It will never work otherwise. He knows he’s messed up big time so staying in no contact indefinitely might eventually make him regret his actions. I’m happy to hear from you. Within those 90 days, your ex didn’t contact you, and so you assume that no contact doesn’t work. I initially pleaded with her and was pretty much in her space, then apologized and let her be. If you mean anything to her, she will bounce back. Ego dictates that he always wants to be desired. Make him feel like he should be begging your forgiveness for making you wait for him. In that cas,e any type of communication can send the impression that your ex has a chance," Dr. Benjamin Ritter, founder of Live for Yourself Consulting, and The Breakup Supplement told INSIDER. She told me she was going to leave if it wasn’t finalized and finally did about 3 months ago. 4. "If, for example, you broke up with them because you were going through a hard time due to personal reasons or health reasons, and you're in a much better place now, it would be more than okay to agree to meet up with your ex. Thus, he went off to find it elsewhere. Stop Being Friends With Your Ex Boyfriend, Exactly What to Do When Your Boyfriend Says He Wants a Break, How To Date Your Ex Boyfriend - Starting With a Clean Slate, What to Say When Your Ex Boyfriend Calls You. 1. I think in that scenario, he still cares about your feelings. He'll wonder if you're over him, and even be afraid that maybe you're moving on. If he doesn’t however, it’s as he says. Below you'll find some tips and tricks for talking with your exboyfriend. love advice, Get off your high horse. She let her guards down too quickly and was overcome with emotions when she was affectionate with you. You contacting your ex first, only proves you need them more than they need you. Since your ex is unsure about you, I suggest you stay in strict no contact as you’d intended. Take care, okay, bring your computer over on Friday and I’ll have a look at it. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. In a situation where your boss turns you down, you stick to your word and walk away. That doesn’t work, not surprisingly, so what do you do now? She doesn’t want to give you a raise, so you tell her to ring you up if she ever changes her mind. You will experience anxiety like never before, as you attempt to decipher your ex’s hidden messages. A quick “I had a great time Thursday night. I’m really very happy for you. Don’t miss your chance to get him back, read this right now: Do You Want Your Ex Back? haha, i dont ever wna have anything 2 do w/ him so ill tell him straight not 2 even text me, its better not respond if ur really not interested anymore, i dnt want him back so im defo trying these responses haha, wow..i see my pathetic self w/ those replies, lol so funny those rejection lines..i do that too, ooohh i luv these responses esp those when u dnt want him anymor hahah.