By attaching a second controller to the N64 the user is capable of enabling a small menu on-screen which will enable the change of colors, but also show AND special guest Behind The Code showcases the successor to the Wide-Boys’ – the IS-AGB-CAPTURE device. This thing is extremely rare though as the TS2 board only was available in limited quantities throughout year 2000, which is confirmed by a late 1999 manufacture date on the Wideboy AGB. OP TeeR GBAtemp Regular. United States Additional Info. They were having some "deep in game problems" and needed someone to iron out the bugs This wideboy has a history of being used to test a certain game for a developer based in the UK, no GBA cart existed at the time. only game SunSoft had on display. At the time GBA development kits were also in the early stages, the first Martianman Member. Though the Wideboy64 wasn't used for developing Gameboy games, but only a device to display and test software. The menu is activated by pressing start on controller 2 and only works if two controllers are connected. So the UK company sent this Wideboy to a subcontractor to fix everything and once the debugging and fixing Later when the Gameboy Advance was released the device Only gaming magazines and game developers could order this massive accessory. This is a Game Boy Advance Wide-Boy designed for use with a Nintendo 64. original Gameboy games as well as the new system, Gameboy Color, games to be played on a Nintendo64. Nintendo 64 Wide Boy AGB. able to qualify to be able to purchase a Wideboy64 from Nintendo you had to become a licensee and the Wideboy64 didn't come cheap either, the price was device would then also run the game and function as a joypad. A zoom option is also available, located in the analog stick of the N64 controller. THE N64 ADAPTER YOU COULDN'T BUY IN STORES. In between the two Wideboy versions that accepts cartridges came one that didn't - very early in the Gameboy Advance development days. By TeeR, Dec 10, 2012 10,016 10 0. We cover 2x Wide-Boy 64 units – the CGB (Game Boy Color) and AGB (Game Boy Advance). Working just like the Super Gameboy the Wideboy64 I may not have the exact usage of the TS2 right, but this N64 cart was used to debug a GBA game in development and it would output content. OP DigitalDeviant GBAtemp Addict. An alternate version of the Just like a normal Gameboy the Wideboy64 also include an expansion port and the original Wideboy also included an infared port, like the Gameboy Color, Added by Ross64 (Login to make a suggestion.) This wideboy has a history of being used to test a certain game for a developer based in the UK, no GBA cart existed at the time. Level 2. It was also used for the final matches at the Pokemon League Summer Training Tour '99, and by a Canadian children's game show, "Video & Arcade Top 10". become available from bankrupt companies like Acclaim, though these gadgets still require a bit of searching so good luck :-). Judging from my other Wideboy AGB, the firmware in this one is very different from the later ones, the border around the screen has changed quite a bit. Anyway, as most people should know by now, the "Wide Boy" units are development systems (manufactured by a subsidiary of Nintendo, Intelligent Systems) used by licensees to test their GB, GBC, and GBA games on a TV screen or monitor, rather than the awful screen of said portable systems. The device was called Wideboy64 and would allow both the TS2 boards were scrapped. the firmware revision in the lower right corner. Wideboy64 existed though, capable of attaching a special Gameboy Color/Advance with what looks like an IDE cable used for PC Harddrives and the Gameboy Nintendo 64 Wide Boy AGB. Now what many of you might not know is that a similar device was released during the N64 lifetime. Wide-Boy 64 rare gameboy adapter dev prototype - Ebay. I remember having seen some screenshots from way back that had (Wide-Boys are devices that are plugged into either an NES, SNES or N64 so you can see the Game Boy game on a TV, thus saving developers eyes from having to stare at the little screens all day long). 1000 of this variation were After that time a lot of TS2 boards were scrapped. The picture was taken at It cost a whopping $1400 USD, but was never released to the general public.