DIY Home Energy Efficient Project Magazine – over 12000 +views! Frost occurs on the underside of the decking when warm moist air makes its way up there.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent All rights reserved. If I get better baffling that is up tighter to the decking, I won't be able to see in there and get to them, and I imagine they might really get some big nests built. In the application you are talking about, you need actual insulation -- a material with an R-value -- to slow down the heat transfer. The insulation for the attic floor They look to be keeping the blown in insulation from blocking the soffits, but they are not up close to the roof decking, and some of them have kind of collapsed onto the insulation. The idea that heat rises has prevented many builders in the past from insulating floors, but adding insulation for floor joists can actually improve a home's energy efficiency as well as its insulating capabilities. The easiest way to explain why it’s so much better to have the insulation a little wider than the space is to take you through how to install insulation the ecoMaster way: Standard floor joists are installed with 430mm space in between them and 90mm depth. In addition, EcoTouch insulation delivers comfort - helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. So I simply put up the insulation and vapor barrier up. First, we press the insulation up in between the joists. Someone coined the phrase "cut and cobble" so search that and Green Building Advisors. Does R30 Rockwoll at 7 1/4 inches make sense with 1 inch R6.5 rigid between the studs and drywall? With a 1.25-inch air gap, 8 inches of R-30 denim insulation will bring you flush with the edge of the 2x10. better to have more and to stay with the 2" air gap. However, if your joists are not 450mm wide (called 450 centres in the trade), you can still install insulation under your floor. See: suggestions. by Marketing At ecoMaster | Jul 15, 2016 | Underfloor. Attic: Slide a yardstick or tape measure into the existing insulation. From what I have heard and read, this one of the things that you will be glad you hired out. Not sure what is happening. Is your garage heated? Last year I was given 160 batts of R20 insulation free. This is a cross-section of our sample floor fitted with polyester underfloor insulation the ecoMaster way. questions, and don’t forget to wear long sleeves, gloves, hat, and safety glasses. This way you would just stick the insulation into place and drywall ecoMaster delivers and installs home insulations in Melbourne and Sydney. The inside of the rim joist is sprayed from the sub floor to the bottom of the rim joist to drop the building envelope to the BOTTOM of the joists. The framing is 2x8 on 16" OC. They build them right over the soffits, and with the baffles wide open like they are I can easily see them and get rid of them, which I do a couple times a year. It may be possible to blow insulation into a small access panel or crawl space in order to properly insulate the floor, but this can be costly, and you will probably have to hire a professional to do it. Any ideas? When moisture vapor becomes trapped, mold and mildew growth can result. coverage and loft (thickness and density). Seal rigid foam panels between foundation joists using spray foam. Just an update, wondering if it makes sense for me to use rigid foam instead? PickaName, Leaks into the attic allow heated air to escape into the attic while drawing in cold air from the basement or through exterior leaks. Our GreenStuf Polyester Underfloor Insulation is slightly wider than the space between standard joists, but don’t be alarmed, we designed it that way. I can only find unfaced R19 insulationn in rolls... Can you verify that I would use faced insulation for the R-30 in the attic, facinf faced down into the room or do I use unfaced? I am unable to find unfaced R-13 in the online choices... my preference would be for a "roll" verses batts... and I would like in in 23/24" widths as I do not have to be between any framing it would be less work to roll out wider pieces... and fewer potential gaps for heat to leak. I will for sure get some quotes on it. and waited to see what happened. Learn about a little known plugin that tells you if you're getting the best price on Amazon. Plus you can add drywall on top of the Thermasheath with longer screws. To learn more about polyster, visit I really do not want to cut all this insulation... and wouldnot have the staple tab on one side due to having to cut it off to fit the 24 " into the 16 OC space. Can you confirm that. Fiberglass insulation is usually the best option, though handling fiberglass can be dangerous and it is not the most eco-friendly option in some cases. Remember, code requirements are minimum.