The Board’s decision is final and is based upon the student’s letter of appeal, which should include the following: Requests for reinstatement must be submitted to the Advising Center by the deadline stated in the academic suspension notification letter, which also includes instructions for completing the request for reinstatement. All recommendations of the CAAC shall be made by a simple majority vote. Course withdrawals do not count toward the twelve hours required for full-time enrollment and no refund is given. If the appeal is unsuccessful and the dismissal stands, the student will be removed from any classes in which he or she is registered and will be responsible for any tuition and fees accrued as a result of registration during the appeals process. The CAAC will also take into consideration any written statements received by the associate dean from either the student or the instructor, and any additional relevant documentation. This agreement provides that a student who enrolls at a NCCC institution fall 1997 or later, and completes his/her home institution’s 44 semester hours of general education requirements with a grade of C or better in each course, is guaranteed that those hours will be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at any UNC institution. Faculty who sponsor outside activities may request other faculty to excuse students from their classes so they may attend the outside event. If at the end of summer a student fails to regain Good Standing, then the Suspension remains in effect and enrollment will cease except as might be allowed through the appeals process. WCU strives to inspire student-athletes to compete like champions on the field and in the classroom. This tool is intended to be used as a guide only. The purpose of the CAAC is to determine whether the facts support the student’s contention that the grade was impermissibly or arbitrarily assigned, or there was material procedural deviation, as defined in the policy. In case of student appeal, or academic integrity violation the final grade may be determined by the appropriate appeal body as part of sanctions (see Academic Integrity Policy). Credit in these courses varies from one to four credit hours, to be determined by the department for each offering. Some course numbers within the numbering system are reserved for special use. There are three exceptions to the University withdrawal policy that will allow a student to withdraw from all courses. This admissions data tells us that most of Western Carolina's admitted students fall within the top 35% nationally on the SAT. Please note that a C- grade is less than satisfactory and may not meet particular program and/or course requirements. (Step 5) Review by the Dean: Within ten working days after receiving the CAAC’s report, recommendations and other documentation assembled in the review, the academic Dean will, in consultation with the faculty member and department head, determine a final course of action. (Step 3) Appeal to the Academic College (Associate Dean Review): If appealing to the academic college, the student should forward (to the associate dean of the academic college) his/her initial Appeal to the Instructor and response from the instructor (from Step 1), the subsequent Appeal to the Department Head, and the department head’s written notification (from Step 2).