Since Stu was busy inviting people and doing preparations for the party, he can't kill Himbry. Next time we see Ghostface, he is stalking Sidney and Tatum from the safety of some bushes. All the attacks outside the house, including Kenny's murder and Randy's off-screen attack, are likely Stu as well. A year later, Stu and Billy decided to "celebrate" their killings by murdering and slaughtering their fellow students under the identity of masked serial killer Ghostface. Who stands over Randy then for-real stabs the camera guy? When she enters she is face by Billy, wearing the Ghostface costume. Why not just Sidney. Then Stu chased her onto the driveway at the back of the house and stabbed her in the chest. After that, Billy decided to stab Stu 3 more times as "payback". He kills Gale Weathers' cameraman Kenny by slitting his throat. Deceased Who kills Tatum? The comotion of Gale Weathers coming unexpectedly to their party pisses her off to leave the room, she decides to get the beers. But despite that, Stu killed Steven and Casey. Known Aliases Stu Macher (Scream 2) Tatum would most likely go to Windsor College with Sidney and Randy. Also, all of them except Mrs Loomis, had people they hated more than Sidney. Personally, that was Charlie's most horrible kill, because he killed his best friend for a girl. Her parents tried to talk to her via phone, but she couldn't speak. And right on cue, Billy appears at the front door. We also have no idea how the killer knows that Sidney will use that bathroom—a school that size would surely have more than one—or how long he’s been waiting in there for her. He then engaged Sidney in an epic chase. Although, that doesn’t really fit with Stu’s character. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Are we expected to believe that no one else in the grocery store noticed a man of easily over six feet wearing the same outfit as the person murdering their teens? Duh. And besides, Billy was still “dead” at that point, so. The best evidence though, is that after the killer goes back into the house through the garage, Billy comes to the front door in the very next scene. She thinks it’s Stu, pulling one of his pranks, and starts flirting with him, only to realize that the man in front of her is really the killer. She looks and finds Ghostface with his hand on the door. Ye olde garage door decapitation scene. If Billy killed the principal, he wouldn’t have time to get there, so it must be Stu. The man who wears the costume is stuntman Dane Farwell, so any sounds made by the character are probably his. In the original script for Scream 3, Stu is revealed to have survived and escapes from prison, goes on a new killing spree, and targets Sidney, but this was changed due to the Columbine High School Massacre. 5. I've read that she said Stu was bad in bed, but when does she say this in the movie? Sheriff indicted after 'Live PD' captures Black man's death . It also does what most horror films never do, give an explanation for how the killer seems to always be in two places at once; however, the movie does not give an overt explanation about when the killer is Billy and when it's Stu. Victim of Tatum seems to wear the pants to a degree especially when Stu says tactless things that might possibly upset her best friend, Sidney. And Tatum was Sidney's best friend, who spoke poorly about him ("he and his penis does not worth you"). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Randy spoke poorly on Billy and got a little knife happy". After decades of watching Leatherface, Jason, Michael, et al tearing brain-dead teenagers apart, audiences were primed to assume that it’s always the one guy behind the mask. Yes. and doesn't move. In his twisted mind, killing many people in many horrible ways will show how much of a "victim" he is. Film Stu was … Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Question: Why did Billy and Stu want to kill Tatum? Let me know whether you agree or disagree in the comments below. Sidney gets away and Dewey and Gail rush back from discovering Neil Prescott's car. That was his second motive. He's a petty and vengeful guy. Billy joins the party and gives Stu a look to say that he has killed Tatum. The mutual stabbing show the degree of Billy's vengeful nature. Now Tatum slips into the garage to fetch the beers shortly after referring to herself as the "beer wench". Scream screenwriter Kevin Williamson took full advantage of those expectations with one of the best twists in movie history: the second killer. Billy couldn’t have got up to the window so quickly, and then once the police had arrested him, they wouldn’t search the house immediately because they figured they’d already caught the killer, giving Stu time to escape. She even said it herself. and deemed Randy crazy. 7. In this installment, Ryan C. Bradley offers his opinion on who was wearing the Ghostface mask for which kill – and the results may surprise you. 7. Rebecca was killed as a message, the cops were killed in order to not being watched and Kate was killed because the mental Jill wanted to "stay true to the original". Debbie killed Phil Stevens and Casey 'Cici' Cooper because they had the same names as Steven Orth and Casey Becker while Mickey killed Maureen Evans because she had the same name as Maureen Prescott? I think Ghostface here is Stu, but there’s no real evidence. I only noticed it on my tenth or so viewing, which is quite shocking. When tries to get out of the garage, she finds the door closed and locked behind her. Kenny: Probably Stu, Billy was "dead" in the bedroom. What about Mickey's and Charlie's victims? She opens the garage to get out as she tries to get out, the door closes back. Obviously, in this case, Ghostface is Stu. It must be Billy because Stu knows that Sidney is still alive. Who Did the Killings and Who Phoned the Victims. Low-Budget, Homemade Trashy Horror Cinema. But oh no! Sidney is having a miserable time in an lecture that is conveniently addressing the same themes that Scream deals with, and steps out to use the restroom. Stu called her after Billy called him telling him to do so. Since viewers can't rely on the groans, they have to rely on other context clues. My trip to fictional Lanford and the ROSEANNE filming locations. She locks them both out and is surprised to see Billy alive in the house (he had quickly thrown off the costume and ran back upstairs). Jill: Part of her killing spree was dedicated to personal grudges. He is the secondary antagonist of the 1996 horror film, Scream. Billy: Again, Obviously Sidney. Apply Now. My trip to Windsor College & the SCREAM 2 filming locations! Trevor cheated on her with Jenny, so she killed them both. Billy was outside waiting for the proper moment to appear, and there's no way he could have gotten out of the house, removed the costume and then climbed up to Sidney's window all in the span of several seconds. CLICK HERE FOR MORE! 10. However, when Billy and Stu were about to finish off Dewey and an unconscious Gale and Dewey, Sidney escaped and used Billy and Stu's own voice modulator and Ghostface costume against them as revenge for murdering her mother. Click Here! While Stu lied weakened from his wounds (inflicted to further make Mr. Prescott look responsible), Billy searched the house for Sidney. Billy wasn't "invited" to the party due to him being charged with the murders (and released) and keeping his distance from classmates. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. But, when she kills Billy, Stu recovered and attacks her. We next meet Ghostface at the Prescotts’. If she had've been alive, she'd be enemies with Stu and Billy and attempting to survive with Sidney and Randy. Language: English Words: 234 Chapters: 1/1 … Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Getting away at a party, particularly one at his own house, would be extremely easy to do. Edit Billy: Except for hating Sidney as an extention of her mother, he was also quite sadistic. We Want To Finance Your Film. These kills were confirmed by Williamson to have been committed by Stu, something that is later implied when Casey is revealed to be Stu's ex. I want to be in the sequel," Tatum says with a tongue-in-cheek smile, right before the masked menace reveals his knife and slices her arm. Stu could technically have done both as well, but the fact that Billy is the leader adds more credence to the idea it was him. It’s genius. Mark Cuban helping ex-NBA star after troubling photo. While highly debated, Tatum's death is at Billy's hands since Stu is entertaining guests. And this is what brings to the question: Now let's lay some ground work first. Of course the leader would make the first kill, setting the whole thing off. Himbry was killed for distracting the students from Stu's party, which would give Billy and Stu the time they needed to kill Sidney. The killer’s robe drops next and we wait on tenterhooks for him to strike. They plan to frame Mr. Prescott, by making it look as though Maureen's death drove him insane, caused him to go on a killing spree, then kills Randy, Sidney and himself and left Billy and Stu for dead. Now back to the question at hand. They also said that anyone who isn't a virgin dies in a scary movie, and we know Tatum wasn't a virgin. He was an eccentric and insensitive, but seemed harmless enough, but he was really a psychopath who killed his fellow students for fun. This time also Stu attacked and Billy called, because Billy can't get all the way down the stairs, change the outfit and climb from the window. Randy then points out if the police were aware he dated Casey. Although, Stu is actually one of the killers, Tatum is unaware of this as he probably went to Tatum's house after killing Casey and Steve to have an alibi, just as Billy did. Sidney attempts to run off but clashes into Stu who does the same. Horror Writers Wanted! Advertise With Wicked Horror. The next day, Stu is amused by the numerous students dressing up as Ghostface as a sick taunt of Sidney's attack and Steve and Casey's deaths, which greatly infuriates Tatum. Ghostface lifts the garage door killing Tatum still struggling to free herself. Stu Macher/Tatum Riley; Billy Loomis/Stu Macher (Implied) Stu Macher; Tatum Riley (mentioned) Billy Loomis (mentioned) - Character; Regret; Murder; Doesn't really make Stu very sympathetic; Summary. Himbry: He was killed by Billy. The killer then murders Principal Himbry and hangs him on the goal post. Debbie Loomis - she wanted revenge on Sidney for killing Billy and because her mother had stolen her husband. You can learn more about him at: Who's to help a damsel in distress? One of the everlasting questions of Scream is who's behind the mask, with the first film blowing audience's minds with the reveal of two killers, Billy and Stu. The killers reacts to seeing her alive by abandoning Randy, because he thinks she’s already dead. Status He had thought it would be easy, would be fun. Images of Stu Macher. Sidney Prescott Randy brought up some controversy of Stu being ditched by Casey which made Tatum think how they really begun to date. And Tatum was Sidney's best friend, who spoke poorly about him ("he and his penis does not worth you"). You Know You Want It! Electrocuted by TV smashed on head Billy seemed to need a personal reason to kill, well he had one: Tatum had insulted him and his penis. While Ghostface vanishes when Sidney gets back to the porch, it seems unlikely that he could sneak into the house, ditch the costume and make his grand re-entrance as Billy in a matter of minutes.