He and the pumas were captured and taken to a local slaughterhouse. Remember they had to "choose wisely because they are companions for life." Momo accompanied the young Avatar and his friends across the Earth Kingdom and to the Northern Water Tribe. Minus the volcano part. More about Momo Not sure about Momo. Momo and Team Avatar traveled to Omashu where they were detained in a prison chamber by King Bumi. Momo was captured by a buzzard wasp in the Si Wong Desert. Air NomadsTeam Avatar [7] Momo was also stronger than his size indicated, as he could carry a person in the air who was approximately Aang's weight for a moment. "The Southern Air Temple" He could also swim short distances underwater while holding his breath. He was discovered when Aang visited the Air temple and named him Momo after the peach he stole from Sokka. Aang planned to have Momo slip through an air vent to reach Appa for help. Aang's hands do not seem to actually touch the creature, appearing instead to hover about an inch or so above him. Momo had been living in the Southern Air Temple. [21], Aang was particularly nervous four days prior to the invasion and was uncertain about confronting Fire Lord Ozai. As such, the lemur brought back all sorts of objects, without ever retrieving the desired water. Momo was captured in the chase by Tho, but later released when Huu and Team Avatar intervened. History When Appa was still a young calf who lived around the Eastern Air Temple, young airbenders were allowed to meet their future companions, who would bond with them for life. While wandering through the swamp, they were confronted and pursued by a Foggy Swamp Tribe hunting party. Momo is Avatar Aang's winged lemur and the only known member of his species to have survived the Air Nomad Genocide. Momo in the films Aang's pet lemur [9] When Zuko captured Aang while the latter was in the Spirit World, Momo stayed at the Spirit Oasis while the rest of the team searched the frozen tundra surrounding the city.
Similar to how fang died with roku. Other Media Momo's personality was typical of his species: curious and intelligent. Aang took a seat on the floor and airbent an object around while Momo gave futile chase. The sky bison are linked to monks. Momo's relationships Initially, the jealous lemur engaged in fights with the hawk before Appa calmed them down. [3] Later, Team Avatar developed a plan with the objective of Fire Nation guards arresting Katara so she could rescue Haru from his imprisonment. [17], Weeks later, as Aang met with Guru Pathik, Momo remained back in Ba Sing Se with Katara and later joined Sokka and Toph when they attempted to warn the Earth King of the coup. Dee Bradley Baker (uncredited) [19], As Aang attended a Fire Nation school, Momo accompanied him while hiding under his uniform. Voiced by Momo's design went through various changes. Momo also showed some type of intelligence, as he helped Katara when she was trapped,[6] and helped Sokka with fighting Fire Nation soldiers. [23] When Aang awoke, he was confused as to his location and began speaking with Momo, who only answered using his characteristic growls. Relationships [4] Momo showed on various occasions that he understood human speech but only to a limit; for instance, he did not understand Katara when she told him to go get water when she and Sokka were sick. Once the war was over, Team Avatar, along with Iroh and Mai, reunited in the Jasmine Dragon. Once the siege ended, Momo and the rest of Team Avatar shared a group hug at the chief's temple.[10]. Air NomadsTeam Avatar Chronological information Three episodes into Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang discovers the horrible truth that the entire airbending population, including his mentor and confidant Monk Gyatso, has been wiped out by the vicious Fire Nation. Dee Bradley Baker Momo was discovered by Aang in the Southern Air Temple. Similar to how fang died with roku. [25], Momo's personality was typical of his species: curious and intelligent. [2] Afraid that it was a firebender, they hid behind two Avatar statues, only to discover that the intruder was just a lemur. Momo is one of the last flying lemurs in the world and is Aang's pet. Image gallery (137) Momo (left) Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra character [[File:|250px]] ' Publication information First appearance "The Southern Air Temple" Information Aliases Winged Lemur Gender Male