Checked for any pending codes on scanner, none. Did they get a DTC code out of the computer that confirms or helps with some direction on this? The wheel speed sensors are responsible for monitoring the wheel speed and send it back to the computer system. After that driving home the vsa warning light appeared. When this sensor is no longer sending a signal to your Honda’s VSA system, it is no longer functioning properly and the VSA light will be activated (typically the ABS light will as well). I'm not familiar with a software update for VSA. Read couple threads and check brake fluid. You’ll want to scan the ABS control unit, ECU, and steering control. 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L – had issue with ABS and TRaction control lights on, door would not open unless ignition off. The vsa light comes on. Vsa light came on then the car will not go over 2000 rpms and the steering gets hard. They replaced everything and now are going to replace the entire wiring harness. is this a recurring issue with this recall??? This is the first time I saw this flash unless it came and went before and wife did not mention it. Most of them do. The brakes go to floor making hard brake feel. Not sure exactly what that is as it's not listed in the service manual. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2005 Honda Odyssey based on all problems reported for the 2005 Odyssey. I'm not sure of your mechanic's diagnosis process but I'd want to be 100% sure that's the problem before it gets replaced. Beleive it's the one for sudden activation. However, check your brake fluid. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Odyssey yourself? VSA. Fixing this module is very expensive and Honda should pay for selling the defective items which are mainly safety concerns. Please also check out the If one of the wheels is moving slower than the others, but not as slow or fast as it should in relation to the steering angle, the VSA system will step in and correct the vehicle. If the light comes on, Honda suggests getting someplace safe and restarting the engine. If the light comes on, Honda suggests getting someplace safe and restarting the engine. After hard stop car shuddered and drove rough upon accelerating . The contact stated that the manufacturers recall remedy did not prevent the failure. Vsa warning light went on suddenly during driving. I purchased this vehicle because I have three young children, and was under the impression that Honda oddysey' s were reliable. vsa" light on dashboard. The vehicle just got oil changed about a month ago. No shuddering. If it is not functioning properly, it will cause the VSA light to come on. This occurred one day after driving the vehicle of the lot. Brought vehicle into dealership. Braking is soft. Vsa light stays on. Dealership refuses to provide me the damaged part(s). The vehicle did not have any observable issues, before I brought it in to the racine, WI Honda dealership. While pulling out from work parking lot, vsa light came on, d letter gear was blinking, and engine vibrated abnormally. Car vibrates dramatically and has little to no acceleration. Now my vehicle is started showing "! Check engine light and VSA light came on at the same time. The van drives well, no problems. I received the recall notice and had the part replaced. Help!!!. Did you take it to an independent mechanic or did you take it to the Honda dealer? Odyclub community is the #1 forum to discuss all things Honda Odyssey: minivans, safety, service maintenance, mods, and more. It blinked about 4 or 5 times and went away. The contact stated that the vehicle was taken to the dealer, a repair was scheduled and they indicated that the vehicle was repaired. The vehicle was not included in NHTSA action number: pe13024 (electronic stability control). This oct,2014 I was driving on us-2 in NW mt on a slushy road when the vsa warning light came on. was it incorrectly repaired?? Is this a common (it doesn't seem like it from searching this forum) issue that people have run across? Dealership cannot identify reason for breakdown of vsa part or system. If the VSA light doesn’t come back on, you are good to go. 8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification, TH400 Transmission Specs, ID, and Common Problems, Chevy Impala: Brake Lights Stuck On → Diagnosis. My wife's 2006 Odyssey has 127K miles on it and runs great. Now dealership orders "replace vsa contol unit, replace 47 pin vsa connector, bleed system, perform sensor neutral memorization procedure, and test drive. " They told me the the brake part of the vsa unit was now faulty. There is a recall on the vsa for 2007 Honda Odysseys already but mine is not included in this recall but I think differently. Is it safe to drive until I … Is there any possibility the software on the vehicle needs to be updated?. Turning off the switch doesn't turn on both lights. I brought in my vehicle to have the problem fixed. Because of this issue the vehicle only has a resale value of about $800, ,and the Toyota dealership said that they were essentially uninterested, in taking this vehicle in as a trade-in. The VSA light remains on, and the Exclamation Point inside the triangle is on. Braking is no longer the same as before the light came on. (2) came back to dealer on 8/28/15 dealer found codes 61-1 and 66-1, claimed it was nothing to do with the recall and wanted to charge for a diagnostic. (replacement cost of this unit was quoted as $1,100. Low fluid level can cause those two lights to come on without the ABS or brake system indicator light coming on. When the VSA light comes on, your vehicle needs attention in order to get this important safety system up and running again. Vsa software update is actually a tech service bulletin for this model year van. vsa" orange light on the dash board. This vsa modulator controls abs also and we are very concerned about the stability of the vehicle with the failure of this module. Usually control module failures are mis-diagnosed and when a module is changed it doesn't fix the problem. JavaScript is disabled. Good luck! The Car drives fine. 2007 Honda Ody EX trim 170k miles. The VSA system is run through the ABS System, which means that it can be the ABS module that causes the VSA light to come on. There was a safety recall campaign number 10v098000 for vsa modulator. Practiced once, got on 2nd try. I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey. What have you tried so far? I brought the vehicle back to Honda. The most recently reported issues are listed below. But one that I trust. Dealer is saying vsa modulator is failed and replacement cost is ~$1500. The Vehicle Stability System also uses the same wheel speed sensors, so the VSA light will also come up. The van will operate normally, but the VSA traction/stability control is not functioning. Any thoughts on what might be done?, 05 06 07 08 Honda Odyssey ABS Pump Modulator Accumulator 57110 SHJ A61 | eBay, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Any thoughts on what this might be + what do I need to do to fix it? I think I'd get a second opinion.