[77][78] In 2004, a sequel called Orb's Panic Adventure Returns! Toriyama selected Nozawa upon hearing her audition sample, remarking that only Goku could sound like that. [141] CNN released an article explaining how Goku was Rafael Nadal's childhood inspiration, and called Nadal "the Dragon Ball of tennis" due to his unorthodox style "from another planet. [130] TheThings panned the character's relationship with his wife, due to both barely interacting in the story when being married with Goku never showing emotions regarding her, the lack of a kiss or how Goku spends more time in the afterlife rather than his family despite having the option to return to life in the story. [114] Goku ranked consistently high in the Anime Grand Prix poll in the category of "best male character" in the late 1980s and early 1990s, appearing seventeenth in the 1987 poll,[115] fifteenth in the 1988 poll,[116] second in the 1989 poll,[117] fourth in the 1990 poll,[118] third in the 1991 poll,[119] fourth in the 1992 poll,[120] thirteenth in 1993 poll,[121] and twelfth in 1994 poll. [88] The episode "Goku vs. Superman" in the web series Epic Rap Battles of History[89] won a Streamy Award for Best Music Video. What does Goku mean? He is based on Sun Wukong, a main character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Thanks for your vote! [9] He later stated that the tail was a pain to draw, hence why he had it get cut off early on. Most Western audiences were introduced to the adult version of Goku appearing in the Dragon Ball Z anime, itself an adaptation of Dragon Ball manga volumes 17–42, as opposed to his initial child form, due to the limited success of the first series overseas. [5] The original inspiration was Hong Kong martial arts films, including Bruce Lee films such as Enter the Dragon (1973) and Jackie Chan films such as Drunken Master (1978). He is able to concentrate his Ki and use it for devastatingly powerful energy-based attacks; the most prominent being his signature Kamehameha (かめはめ波), in which Goku launches a blue energy blast from his palms. [54], Goku has appeared in various other media including an unofficial Taiwanese live-action film[55] and an unofficial Korean live-action film. [2] Goku first made his debut in the first Dragon Ball chapter, Bulma and Son Goku[nb 2][nb 3], originally published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on June 19, 1984. When Broly proves to be too powerful for either of them to handle individually, Goku and Vegeta use the Metamoran Fusion Dance, which creates Gogeta[nb 29], who sports slight visual differences from their previous merger. It is during his fights with Jiren that Goku acquires and later masters a new temporary transformed state known as Ultra Instinct. [39][40] Goku comes from a race of extraterrestrials called Saiyans, himself having been sent from their home planet to prepare Earth for sale on the intergalactic market by destroying all its life. [91][92] It has also attracted considerable media attention in France,[93] Germany,[94] as well as in many Spanish-speaking countries in South America. go-ku, gok-u ] The baby boy name Goku is pronounced as GOWKUW †. Son Goku[nb 1] is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. The following is a complete list of both the kanji and the various symbols that appear in the Dragon Ball series. Gogeta almost defeats his opponent, but Broly's allies Cheelai and Lemo use the Dragon Balls to teleport Broly back to the barren planet he grew up on. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Goku. [108], Masako Nozawa, the Japanese voice actor who plays Goku in the Japanese dubs, said that she liked young Goku with his tail because he was cute, and stated that the character was still the same even at the end of the series. Goku’s full name is spelled as 悟空 (gokū) which is comprised of two kanji that can each mean several things: 悟 : enlightment, perceive, discern, realize, understand. [71][72], Goku has been the subject of various parodies. [10] Toriyama did not initially plan to make Goku an alien, it was not until the introduction of fighters from other planets that he established him as a Saiyan[nb 7][nb 8]. This leads to Goku asking Merus to help train him to master the Ultra Instinct state so he can defeat Moro. . [132] In January 2017, Nozawa won two Guinness World Records for her longevity as Goku; she has been the sole voice actor for the role for over 23 years. The numerical value of goku in Chaldean Numerology is: 9, The numerical value of goku in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9. "Strongest Under the Heavens Martial Arts Tournament". Main protagonist of DB/Z/GT. Roshi spent about 50 years developing and perfecting the technique, but, as a child, Goku is able to understand and copy the technique immediately after only one demonstration. [53] Goku leaves with the original form of Shenron, but not before saying his goodbyes to his friends on Earth. [139], The German rock band Son Goku takes their name from the Dragon Ball protagonist. In the anime-only sequel series, Dragon Ball GT, Goku is transformed back into a kid by an accidental wish made by his old enemy Pilaf using the Black Star Dragon Balls while Pilaf was about to wish to take over the world. Name Meanings > Meaning of Japan Names > What does Goku mean? Son Goku (Japanese: 孫 悟空(そん ごくう), Hepburn: Son Gokū) is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! [83] Goku appears in Robot Chicken in a sketch entitled A Very Dragon Ball Z Christmas, where Goku and Gohan fight an evil Mrs. Claus with Santa's reindeer, in an attempt to save Christmas. They encounter the desert bandit Yamcha and two shapeshifters named Oolong and Puar, who also join their quest. Goku and Freeza actually work together to force Jiren out of bounds in a triple elimination, leaving Android 17 the only warrior standing and ensuring Universe 7's victory. Merus agrees and puts Goku through grueling training over the next few days, during which he reveals his knowledge of Ultra Instinct, much to Goku's surprise. [76], Goku regularly appears on Fuji TV. An English to Japanese play on the word "carrot". [41] [85] Goku is referenced in the songs "Goku" and "Anime" by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, where he brags that he looks and feels like Goku. ", "Which Anime Character Do You Wish You Could Be Friends With? After enlisting nine of his allies to fight alongside him in the "Tournament of Power", Goku ends up recruiting Freeza as well. [128] NTT customers voted him as their third favorite black haired male anime character. Doragon Bōru Ossu! He encounters Universe 11's warrior Toppo and fights him to a draw, only for Toppo to reveal that his universe houses a vastly more powerful warrior named Jiren. [74] In chapter #179 of the Yakitate!! In fact, he beat the bad guy by around a ton, and it was there that fans saw Beerus give some weird compliments. [69] He also appears in a single panel of Toriyama's 2013 manga Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, which is set before the events of Dragon Ball. During his epic battle with Freeza, Goku becomes the first Saiyan in a thousand years to transform into a fabled Super Saiyan. Before the anime ended, fans kept an eye on Goku as he used Mastered Ultra Instinct. She said she had to be mindful of the fact that Goku grew up in the mountains and did not know much of the world. [17] The Super Saiyan form also spared the trouble of coloring Goku's hair all the time for the standard black-and-white manga pages. [65], Goku has been used in Japanese public service announcements aimed at children. Goku first made his debut in the first Dragon Ball chapter, Bulma and Son Goku , originally published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jumpmagazine on June 19, 1984, Born Kakarot , Goku is an eccentric, monkey-tailed bo… This kanji means Son and refers to both Goku’s family name and the meaning of the word son, which means descendant. If you’re stuck with Dragon Ball, you’ve seen its latest issue live. Zuckerberg is with Trump in her Twitter debate! Goku is a Saiyan and the star of the Animes "Dragon Ball", "Dragon Ball Z", and "Dragon Ball: GT" No matter how many times he is killed, in the end, everyone else proves useless and he has to save the day. Afterwards, Goku and his friends participate in a fighting tournament set between Beerus and his brother Champa, facing warriors from Champa's Universe 6 that he oversees as its God of Destruction. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [48] These forms also appear in Dragon Ball Super and its manga tie-in, which expand upon the stories from the two films, and replace them as the new canon. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate image within your search results please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. The character of Goku is reportedly based on Sun Wukong, the hero of the Chinese legend Journey to the West. Most Western audiences were introduced to the adult version of Goku appearing in the Dragon Ball Z anime, itself an adaptation of Dragon Ball manga volumes 17-42, as opposed to his initial child form, due to the limited success of the first series overseas. In Japanese the numbers 5 and 9 can be pronounced as "Go" and "Ku" respectively. Black Widow, one year delays due to coronavirus, Derek Jeter causes Mariah Carey to divorce from Motolla, The Germans Win: Mercedes Became Champion in F1, According to US polls, Biden is 7.2 points ahead of Trump. [nb 40]. The name's meaning is from the sky. The Strongest Character Ranking In Cartoon History! During this tournament, Goku reveals that he has learned to combine the perfect ki control of his Super Saiyan Blue form with his older technique, the Kaiō-ken, creating a variation called "Super Saiyan Blue Kaiō-ken". Was renamed to "Bloomers and the Monkey King" in Viz's translation. 空 : empty, sky, void, vacant, vacuum. Goku's first shown martial arts attack as a child is Jan ken[nb 16], three physical blows modeled after the hand signs in rock-paper-scissors. Ten years later, during another World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku meets Uub, Buu's human reincarnation, and leaves with him, intending to train him as the new protector of Earth.[47]. 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