Please correct the map. Love the red T-Corvette in Exercise in Fatality. Thanks JP, I will update that once I get a chance. I cannot think of another TV series that did this, especially considering that they had to get new houses and new cars for each episode (only occasionally “cheating” with a fake exterior on the Universal lot). —Jennifer M. Wood, Daniel Craig makes his debut as James Bond in this well-crafted action thriller that sees 007 in his formative years. (And what are people saying about YOUR house on Google maps?). Happy travels! Instead, he accidentally hacks into a military supercomputer that thinks playing a game of thermonuclear war is something to be carried out in real life. “That wasn’t common 20 years ago,” Falk said. Michael Cera is perfectly cast in the title role as an awkward young man who is determined to win the heart of the woman he loves (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) by literally winning video game-style battles against her “Seven Evil Exes.” Wright throws every trick in his book at the screen, and the result is a film you can watch again and again. I’ll add it on to the map. When the character takes off, Moore produces a big-screen feature with a crew of inept collaborators. lol Thanks, again! That looks like the mansion that was lived in by the cast of ‘Benson’. Bonjour. —Eric D. Snider, A rare adaptation for writer/director Edgar Wright brings Bryan Lee O’Malley’s popular graphic novel series to life. . In particular, we can’t find the. —JR, This exhilarating account of how a total jerk started Facebook is even more alarming given what we've learned about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook since then. She instead played the role of a co-conspiring attorney, and was also allowed to sing the song that was the major hit for the murdered star. But if series creators William Link and Richard Levinson went with their initial choice, the iconic role of Columbo would have gone to a syrupy-smooth crooner rather than the inelegant Falk. It’s on the back side of the Royal Albert hall down the stairs – still missing from the map, though. Thanks for ID’ing McDowel’s car in Short Fuse, it’s a beaut! I hope the senior level creative people appreciated how much thought the show’s “car wrangler” gave to these choices. Interesting, in the episode the Benedict house looks like a grand manse on the scale of the Kennicuts’, but the street view image suggests it’s more modest, like a little neoclassical toy. “Short Fuse” has Roddy McDowel’s character driving a Silver Ferrari Daytona. Apparently not enough to recognize it on Columbo. Made from stainless steel, this cookie cutter pack is durable and easy to clean. Nicer than her old one.