Persian sounds very beautiful. It sounds like a cross between Turkish and French to my ears. Persian has /x, ɣ, h, q , ɢ/. I find the melody of Iranian Persian a bit... grating. What is essential is that books and literature are universally accessible and don’t discriminate against their readers by ethnicity, religion, or gender. News of the translation was announced at the Austrian Library in Ruse with its translator, Farid Ghadami, in attendance. What does this mean? Think of Greek, if you can. But you can also say this to a person who has just gotten out of the shower. The main reason for the nice sound is the mainstream Iranian accent, which wraps together different aspects of the language like manner of … But Iranians also say this to a person who has just bought something. The Persian language has a variety of dialects: Farsi, Dari, and Tajiki are the important ones. So, browse YouTube for hundreds of Persian songs, or borrow a few films with subtitles from your local library, and start exploring the fun aspect of learning this beautiful and rich language. Ghadami is in Bulgaria on a residency to translate Bulgarian literature; the residency was awarded by The Next Page Foundation (in the House for Literature and Translation – Sofia with the support of the State Cultural Institute). Reply. Persian has at least three. As a simple point of reference, here is Spanish. What does Persian sound like to you non-Persian speakers? Native English speaker here; Persian sounds like Hindi spliced with Italian to me. What stands out to me, though, are the number of words that end in -and/-am/-ar, and the uvular stop (since English doesn't have one). Unusual consonants: kh is the aspirated h like Spanish’s j or Hebrew’s ח, and the apostrophe ‘ represents a glottal stop; The long aa is like a long British “o” sound; Intonation is more difficult to get, but that’s why we always recommend tutors. That means we use the tip of the tongue and roll our “r” a little bit (but not that much). Native speakers use a lot of idioms and expressions, rather than sticking to the literal meaning of words. (Literally, “I’ll sacrifice myself for you my dear” = Or more simply, “Bye.”). Photo: The white book is Vaptsarov’s “Motor Songs” in Ghadami’s Persian translation, while the left book is his work on literary theory, where he discusses about literary communism (source: The Barricade). My cousin and aunt wanted to see what I bought, and after I showed them, they said, “Wow, you got some great stuff. See how you can help – here! Poland: The Supreme Leader up for a violent confrontation? All Rights Reserved. Farsi isn't very far behind. I can pick out individual words (even if I don't understand them) in most other indo-european languages pretty well, but I have a hard time doing it for Farsi. These 11 Persian words and phrases are simple, widely used, and will definitely make you sound more native. Hindi as spoken today in India borrowed heavily from Persian and Arabic. In general I think of Farsi as a soft or gentle language. I also dont see any similarity in Persian accent in other indo-european accent like German and Polish and Russian. I can definitely see some accents that sound Hindi, such as the Afghani accent: To me, a lot like chewing and repetitive biting, but with an accompanying grating sound – like rubbing the bottoms of two ceramic mugs together – very similar to when we humans grind our own teeth. Cultural. He founded the bilingual Romanian-Bulgarian blog ”The Bridge of Friendship”. Actually it's Turkish that borrowed from Farsi. I like how it gravitates towards the "sh" sound rather than the gutteral "ch" German or Russian language sound. When a guest arrives at your home and you open the door to welcome them, you say bah bah to show that you are happy to see them. Farsi / Persian “r” sounds like a watered-down version of Italian or Spanish “r”. “So what did your students in the US say to you?” they ask. Practice Some Opera Skills: * how is it produced? Pontia writes and blogs about all things Iran: culture, language, and travel. Turkish is a middle eastern language, sounds definitely non-European, but not in the same way as Arabic and Hebrew do (it's not even remotely as ugly). Granted, I speak Hebrew and have a little Arabic exposure (I can distinguish Arabic and Persian in writing), so I have a better feel for how Semitic languages fit together than the average English-speaker. Bear with me as we look at another comparison. I find languages more aesthetic to listen to when the important sounds are formed in the front of the mouth rather than with the back of the mouth - tongues like Japanese or Norwegian or Persian. Knowing a few languages, we can approach the objects of reality from different points of view, like Cubist painters did, and overcome the borders between languages and cultures. window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"e1e6b20fd1b887c433142692c","lid":"df43d58fba","uniqueMethods":true}) }), To See Materials for Learning Farsi Click Here. Your email address will not be published. That means we use the tip of the tongue and roll our “r” a little bit (but not that much). If you laugh at yourself first, you won’t get hurt if someone else laughs at you later! I studied the language for a few years so speak it a bit. The only "gutteral" sound Russian has is /x/, the velar fricative. (although it comes out more like azizaaaaam). Having learned almost all my Japanese from women and ex-girlfriends actually gave me a bit of a "feminine accent" in Japanese. Imagine the amount of time wasted. So ubiquitous is this phrase that my students can’t get over the fact that there is no English equivalent. edit: Hebrew isn't exactly in a neighboring country though. I first encountered Turkish as an exchange student in Germany where there is a considerable Turkish population. In the case of another cousin, we don’t get a chance to see each other quite as often, so our text messages commonly consist of “What’s your schedule like? Unauthorized use or duplication of any material on this website without written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited. Still have questions? He focuses on international politics. Let’s meet up sometime soon. To go full circle, an interpretation of what it sounds like he's saying in English: To me, the most obvious comparison is to Arabic. 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