You don’t believe me? There’s got to be a reason why, right? Keep your blonde hair free of yellow streaks is not easy, but it also isn’t impossible. Now, you can use toner calmly so that you hair looks healthy and naturally blonde, like mine. I love this toner! How to bleach green hair to get the dye out of hair? Remember that toner fades with each wash, so it lasts about 3-4 weeks, depending on how often you wash it and your other hair care habits. But Lucy, whose base color was a light brown 6, didn’t keep in mind that she had orange tones in her hair as a product of the bleach sessions. Because in order to get to platinum, silver or white, you need to have a yellow base, specifically a level 9 or 10 yellow. With that in mind, it’s time to cancel out those unwanted tones in your hair. As such, she wasn’t able to cancel out the orange tones, nor was she able to get that platinum she was dying for. Do you want bright white or silver gray hair? Which box dye should I choose to do my balayage at home? Ask our forum! Well, instead of using Wella t14 to get rid of orange tones, she used Wella t18. To compare the two toners, I’m going to dye identical pieces of bleached blonde human hair (the colour is #60). But let me tell you something: It’s a complete lie. First and foremost, I want to show you the before and after of using Wella T18 toner in my hair that was brown. T14 is a more solid, muted pale grey but has the slightest green tinge from some angles. Normally, these toners are colored like violet, blue and green. Wella Toner: A Woman use for Wella Toner for looks beautiful in long blond hair. I combine the T14 and T18 and it makes and nice platinum blonde. …. T18 Lightest Ash Blonde: According to many reviews, this toner is better for going to nearly a white blonde than T10. The most popular  of those toners are the 14 and 18 toners. And in this wheel, each color has a relationship with another color. Eventually, we just had one session left until we could use the platinum she was so wishing for. But available Different bleaching left hair like orange, red many more but this not uses for people. As such, she wasn’t able to cancel out the orange tones, nor was she able to get that platinum she was dying for. Do you want to very pale ash or gray color? She wanted to have platinum blonde hair, that same kind of platinum that the greatest poets compare to the stars. No trace of either yellow or orange tones, right? What …, 5 best shampoos and conditioners for purple …. T14 Pale Ash Blonde: Formerly known as "Silver Lady," T14 is also violet-blue based. What color does blue hair dye fade to? Now, not all hair has the same reaction to bleach, because the results vary widely depending on your base color. Tips for transitioning to Grey Hair without shocking friends, Can you go from highlights to balayage? If you have bleached your hair and you are prepared to tone it to get to an ashy or platinum blonde, a less-volume peroxide will do the trick. Here’s how the colour looks when it’s applied. If it is the first time that you are going to bleach your hair, I’m sure you think that after putting up with the unbearable smell of the bleach, the magic will happen by itself. How Long Does it Take to Go Completely Grey? I may use Wella T14 or T11 next time I dye and tone my hair at home. Best balayage kit. Because it will do magic with the color that you want to get after bleaching. See 23 member reviews and photos. In both cases, check on the color every 5 minutes. T14 and T18 are both part of Wella’s Color Charm range and are often recommended for toning hair silver. Because 20-volume peroxide has its own lightening effect. I’ll tell you the differences between the two toners, but more importantly, I’ll help you choose the best toner for your hair according to the results you’re looking for. Even though it seems like a lie, when I dried my hair, it looked amazing, free of yellow-streaks, thanks to the toner, and healthy. Each 42ml bottle contains a liquid toner that must be mixed with developer to work. I’ll process them for the same amount of time and then compare the results. What would happen if you used a t14 on hair with orange tones in order to get to a platinum color. Wella T18 Versus Wella T35. But, impatience doesn’t make for good judgement, and if you also add to that the advice of a friend that doesn’t know much about hair, then things are never going to end well. The toner contains ammonia, which is mixed with other chemical products to create a gel consistency. Its mixing ratio is 1 part Color Charm to 2 parts 20 volume peroxide and it needs around 30 minutes to process. So, if you don’t want to make the same mistake as Lucy, stick with me, because I’ll tell you: Toner is a marvelous product because it lets us stylists do any kind of color correction we need after bleaching our clients’ hair. And most of the women that bleach their brown hair to get to platinum blonde use this toner. And now you tell me: After taking a close look at your hair, which toner is best for you? Lucy is a frequent client at my salon. Have you bleached your brown hair and you have ended up with some scary, chicken yellow streaks, that make it so you don’t want to leave your house? But what it is, definitely, is a scary color. Blonde hair turns yellow when the dye oxidizes. ", How to use Wella T18 toner on brown hair, the results before and after. But that yellow has nothing do to with the color that I’m sure you imagined in your dreams. Wella T18 toner is a product made to neutralize yellow or orange tones that end up in your bleached hair. Its mixing ratio is 1 part Color Charm to 2 parts 20 volume peroxide and it needs around 30 minutes to process. And the worst happened: her hair turned out purple in some areas and in others, those ugly orange tones stuck around. The toner contains ammonia, which is mixed with other chemical products to create a … or Register I let them develop for around 40 minutes, which is longer than recommended. Can you dye your hair with purple shampoo, or is it too good to be true? And then the t18 would get rid of the yellow and leave your hair platinum. You can see that T18 is a bit bluer and darker than T14. Adore, Crazy Color, Pravana, Manic Panic and Sparks all have at least one excellent grey/silver colour in their range and can be used as often as needed without damaging your hair. It didn’t cover as evenly as T14 but looks more like a natural grey. Here, Wella Toner is the best brands which offer Wella Toner T18, T14, T10, and T28 to make hair lighten. If you go from a natural brown in your hair, the bleach strips out those natural pigments of your hair. You must Log in When this gel is applied to your hair, it picks up and lightly tones specifically blonde tones that are delicate. A longer development time was needed because the hair was sitting on a cold desk; I would expect you’d only need 30 minutes if applying to your hair. Since it has ammonia and can lighten your hair, using it frequently will accumulate damage to your hair.