Let’s hope Ted’s Notebook and Ted is here to stay! Talking about net worth, salary, and income, he has not disclosed any data however, it is under review. He is much more at home with Darts! invariable a dull race is quite an art form that both him and Martin manage to do. I needed a healthy dose of Ted's content since testing and his few videos from home on Sky, this is perfect. Wonderful to see Ted back. Great to see Ted back, in the pits in Practice 1 and in the commentary box in Practice 2. Another little bug for me is the graphics. USA. Noticed the UHD scheduled recording has reduced by 30mins so notebook needs to be set up separately to record on SKY Spts F1, Thanks for the heads up on this. After he graduated, Ted Kravitz was trained at CBS News, London, as a journalist. Later, he  started working for a local radio station as a news reporter and sports reporter, in the South-West England. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ted Kravitz rounds up all the latest Formula 1 news after the sport confirmed its 2020 season will be starting on July 5 in Austria . Outstanding aha. In this best guide, Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz totally describes what Mercedes’ DAS is, just how it functions and also just how it profits the group. Posted by. I am convinced that this was not Ted’s decision. It's farr cheaper and simpler to do it as a graphic overlay. He must live somewhere nearby because I do too, and have seen him wandering around a fair bit lately! Remember a lot of that having started watching F1 on TV in 1970. Great to split his time between the pit & comm box. … looking forward 2 races to welcoming back normal service. Not really on topic but what's happened with Natalie Pinkham this year? Almost 4,000 people signed an online change.org petition to “Keep Ted Kravitz in F1”, as fans of his ‘Ted’s Notebook’ post-race show and pitlane insights took to social media to complain. He must live somewhere nearby because I do too, and have seen him wandering around a fair bit lately! The way the cretin in charge last year changed the name to Notebook left it open for others to share. Also a little offline is anyone else getting tired of the Crofty show? The couple has welcomed three daughters in 2011, 2012, and … Get in touch. The facts are nobody else in the team could do it - least of all KC! And I suspect they're not as real time as they look. A Twitter hashtag that has been rather popular of late since the formula 1 winter testing in Barcelona last February after the popular Sky F1 pitlane reporter appeared to be purposely missing from the TV coverage, and then also missing from the Australian Grand Prix was ‘Teds Notebook’. It was great to see Ted back on Welcome To The Weekend.today. Couple this with the lack of mention in the press release, has caused a twitter hashtag to start: #findted. Kravitz worked with ITV since the beginning of their F1 coverage in 1997, initially as a producer, and then as a pit-lane reporter from 2002, alongside Louise Goodman. His surname is taken from her mother’s side of the family. I did wonder that maybe Ted has some broadcast colleagues who behind the scenes have led to him not being at all the races. Mercedes have been excluded by most experts, but Ted Kravitz has refused to do so. Ted Kravitz will remain part of Sky’s Formula 1 team for the upcoming 2019 season, this site can confirm following a period of intense speculation about his future. As part of his new job, Kravitz hosted the channel's weekly show, The F1 Show. Hang loose on Ted's absence though which I am reliably informed is for personal reasons. That is not happening this year under more  nature management. It looks like a live programme as the UHD version has a runtime of 5hr 30, if coverage is no better this weekend will probably just start watching the race and nothing else, shame, loved the coverage since SKY started. In addition to working on The F1 Show, Kravitz was also given a more prominent role in Formula 1 coverage, with Ted's Notebook, a short segment in the show where Kravitz provides technical information from the pit lane, such as problems with cars, technical data, etc. By the way can anybody tell me how many F1 races KC actually won and why he is seen as central  to Coverage? Certainly better to look at than Mr Lazenby! 09:02 AM We do not simply need or want a mess of ex drivers we need people who can empathise with us, the average viewer. Hate the halo but love the new graphic overlaid on it but why did they need change the qualy graphics that told us what tyres drivers where on. Deaths. "While the most obvious solution is for Honda to sell their engine and their IP to some kind of independent engine manufacturer and for it … Was it that long ago!? His birth name is Theodore Joseph Nathaniel Slotover. One of those 3-axis gimbal ones I expect. However, the solid conclusion is yet to come. 26,333. Without him the coverage is not the same and although KC is a nice guy I am not a fan. It's probably easier for them to offer the Sky commentary feed. Where’s Ted? Like Us On Facebook. Great notebook from Ted. He was born on March 21, 1974, in Hammersmith, London, England. He worked on their Grand Prix Programming and later worked with ITV as a producer in 1997. For the 2012 season, Georgie Thompson joined him as a co-presenter. Alongside journalist, he is also an aircraft pilot and the fact was revealed by commentator Jonathan Legard during the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix. Lets face it the only thing that will happen will be a few angry tweets and thats it. Kravitz's future has been subject of social media discussion for several days, with reports circulating last Friday that Kravitz will not be part of Sky's set-up this… Now I know I love Ted. The guy in charge last year was a cretin, brought disharmony to the Sky team and generated a petition to reinstate that Sky could not ignore. His real name is Theodore Joseph Nathaniel Slotover.