As a two-year-old gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park, hunt elk and moose, find a mate, and then establish a territory and raise your pups. Note: The ARROW keys do the same as WASD. In every way, it is a bigger and better version of the game. TROT: Press W or Up Arrow. Territory: The hexagon above the compass shows whose territory you are in. steam_community_announcements Understanding the controls and user interface. Note: Eating no longer restores your health as in WQ 2.7. Mate/pack affinity: The blue bar on the left side of your wolf badge indicates: Affinity decreases over time and can be restored through social interactions. You can also view pack affinity in Pack Stats. Tap the M key or TAB to open the World Map. REST: Press R (cycle through sitting and four laying positions). eduweb Be careful about where you sleep as you may be vulnerable to attack while snoozing. RIGHT-CLICK to swing the camera around your wolf, to look in other directions. It will change from the current keybind to "Listening". It is risky to sleep in stranger pack territories. Double-tap SPACEBAR again to put it down. Use mouse scroll-wheel or trackpad to zoom in and out. We’ll then resume development of the next episode, Tower Fall (DLC). NAME & BIO: Name your wolf and write a biography. < > Showing 1-4 of 4 comments . Click on the control (the yellow button) you wish to change. ears, tail, radio collar) and two howls. on Running away reduces Flight - so stand your ground if you want to make good progress. HINT: Competitor species may pose a threat to you, but following their scent trails can also lead you to a carcass -- if you are willing to fight them for it. Use the map to locate yourself in the game world, see the territories of stranger wolf packs, and place markers which will appear on your compass in the game. Health and Energy recharge automatically, and faster when resting and sleeping. Wolves can go days without eating, but eventually you must find food. TROT/GALLOP: Tap SHIFT to toggle between gaits, SPRINT: Press-hold SHIFT (Hint: sprinting depletes your stamina at a faster rate.). Expend energy with action. Remapping options are in Game Settings: Controls panel. Use emotes to interact with other wolves and build or discourage interest, or strengthen pack affinity. You may get a small health boost. Howling can build pack affinity and mark territory (in Slough Creek). There is new and improved 3D animal models and … Press-hold SPACEBAR to attack and bite it, holding on until you release. (This is why you will later move to Slough Creek to establish your own territory to raise pups). While in Early Access, we will be updating the game frequently with more features, multiplayer, and ultimately the Slough Creek episode with pups. Try harassing competitors (growling, snarling, biting) and watch their Flight or Flight meter to see how they respond to your actions. Search for quick answers to your WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition question or problem. Quests Hunt, find a mate, establish a home, raise pups, and embark on a perilous journey to a summering site. Follow the game's development at where we post updates! You can change many of the controls in the game through the Game Settings: Controls: Remap Controls screen. Black (empty) means nobody has claimed this spot (safer for you to be out of rival pack territory). Other colors are keyed to pack territories shown on the World Map. Thus begins the next episode of WolfQuest — or rather, that’s how it will begin. WOLFQUEST: ANNIVERSARY EDITION. Compass:  Shows cardinal directions, as well as custom map markers and sometimes the destination for your current mission. And a few troubleshooting tips, WolfQuest, Graphics Cards, and You (Devblog). Gameplay is divided into two parts – single player, where players are able to play in a "story mode" type adventure, and multiplayer, where players are able to play in real-time with up to 7 other people in a player-created game server. The wolf badge in the top left of the game screen provides key information about your wolf and pack. One of our first big decisions was where to set the new episode. EAT: Tap the SPACEBAR  when you see the green BITE icon (jaws) that appears when you can eat a carcass. Posted by: Wolves sleep for much of the day, so when this meter is empty, it is time for a nap! But we’ve got some very exciting ideas for Episode 3, and we’ll be discussing our thinking and our progress here in this blog over the coming months. No release date yet, for phones and tablets. We'll do our best, but some low-end mobile devices will not be powerful enough to run the game. We will keep WolfQuest 2.7 (the current game) available as well (for both computers and mobile). WolfQuest is set in actual locations in Yellowstone's Northern Range where wolves roam sagebrush steppe, forests, and river valleys. Last week we showed some things that are NOT coming to WolfQuest 3, so this week, to mark the 100th devblog, we’ve put together a list of 100 new things that ARE coming to WolfQuest 3: NEW GAME WORLD * Huge open world maps * Dynamic day-night cycle * Dynamic weather with clouds, rain, snow, and storms * Realistic trees and vegetation (Tested with XBox 360, but I assume that means PS3 will work too, right?) WolfQuest was initially developed episodically, and these episodes now form the main single-player game arc: Amethyst Mountain. WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition will be followed by an all-new episode, Tower Fall, which will be DLC and will take the story of your pack through the summer and fall. However, WolfQuest 3 will have a new codebase and much of the core gameplay will be reimagined. PERSONALITY: Your wolf, of course, will behave as you choose. But your mate won't leave you. Singleplayer. Use the map (Press M or TAB) to see the Quests information. Male scents might be darker in color than females and young. Or browse posts by category at Press SHIFT-P to freeze time and SPACEBAR to take a photo. Gameplay. Mates will usually take care of themselves but they will also sleep when you sleep so you can help them restore. Follow us on social media to see the latest news about WolfQuest 3! Fight also slowly increases over time, so waiting too long is not a good idea. WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. This will indicate what you are supposed to be doing to complete a quest. We’re still in the early stages of gameplay design and development. Health: The red bar. RIGHT-CLICK to swing the camera around your wolf, to look in other directions. While in Early Access, we will be updating the game frequently with more features, multiplayer, and ultimately the Slough Creek episode with pups. The basic mission arc will be the same. Health restores automatically and faster when you rest or sleep. Tap V to switch Scent View on or off. After a large meal, your energy drops as you digest. Catch up on all the news and follow the game's development at where we post updates! These will show up on your compass and help you navigate. Hunger: The orange bar. Sleep: The purple bar. PICK UP MEAT: Double-tap SPACEBAR  when green BITE icon (jaws) appears to pick up a chunk of meat or small prey, which you can then carry elsewhere. HOWL: Tap H for Howl 1 and double-tap for Howl 2. Different bite locations do different amounts of damage and have different levels of risk to you. To add/remove from favorites: click-hold on the desired emote and after a moment, the add/remove button will appear. Press the key or mouse button you would like to change that control to. Choose emotes for ears, voice, body, and tail. We are remaking WolfQuest from the ground up with bigger maps, more gameplay, and more animals! the degree of affinity between you and your (prospective) mate. Look for scented footprints that you can follow to their owner. Bigger maps and more animals may be too much for mobile devices with limited RAM memory. See Main Quest: Learn to Hunt for biting strategies and hints. Use mouse scroll-wheel or trackpad to zoom in and out. Tap again to close it. That key or mouse button will now be associated with that action in the game. See these articles for Main Quests gameplay tips: The V-shaped Fight or Flight meter over a competitor's head reveals their mood. WolfQuest Returns to Yellowstone: Slough Creek. Dev blog videos and more are also posted on WolfQuest social media. You will have less energy when digesting a big meal. Hold off on attacking if you don't want to take damage - you may be able to chase them away without any violence. There is new and improved 3D animal models and animations living in a world of more realistic terrain and flora. The mobile version will come after the game is completed on PC/Mac platforms. Prey animals have more than one bite target (red dots, when targeted). WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition has a new control scheme based on popular RPG games. Watch out for stranger wolves patrolling! Add your most used emotes to favorites. Ground scents appear when you get close to other animals. loboLoco [developer] Aug 1, 2018 @ 2:48pm There is partial controller support.