Twenty years later and in labour, I shook so violently that it felt like I was strapped to a washing machine on spin. We are going over to the scarp of the slide, which has been actively eroding since the failure. The raw slope left behind after a landslide is called a "scarp." It is available in several colours and can be customized to suit your taste. She was in bad shape. This is good. DAVID MONTGOMERY (University of Washington): Richard Iverson was able to map out the direction the landslide and anything caught up in it would go. ROBIN YOUNGBLOOD: AMANDA SKORJANC (Landslide Survivor): She was in pretty good shape, because I had seen about 15 bodies come out, and they were horrible looking. Arch USB referred to a location in LA where the same developer had hidden a USB for an ARG for their previous game: Land Sliders. An alarm system is in place, in the event rain causes dangerously high debris flows into the valley. The green bars in each stage of the level are morse code, which spell out "ARCHUSB". NARRATOR: And then for some extended period afterwards, it gradually oozes out along the margins. And that, in effect, is our attempt to simulate what happens when you have prolonged rain that sets the stage for landsliding. This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 20:53. Another part of the hillside could break free and come crashing down. If you dropped something in it, it was gone. AMANDA SKORJANC: NARRATOR: A geologist helped them to refocus the search. Globally, landslides and other ground failures take a tremendous human and economic toll, and with climate change bringing a sharp rise in intense precipitation events in many countries, the threat of bigger, more frequent landslides, like one that buried at least 350 people in Afghanistan spring 2014, is growing. As NOVA surveys landslide danger zones, discover how and why landslides happen, and how radar monitoring technologies could help predict landslides and issue life-saving warnings. Wow. I got a call from my sister's best friend. A neighborhood, wiped from the face of the earth, is invisible to rescuers. The houses are gone! NARRATOR: Her face, neck up, was, was exposed. It's pretty cohesive. It has an excavator with an operator, dog teams, spotters. You can hear the ravelling off the face. First off, I have to feel safe, and Steve asks me to familiarise myself with the room and with him so my nervous system is relaxed and not on alert. NARRATOR: What was the top of the slope before the landslide is now nearly 300 feet below the head scarp. NARRATOR: Summer was number 17 of the 43 people that have all now been recovered from beneath the one-square-mile stretch of liquid earth. To find out more check out the video below. In an instant, this idyllic morning becomes a nightmare. And the local authorities, they calculated that probably there would be a bigger event coming soon, sometime in May. RICHARD IVERSON: The house was racing across the valley, and, and then we stopped. There are not too many events where people measured a rock fall like we did, here, with an InSAR radar. DARI ZIA-ULHAQ (Landslide Survivor): My family, including my child and all my belongings, are gone. These gray pillars around me are all made out of glacial till, which came off of the head scarp. NARRATOR: LORENZ MEIER: It wasn't the biggest landslide to strike the region. In Nepal, twenty-nine-million people are at imminent risk. Follow Victoria on Instagram at @victoriawoodhall and Steve @stevehaines66. We then do a few preparatory exercises such as wall squats to tire out the muscles, so that I’m less in control and the shakes can come more easily. © 2018 Prettygreat Pty Ltd. All rights reserved |. Ranjan monitors Nepal's highways and remote roads, looking for signs of slope failure. We’re the only species that walks around bottling it all up, preferring to stay "braced against life." Just before 11 a.m. on March 22, 2014, an ominous rumble startled the residents of the community of Oso, Washington, about an hour's drive from Seattle. Instead, the landslide mobilized and very dramatically ran on the order of five times further than you might've expected, based on typical behavior. All I could see was just a vast wasteland. That requires, sort of, good old-fashioned geology. Late March: You have the geological set up of a naturally unstable slope, and then we get a very, very wet winter. RICHARD IVERSON (U.S. Geological Survey): Oral sex, while not everyone's cup of tea, is generally a sexual crowd-pleaser. record-breaking rains have hit western Washington. Technical specifications. Terraces cut into previous landslides, and heavy crops, like water-rich rice, destabilize the slopes. Geologist Ranjan Kumar Dahal is investigating the impact of human activity on landslides. So, I walked out the front door, and then I looked up the road, and then I knew what it was. BROOK ALONGI: Have you ever had a sudden shock, stress or attack of nerves and found yourself shaking uncontrollably? RICHARD IVERSON: The proximal cause of this landslide is we had the wettest March in history, something like 22 inches of rainfall in this area. With better landslide awareness, these obvious signs on a slope above a populated area can raise red flags, in time for authorities to set up a monitoring system. HAJI MOHAMMAD JAMSHID: And she goes, "We've found Summer's car. Soon, I feel my inner thigh muscles engage and there’s a slight tremble. Yes please. NARRATOR: DAYN BRUNNER: I was standing here, and I heard this noise, and I looked out, and it sounded like a big truck. The extending stick in the middle provides the measurement of the growing gap. It's only minutes after the landslide buries nearly a mile stretch of highway 530. You could wish that it would've happened on a Friday morning, where everybody would've been at work, and the fatality count would've been way down. Led by founders Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine, our editorial team works with our favourite writers and industry insiders from Amelia Freer to Peta Bee and Imogen Edwards-Jones, and with some of the world's leading brands in beauty and wellness, from Chanel and Estée Lauder to Barrecore and Hello Fresh - to bring you all the information and inspiration you need for skincare, haircare, makeup, fitness and nutrition in one place. How much of that water was actually flowing into and helping to saturate the material that failed in the 2014 landslide is an open question. If there's any comfort to it at all, she didn't suffer. A one-to-one session with Steve costs £80. My sister, she left the house at 10:30. And that can be really heartbreaking, if you have people doing the very human thing of rushing to help, and then those people get caught in the second bit. DAVID MONTGOMERY: MIKE BLANKENSHIP: My brothers and sisters will lose their lives. It all dates back to when glaciers were here, 15,000 years ago. But we can save people by evacuating them from landslide-prone areas. The Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team was first air support on the scene. In the Himalayas, the threat of devastating landslides is always lurking. I knew I had to get out. NARRATOR: It was released on Google Play and iTunes on 24 Feb 2016. In Slide the Shakes, players serve milkshakes to friends by sliding them along the counter. It would be like being hit with a thousand battering rams at once. And we spent the next hour and a half digging by hand. There’s a great picture on the app of a room full of soldiers lying down in combat trousers with their knees up doing their shaking therapy. / Victoria Woodhall The loose sand and gravel can't adhere to the scarp, so it easily slides off the slope. But notice all the wood from the trees that were entrained that were pushed along within the flow got rafted out to the front. This road is a main connecting route to the other part of Nepal and of course to India. Additional funding for this program is provided by The Kendeda Fund, Millicent Bell, through the Millicent and Eugene Bell Foundation, and by Roger and Vicki Sant. They want to figure out how much rain is too much, on slopes like Oso. But it's never occurred to me that shaking can be more than a sign of abject terror. The layer above it is a porous silty sand. RICHARD IVERSON: Jabba1701 on TouchArcade discovered the Sigil on the game's 88th level. A whole community is cut off. NARRATOR: (911 Call): The one behind me is a deep-seated landslide. This opened a discussion on the type of materials used in Metro Manila buildings. NARRATOR: NARRATOR: Give me some slack! They were here within 10 minutes. DAVID MONTGOMERY: But Oso experienced a slide beyond expectation, and scientists want to know what caused the mountain to turn to liquid so quickly and flow so far. It’s not unpleasant or stressful; I’m totally relaxed and simply letting the shakes happen, as though I’m on some cosmic Power Plate that’s doing all the work for me. There's no word for it other than "tragedy.". "TRE is a simple set of exercises to help reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system," he explains. HAJI MOHAMMAD JAMSHID: Jacob was on the second floor. All is now a wasteland of mud and debris: one square mile buried under 15 to 75 feet of mud. I was still conscious. You have this pattern with this slide, on that slope, of essentially failing, and then being quiescent for a while, then failing again, a decade or two later. But what I’m fascinated by are claims that a specific shaking therapy called TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) can radically transform the way we deal with stress, particularly old and accumulated baggage. Rivers and roads do great damage, because they cut into already unstable slopes. It's a real big part of doing physics, frankly, to have a deep intuition about things in addition to simply doing the math. Ninety-two minutes after applying five inches of simulated rain, the solid slope liquefies. The devastation at Oso is a wakeup call to the urgency of identifying hazardous slopes, because the more we understand their unique physics and exactly when they might slide, the more we'll be able to protect ourselves against one of nature's most powerful forces. The porous slope takes on water like a sponge. After the first mini-slide of liquid mountain, Iverson doubles the rainfall, to trigger an even bigger landslide. I'm hearing rumors that there's a mudslide. And next thing I know, Steve's checking the baby out, and he said the baby's fine. I remember asking Steve. NARRATOR: DAVID MONTGOMERY: NARRATOR: NARRATOR: I held onto that baby like that was the only purpose that I had. There were very few survivors. RICHARD IVERSON: The area started accelerating due to a heavy rainfall. Our newest game – made for speed, quality and accessibility. There would be no trace of civilization whatsoever back where those houses originated. There were no homes. Add to that a regular flow of groundwater. And I said, "All we know is there's a mudslide down by Skaglund Hill." NARRATOR: Slide them along the bar, but don't let them fall! GEOLOGIST: I would imagine that until whatever deals are solidified or Snap decides to start talking about any of this that we won’t be hearing anything further, but once details do start to emerge I’ll be VERY interested to see what the future plans are for Prettygreat. Four years ago, the shock of my mum’s sudden death from a stroke at age just 69, broke my heart – I actually felt it go as the muscles behind my heart in my middle back suddenly went into a spasm and I could barely move. We do a maneuver called "low hover off-loading," and we do this in the mountains a lot, if we're working against ledges or areas where we can't land. In this case, the simple but satisfying act of sliding a drink down a bar towards a customer. NARRATOR: Yes! Hundreds, perhaps thousands, are entombed in more than a hundred-and-sixty feet of mud. Bioengineering with rocks can be effective for shallow slides, but for deep ones, like this, gabions won't hold the hill back. Porosity is a measure of how much open space there is between the individual particles that make up soil. Now, whenever things get too much, the heart area is where my stress goes and my back and neck seize up for days.