I particularly liked the design and extra features each roll of KT Tape had. This is why companies such as KT tape offer their users features such as 14 day free trial, so that one can experiment with the product risk free. Purchase: KT Tape US/ KT Tape AUS. (Photo: Colman Lerner Gerardo/Shutterstock). After using both Rocktape and KT Tape over the past few months, I’d probably have to say KT Tape is a slightly better product. Soon, superstars like Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony were also wearing it and other competing brands, like Rock Tape, appeared. Split Center – One of the features I liked most about KT Tape was it’s split centers. * More Info *Not clinically proven for all injuries. Q. Cotton was the material that the original KT tape was developed with and typically costs less than the synthetic versions. Individual Strips – Unlike Rocktape, which comes in one long, rectangle strip, a roll KT Tape is actually made up of individual 10-inch strips. This article unrolls the facts about kinesiology tape, from its technology and benefits to important tips on how to use it. i can't for the life of me figure out how it would. Skip it if your skin is remotely sensitive. KT Tape ® is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries. As they get older, their abdominal muscles become weaker because they have such a long body and their backbones are separated very easily. Here’s one of the many instructional videos on how to apply KT Tape: This week we take a moment to review a range of 100% all natural body deodorant by KIND-LY. I was amazed to see over 125 5-Star reviews on EBay for him but I know there is a good reason for that. Manufacturer: KT Tape Thankfully, KT Tape has a library of in-depth instructional videos for taping all parts of the human body. I used it for plantar fascitis and I think it helps. That's my only experience with it, though. Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls point guard whose tumultuous career has been marked by periods of wild success—including being named the youngest MVP in league history—and debilitating injury, was one of the first NBA players to try the tape. In basketball, where lower-body injuries are frequent—knees, ankles and feet in particular—the tape can fit the contours of the body and offer a new form of treatment. I saw a doctor for a foot injury some years ago, and he took the tape and stuck it to other tape back to back with an arch support cushion between the pieces, and made a cushion for my arch out of it- because it was stretchy, I could then pull it on and off which made it reusable for me. The product is something that Europeans and Americans perhaps took longer to come around to, he said, but soon enough NBA teams were employing Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioners, trained first hand by Kase in how best to apply the tape. I wouldn't dare go without it. This week we take a moment to review Nubs Thumb Sleeves by JerkFit, designed to protect your thumbs during functional fitness training. Walsh Jennings was recovering from rotator cuff surgery at the time and the tape held firm as she smashed ball after ball at her opponents, overpowering them on her way to a gold medal alongside partner Misty May-Treanor. I haven't seen any solid data that suggests that there is any real benefit to it (and I'll admit my bias against anything promoted by chiroquackters). Very helpful. Over the past few months I have used KT Tape on my injured knee, wrists, ankle, ribs and shoulders, and have had a positive experience with the product. Like I said before, there is a lot of debate about it’s effectiveness, but if you have the money to spend, you may as well give it a go. Expensive: A roll of kinesiology tape that’s two inches wide with an elasticity rating of 180% costs between $35 and $45. In addition, KT Tape has a wide range of instructional videos making it so much easier to use the product. Let's start with what it's made of and why. Item: KT Tape Another study, published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, concluded that “the potential to increase strength by application of Kinesio tapes is negligible.”. (Only problem: in 100% humidity, it can peel off. Just because several studies have failed to find any significant benefits to using Kinesio Tape doesn’t mean it can’t still be effective. And even if you don’t get the results you wanted, at least you get to look stylish in your favourite coloured tape! KT tape-with the body’s ability to heal itself, can provide therapeutic relief to a variety of populations and diagnoses. Chances are you will probably make errors in your first few attempts of taping, and it does take some time getting used to the cutting and applying of the tape. This week we take a closer look at another popular kinesiology tape called KT Tape. Ten academics from around the country weigh in. Each individual strip has a preforated split down the middle, making it easier to apply to certain areas of your body. Contents. “KT may have a small beneficial role in improving strength, range of motion in certain injured cohorts and force sense error compared with other tapes, but further studies are needed to confirm these findings.”, A 2014 study found that "the application of KT in the gastrocnemius muscles has no effect on healthy muscle tone, extensibility nor strength." The reality is, the tape won’t do any harm to you, so it’s worth a try, although don’t expect it to deliver immediate results. Range of motion is not limited. Kase’s earliest clients were sumo wrestlers, whose giant bodies are susceptible to myriad injuries, but its application stretches far beyond power sports. My physical therapist wrapped my knee in it. Used KT a few times (both sport & regular one) but it's not very well constructed and slips off easily. By 2004 he had published 20 books on the subject, but it wasn’t until 2008, at the Beijing Olympics, that he finally got the exposure he needed. If you plan to shower or swim, make sure to purchase a water-resistant or waterproof tape, so the tape won’t come off when it gets wet. I was introduced to KT Tape for the first time this year when I was training in Los Angeles. This means you don’t need to use scissors to cut each strip, and each strip you use is a lot smoother, and less frayed than it would be if you were cutting them. We knew first hand that medical tape would fail under race conditions, so we developed a lab in the Santa Cruz mountains where we could test our product until it met our standards.