What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? His creativity stat is maxed out, and he knits as a hobby. A group of Banzai Blasters that accompany Giovanni in his attempt to rob the Sweet Jazz Museum. A 15-year-old psychologist who investigates interactions between Epithets and the human psyche. It's easier to designb. The main protagonist of the second arc, a police detective. Humor Just For Fun Epithet Erased Report. About The Show Epithet Erased is a fantasy/comedy web series created by Brendan Blaber, based on the tabletop roleplay series Anime Campaign.The first episode debuted on VRV on November 8, 2019. It's likely due to her Epithet having the unfortunate side effect of her getting injured very easily. With Free Quiz Creator Tool/Software, the developing of new quiz about any subject is a lot easier and time saving. she's using them to affect a linear process. This frailty turns out to be a side effect of her Epithet, "Fragile", which makes her susceptible to potentially bone-breaking injury over anything that could only slightly hurt anyone else, such as breaking her whole foot whenever she stubs a toe, "Fragile" allows her to summon spikes of glass to attack with. Epithet Erased - What is your epithet? And when Molly offers to help her more (once she's out of prison), Mera gives her a reluctant, yet sincere, "Thank you. The mundie bartender of Redwood Run's tavern. Her epithet is "Fragile", and mirrors and glass are known for being very fragile. Considering she's always in constant pain, this firmly plants her in. Disclaimer: The logo says "Epithets" and not "Anime Campaign" because a. If you don’t, get ready for a wrench in the face. OC Anime Campaign. What do you get when you mix a wacky D&D campaign with some funny but morally gray characters and an unapologetically silly magic system? Tension runs high between epithet users, called inscribed, and their non-magical mundie counterparts. What Anime Series Should You Watch? Erased follows Satoru, a struggling manga artist who has an ability that forces him back in time to prevent deaths. Finds amusing to destroy Howie's construction site just to piss him off, but don't you dare damage one of her own possessions. He gives Percy a pep talk about how her epithet doesn't define her, telling her that even without the stamina to use her epithet, she can still be more than good at her job. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Can You Name The Epithet Erased Characters? You can get it here. The police force in charge of keeping Sweet Jazz City safe. No. She winds up getting locked in the Sweet Jazz Museum after hours during a school trip and is promptly roped into an insane plot over a mysterious amulet with the power to steal people's epithets. They're actually tomato basil, probably to help them look the part, Bugsy is de-aged into a baby when he won't give up the Arsene Amulet, though he later reverts back to an adult when she deactivates off her epithet. If you have any feedback pls tell me so I can make this even better! Soul Slugger Doom Bat of Maximum Destruction. After overhearing Indus talking about the Arsene Amulet, he stayed in the museum so that he can find and study it. Even those who wield an epithet are not always happy -- so when rumor gets out about the Arsene Amulet, a magical necklace that can steal epithets, many powerful groups become interested in acquiring it. Bugsy has to swallow the food in his mouth to turn it into an attack, so Giovanni foils him by superheating the soup he tries to eat. The catch is that once a process has been finished, it's completely beyond her control; for instance, she cannot can't float back in the air once she hits the ground, and she can't "unbreak" what's already been broken. Epithet Erased is a fantasy/comedy web series created by Brendan Blaber, based on the tabletop roleplay series Anime Campaign. He sends Percy to Redwood Run to retrieve Fred/Car Crash after another accident, inadvertently getting Percy involved in the Western Arc's main plit. He also succeeds at gently coaxing Mera into genuinely thanking Molly for offering to help with her epithet problems. Next Quiz, Which Dere Type Are You? Molly's older sister, who, like her father, is neglectful and pushes all of her responsibility onto Molly. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. All we know is that he lost it to a mundie, and the incident taught him never to underestimate them. Ramsey when he's made entirely out of gold since gold in its pure state does not corrode. A trio of female Banzai Blasters that work under Arnold and Bugsy. After all the crap Mera put Molly through to get her epithet, Molly still sympathizes with her and helps give her a moment's relief of her pain. Blah blah blah boring intro stuff that nobody cares about. Forming glass skates with her epithet helps with this, as her fight with Sylvie demonstrates. Mera's incredibly loyal, buff, and dim-witted bodyguard. basically, senpai is the person who you love or care about. Posted by 9 months ago. She can't do much against things that fall into a grey area of linearity or are completed too instantly to change, such as Ramsey breaking her gun by bashing it on a rock. He potentially possess the epithet "Binary", which allows him to appear in two places at once. « » Log in or sign up. 1. A large member of the Banzai Blasters who's named after the huge crush he has on Giovanni. I made an Anime Campaign Character sheet! Quiz: How to Have a Relationship with Much Older Man. Simply thinking about people like that pisses off Howie. A recently promoted Captain in the Banzai Blasters, who broke into the Sweet Jazz Museum with no real goal besides "stealing artifacts". They can jut out of surfaces as traditional. She seems genuinely touched when Molly uses her epithet to numb her constant pain and give her some brief moment of peace after she's arrested. I made an Anime Campaign Character sheet! Be first to comment on this quiz. Though this was, in part, due to the percieved creepiness of Ramsey's golden eye, Percy, after seeing his epithet, recalls an incident where man came in to report a case of. Donut Mess with a Cop : Aside from the open dozen sitting on his desk, this man wears a donut bolo tie, twirls a gun with a donut-shaped handle and sports a beard full or possibly made of sprinkles. Her epithet's drawback is represented in-battle by this: as she uses her powers to fight, she takes chip damage represented by numbers textured like broken glass. He's sent to a hospital after the events of the Museum Break-In Arc, and has been absent from story since then. because it can counter the pain and fragility that comes with her own powers, she creates a massive group of Wizard Towers to blast Zora in tandem with Ramsey's Epithet channeling the attack, but the strain of doing so combined with her already low stamina causes her to. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, after they manage to briefly knock her out and she calms herself, she decides to stop fighting, even though she would still be able to crush them. When Percy admits to having low stamina, he quickly offers her his pinecone to gain some back. During her fight with Percy and Ramsey, she. In the end, despite still arresting him, Percy does come to see Ramsey as a friend, even offering him a job on the police force in order to make up for his crimes, while also putting in the word to get him a comfy stay in prison. Claims that, when it comes to baseball, he "can't be beat", and has the trophies on a shelf in his room to back it up. You can easily find it out just ... Anime deres are short-hand character models that are easily recognizable by fans and can be plugged into any story situation to inject romance. You can get it here.If you have any feedback pls tell me so I can make this even better!Disclaimer: The logo says "Epithets" and not "Anime Campaign" becausea. museum worker? Even when it's revealed her powers allow her control over time, how exactly this is used to allow her to effectively teleport away from other people's sight isn't fully explained. He ultimately forms his first friendship with Molly at the end of the Museum Break In Arc. Molly manages to return them to him after Mera is defeated. Each epithet stems from a unique single word, granting all sorts of abilities depending on the strength of the user's imagination. If you are very much curious about it and wanted to know what senpai you are. People who don’t do their job or are unqualified for them. Which Epithet Erased Character Gives You UwUs? This doesn't last, he loses the amulet and is forced to go on the run after Percy learns his civilian identity in the second arc. The peel is my favorite part of the orange. Will she be able to tell friend from foe, and use her wits enough to escape the robbers at the museum? facade, and the first responsible adult figure in her life that's helping prevent that is Giovanni "BIGGEST VILLAIN IN THE WORLD" Potage. 1. Now, let's see what character you are! Her treatment of Howie is particularly egregious, since in theory he's the embodiment of everything she claims to respect— a Mundie who's the best in his field through sheer hard work and dedication. A passionate member of the Banzai Blasters. someone with no epithet, just skill and muscle, and that the audience wouldn't know because they haven't spoken to cows before, While his epithet isn't especially strong, he can do a. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This quiz will show you which/which Erased anime character you're most like You can watch this anime on gogoanime.io under the name boku dake ga inai machi Enjoy! I wasn't aware that diets could be cursed. Currently, we have no comments. Archived. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/EpithetErased. she wants relief from the constant pain her frail body suffers every day under her Epithet, and since the only other way to heal herself is to. gets electrocuted by Percy via golden Ramsey, and when she realizes he swapped out the real amulet with a fool's gold copy. A dim-witted member of the Banzai Blasters. He forms an uneasy alliance with Percy to save his own skin from the bounty hunter Zora. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . A normal amount, I guess? Given the relative uselessness of his epithet, this creative talent comes in handy. Now that’s out of the way, if you were in the museum arc, were you looking for the arsene amulet? A sensual-speaking sergeant of the Sweet Jazz Police Department. He's also the only one to coax out her nice side towards others, nudging her into reluctantly but genuinely thanking Molly for her kindness. Learn more about the nerd who attacked Gio and Molly in EP2. Arnold's coupons need to be scannable to allow them to work, so Giovanni and Ramsey render him unable to use them by soaking them in soup and turning them to gold, respectively. When she learns Indus has been cornered by the police, however, Mera shows hints of concern for his well-being, despite her willingness to do nothing once the object of her desire is finally within reach.