Blindsided by the Joker, Olsen literally saw his death coming. For Injustice: Gods Among Us on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Who is the worst character in the game? A one-stop shop for all things video games. Commanding his drones allows him to lay down a ranged offensive, and in close, he's a powerful opponent to contend with. He's fast, versatile, and his meter burns really pack a punch. Though the Teen Titans are implied to have not survived Metropolis' destruction, Deathstroke's turn in the story mode as Luthor's hired hand worked really well. And even without the harpoon, his jetpack, visor beam, and teleport uppercut mean he can attack you from anywhere on the screen at a moment's notice. Jordan confronts Gardner, whom tells him that he is being deceived (which is true), but Hal is hearing none of it and rips Gardner's arm off. As unusual as it is that Batman ranked so high on this list, it's more unusual that Superman is so low. He played a strong father figure to Bruce throughout the early years of the conflict, literally beating the snot out of Superman (thanks, super pills!) His Blue Beetle abilities grant him a variety of attacks, including an energy cannon and a flying tackle. A sequel is almost an inevitability, but the game isn't going to stop getting played any time soon for sure. Especially when going back to MK 2011 we can see evidence that character balance wasn't exactly a top priority. A comic book collector since he was a teenager, he's also become an avid gamer and content creator with a series of Let's Plays on YouTube ( and a series of running streams on his Twitch channel, You Shall Be As Games (, as well as CBR's own Twitch page ( Star labs 290 mission scorpion juggle.combo 6 hit? As Superman plans to move Arkham Asylum patients into a much less hospitable secret prison, Batman and his team jump into action to prevent it. The Commissioner of Gotham's police department certainly wanted to do his best in attempting to stop Superman; the best chance he thought he had was taking pills that gave him super strength and resistance. It's a shame he didn't survive for an Injustice 2 appearance. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Without his powers in the aerial fight, Guy plummets to his death. Green Lantern has a pretty interesting story between the two Injustice games. Black Adam undergoes a fairly significant change going into Injustice 2. Superman notices that there are two heartbeats coming from "Doomsday" and snaps out of it, seeing the lifeless body of his wife floating before him. It can't be a NetherRealm Studios game without a Mortal Kombat cameo. Green Arrow's death is so chilling because he is murdered at the literal hands of Superman. All of the heroes on either side are horrified at the turn of events, while Robin panics at the realization of what he's done. Deadshot fills in for the absent Deathstroke in Injustice 2 nicely, though he's less powerful at close range. Both Superman and Doomsday thrown down with the clone, but Bizarro is eventually defeated and gets his neck snapped by the villain. It was her passing that managed to tip Superman over the edge, snapping his resolve and making him the cold, sympathetic alien many people believed him to be. His pistol special, coupled with the meter burn and ability to delay, allows you to ping opponents from full screen, and he's yet another character with an incredible parry. The martian knew just what was in store for the people of Earth should the red-caped crusader continue on his bloody path, and didn't wish the helplessness he suffered on anyone else. The character gets a serious upgrade, not just in terms of appearance, but as a fighter as well. For Injustice 2, her awkward character power of swapping between her lasso or her sword and shield was simplified, and she became easily one of the best characters in the game. The big brain am winning again! Adding Deathstroke to Injustice: Gods Among Us made sense. Adam's patient, calculated fighting style benefits him greatly, luring opponents into their own defeat. This death is another sudden one and affects Batman in a heart-wrenching way. It makes sense that Brainiac is one of the higher tier Injustice 2 characters. Brainiac's bevy of moves gives him plenty of mix-ups. Victor Zsasz infiltrates the Batcave one day, demanding Pennyworth call Batman to reveal his location. "In the name of JOLLY CO-OPERATION, I praise the Sun!". Despite joining Superman's Regime, Billy Batson remained the heart of the team. Another character that bites the dust rather early in the conflict, Nightwing sees his end at the hands of Damian Wayne. Though the Teen Titans are implied to have not survived Metropolis' destruction, Deathstroke's turn in the story mode as Luthor's hired hand worked really well. With Shazam's fall in the first game, he may be one of the strongest mortals alive. What's so unsettling about the death of Huntress is how quickly it comes to pass. But after decades of mediocrity, Mortal Kombat creators NetherRealm Studios finally struck gold with 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us. She was fast but didn't have much to offer in the long run. During the chaotic fight, Damian angrily chucks an escrima stick at Nightwing, who is too preoccupied to see it coming. Nightwing's appearance in the first Injustice was an odd one, as the character was two separate entities. The character is perpetually very popular, and in the DC Universe may be one of the most sinister villains. He commands magical lightning like Shazam but uses it to create traps or surround himself with lightning orbs. CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ALL YEARS OF "INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US". Despite going back to her wicked ways in storyline, Selina in Injustice 2 is leagues above her previous incarnation. The death of this super clone is upsetting, as he genuinely poses a threat to Superman's now longstanding regime. Ever the protective father, he sacrifices his last vestiges of life to prolong Batman's fight and hide his daughter from Superman's grasp. Superman uses his heat vision on Diana, effectively burning the martian alive, while Wonder Woman remains intact. J'onn's demise is chilling in a number of ways, from his terrifying end (being flambéed), to his heartfelt last stand in an attempt to bring Superman back from the brink. Beast Boy's demise is just another example that, no matter what powers you have, sometimes they're not enough to save a person. There have been a number of poorly received DC Comics-based fighting games, dating all the way back to 1995's Justice League Task Force (a game which inexplicably does not feature members of the actual Justice League Task Force team). When the Green Lanterns wage war as part of Batman's resistance, the Sinestro Corps answer in kind on behalf of Superman. Shazam is tough, perhaps only a step or two below Superman. Black Canary's biggest appeal to players are her versatile parries, which allow her to counter even the strongest of attacks. It just goes to show that no matter what universe or timeline, Damian will always be an intolerable little turd. Wielding a trident and summoning in aspects of ocean life to aid him, Aquaman is easily in the top tier of fighters. The two get the drop on the Kryptonian, temporarily knocking him out, but Wonder Woman comes to his defense. Wonder Woman steps in and J'onn shapeshifts into a substance that can enter her eyes an ears, suffocating her from within. Shazam was portrayed as a formidable fighter, and it carried over into the main game. He was so hopeful for new chances after being away, only to be dispatched in the crossfire of a fight he didn't even know was happening. Even though her death was dubbed a "fridge" moment by many fans, Lois' demise still carried a major impact on the series. For all those heroes using super pills to even the playing field against Superman's more powerful allies, Batman's team… Scarecrow's move set focuses on a chain hook, which lets him attack from a distance as well as grab opponents. Beast Boy's death hits hard because Superboy's attempt to save him failed. The franchise has since become a fighting game juggernaut of sorts. Spinning out of his wildly popular appearances in the Arkham series, it makes sense that he would feature here. We've put together our picks for the 25 strongest Injustice fighters across both titles. What's interesting is the variety of moves he has to keep opponents on their toes. It's the most popular superhero fighter of all time, but who are its strongest characters? He's brought more in line with his original universe depiction, refocused as the withdrawn ruler of Kahndaq and aide to Wonder Woman. The baton knocks Grayson out and he falls onto a stray piece of rubble, tragically breaking his neck. Now threatening to go nuclear, the hero takes the red-caped crusader with him to explode in outer space as a last stand. Perhaps most upsetting is the genuine chance Atom had at killing the tyrant, but the world of "Injustice" is cruel and sees Superman not only live, but ignore the captain's last words entirely in favor of ruling another day. When Batman's squad of rebels do their best to mount a last stand in Year 3 of the series, Huntress and Batwoman team up against Superman in a long overdue punch-up. Adding Deathstroke to Injustice: Gods Among Us made sense. Up close or at range, Green Arrow is a lethal character, no matter who controls him. Dr. God help you if Bane knows what he's doing though. Supergirl's debut in Injustice 2 was notable in that she handily trumps her more famous cousin. Olsen was one of hero's fondest friends and arguably the start of Clark's downward spiral into despair before he finally snapped. He's big and lumbering, but Swamp Thing plays exactly like you'd expect. Robin gives up the Dark Knight's strategy to undermine Clark's scheme, thus leading to a huge battle between Team Superman, Team Bats and the Arkham inmates. He'll dive forward and plaster a bomb to your chest. Darkseid is also, naturally, a powerful character to square off against. She admonishes the duo as they trade blows, saying that they are fighting for a foolish cause. The martian attempts to "show" Clark the feelings of helplessness he suffered when his planet was overrun by tyrants; the same emotions that Superman is on track to inflict upon others should he continue his selfish ways. Black Manta was pretty obviously coming to Injustice 2 from day one. With such a deep and varied roster, consisting of the obvious DC Comics A-listers and the surprising lesser-known oddities of DC's expanded character line, fans obviously turn their thoughts to debating who the strongest member of the roster is. Robin's a step up from the previous game, with his Blade Dance combos helping to pin down and juggle opponents. We count down some of the most chilling deaths that made its first run great. Even at a distance, he can lock you down with exploding Batarangs until he can score a strike with his grapple line. He's fast; way faster than you'd expect. Coupled with the manner in which he is killed, Kyle's demise in the comic is just downright unsettling. For Injustice 2, Damian's back to his Robin identity, though in story mode he remains Nightwing. He befriends Trickster and does his best to emulate the actual hero for a stint before returning to Luthor. Alfred is left to bleed out on the floor of the Batcave alone. How could Batman possibly rank high on a list of strongest Injustice characters? Are you looking forward to the new game? Atom puts the beat down on the Man of Steel as an order from his superiors in the Pentagon.