An interesting fact is that in the equatorial zone of our planet, autumn does not exist as such, as well as the other seasons. I want to save as many of my vegetable plants in pots as possible by bringing them inside my Sunroom. How many trees can you identify from their Autumn leaves? In Western cultures, personifications of autumn are usually pretty, well-fed females adorned with fruits, vegetables and grains that ripen at this time. For many people across the globe, the hot days of summer will soon be giving way to the more crisp days of fall. Celebrants may make offerings to the Moon goddess Chang’e or share traditional mooncakes by moonlight. In distress Persephone’s mother, Demeter (the goddess of the harvest), caused all the crops on Earth to die until her daughter was allowed to return, marking Spring. Instead, it the tilt of Earth’s rotational axis, which is angled at around 23.5 degrees, that creates seasons. Required fields are marked *. Interesting facts about fall . The leaves on the crowns of the trees begin to turn yellow due to the fact that the amount of chlorophyll in them decreases. –Elaine Goodale Eastman (1863–1953), Oct. 4: International Ships-in-Bottles DayOct. When is the first day of autumn? Before these terms, the period was called “harvest.”, The word “harvest” comes from the Old Norse word haust, which means “to gather or pluck.” As people moved to the cities, “harvest” fell out of use and city dwellers began to use “fall of the leaf,” which was shortened to “fall.”. Submitted by The Editors on October 20, 2014 - 12:20pm. Many people go on hiking trips in the countryside during this time, just to see the reds, oranges, and yellows of the trees before their leaves fall off. So, here is the most interesting facts about the fall. I live in upstate South Carolina. cursor: pointer; Also keep an eye out for the Draconid meteor shower in the late evening of October 9, and the Orionid meteor shower in the predawn hours of October 21–22. The first day of autumn, sometimes called the autumn equinox, varies from year to year. If you’re interested in growing pumpkins for next Halloween, see our Pumpkins Growing Guide. Did you know that fall’s vivid colors are actually hidden underneath summer’s green? In Greek mythology, Autumn began when Persephone was abducted by Hades to be the Queen of the Underworld. Britons only adopted the French word "automne" in the 18th century. In Autumn, the black-capped chickadee collects seeds and hides them in hundreds of different spots. The so-called Indian summer, which comes in the fall, is observed almost annually. Later in the month, on Saturday, October 31 (Halloween), the second full Moon appears. The main reason for color change is not autumn’s chilly weather, but light—or rather, the lack of it. Recent studies have shown that in the fall, many people become dulled by a sense of fear. Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, this holiday has been celebrated for at least 3,000 years and is said to be the second largest festival in China after the Chinese New Year. There’s a slightly quirky aura to Autumn that perky spring and summer just don’t have; we’re big fans of oddness, so to celebrate the Autumn equinox, here are 22 weird facts about Autumn. The Autumn equinox falls on 23 September, when night and day are pretty much exactly the same length – 12 hours – all over the world; equinox means "equal night" in Latin. On fall days, many people like to stroll through parks dotted with fallen leaves. Autumn is the transition season between summer and winter, best noticed by the color change in leaves and the harvest. Let’s get in the mood: Find all of our Favorite Fall Recipes including dinner dishes, soups, desserts, and more. Etymologically, the word fall refers to the harvest period. Fall (or autumn) is debatably the most beautiful season. Interesting facts about autumn. Martius, Maius, Quintilis, and October contained 31 days, while the other months had 30, for a total of 304 days. 21 Weird Ways the World Changes in Autumn. Use our interactive map to navigate our fascinating planet and discover many interesting and fun facts for every country…, © 2020 Planet Numbers Ltd.   BONUS: You’ll also receive our Almanac Companion newsletter! Learn more about the origins of month names. While Americans typically use the word “fall,” the British use the word “autumn,” though both terms date around the 16th century. number of things that set the Canadian Thanksgiving apart, Find all of our Favorite Fall Recipes including dinner dishes, soups, desserts, and more. Wet leaves can cause accidents. Weather is often the first indicator that the seasons are changing. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if … Sept. 24 EDT/Sept. 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And squirrels are more organized than many people may know. Submitted by Ramavajapey on October 19, 2014 - 6:51pm. In fact, those born between September and November are said to be more likely to reach their 100 th birthdays than any other. vertical-align: middle; Interesting facts about the fall are a great opportunity to learn more about the seasons. Autumn is also an important time for many ancient and religious beliefs. We at TaskEasy have compiled our favorite fun facts about fall that we think you’ll fall head over heels for – enjoy. The Earth’s orbit around the Sun has very little effect over the Seasons on Earth. It’s also thought that life expectancy runs concurrent with autumn birth dates, too. background-image: url('/wp-content/themes/cassiopeia/assets/icons/facebook-icon.svg'); Brandon Specktor Updated: Sep. 14, 2020. Red and purple leaves are caused by the presence of sugars in sap trapped inside leaves. It wasn’t until about 713 b.c. October is all about ending the harvest and storing your crops. According to the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, green, yellow and orange pigments are present year-round. margin-right: 1rem; In addition to the brilliant colors of fall leaves, the autumn equinox signals another colorful spectacle — the aurora. The early Roman calendar, thought to have been introduced by Rome’s first king, Romulus (around 753 b.c) was a lunar calendar. Photo by Hannes Grube/Wikimedia Commons. In October, autumn comes into full swing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sunday, November 1, 2020. While most foods are harvested during the autumn, foods particularly associated with the season include pumpkins (which are integral parts of both Thanksgiving and Halloween) and apples, which are used to make the seasonal beverage apple cider.