has been viewed 57,702 times. Both are made by a reputable American manufacturer. Keep use an axe with a split haft. This thing was pretty rusty. use the axe. Put the axe (or axehead) into a plastic or metal container. If I were to cut off … your finger tips away from the blade. The "eye" refers to the hole in the axe blade that the handle fits into. That is NOT an axe! The Create a kerf depending on the size of the wedge you want to insert. use the axe if you are tired, and stop using an axe if you become tired. It is a thin viscosity liquid designed to fill in loose gaps. Instagram