My win rate with it used to be 55%, but right now its at a paltry 49%, hence why i need help playing it. Concealment on Brawl BB nowadays are 4 wasted points. Im curious about the suggestion for the BBs. Being able to disengage is the diference between sinking or not. Sure, a CV might spot you, but that's of little consequence compared to the drawbacks of not taking it. Everyone sings the praises of CE for BBs but in small low-tier maps with often 2x CVs, it's very dubious. Thoughts on vigilance, though? This page was last modified on 28 October 2020, at 06:51. My current plan is to use the extra point from leveling up along with expert loader and adrenaline rush to free up the 4 I need for concealment. Russian battleship captain skills. You also need a 2nd 19 point captain for the 2nd Tier 10 VMF BB ( Slava / Pobeda ), We will see after the inevitable nerfs. Go for the tank build. Tier 8-10 battleship bow/stern, tier 8 - 10 British and French battleships' casemate plating. Gunboats. Edit: I'm thinking it might be because the high tier Rasha BBs have such fast turret traverse I'm not sure expert marksman is actually necessary. Looks like dropping expert marksman will be the way to go. Marksm. This page has been accessed 51,937 times. Maint. Will bounce up to 15-inch shells (381 mm) if sufficiently angled. Ah yeah I didnt even account for CVs. One of the best heals in tier. Current 18 point build (50k from 19) is PM, EL, High Alert, expert marksman, adrenaline rush, BoS, superintendent, and FP. its overall counterproductive and mostly pointless for BBs to stay far away and out of the main battle zones. Sinop — Soviet Tier VII battleship.. A high-speed battleship project, armed with 406 mm guns that were developed right before the beginning of World War I. Concealment Expert and Superintendant first, along with fire prevention and basically everything that reduces DoT(Damage Over Time, Flooding/Fires) duration and chance. krazypenguin, January 29, 2018 in Newcomers' Section. I can also recommend Situational Awareness for cruisers. Arguments, like there is a CV so you are spotted anyways, aren't really good. Remember this will affect commander skills and some will not work without being 100% re-trained. But you haven't seen the best part yet. Do those suggestions actually make more sense or gain importance for ships on and above tiers 5 or 6? My question is pretty much, why are those 4 skill points considered chosen wisely given all those aspects when there are other options which rather improve the strenghths of an asset? Tough call. Her main guns had overwhelming firepower. Here are some common armor thicknesses and the minimum HE shell diameters needed to penetrate them, according to the HE penetration formula. You can argue that this skill can be accounted for with skill, but it still sometimes warns you about the boarder hugging BB in the distance changing his target to you rather than the BB in front of him which can yield a nasty surprise given RNG dispersion. Hi all, Returning refreshed after a year away, I am looking for advice please. 1st), 17 pts - Basics of Survivability (or Vigilance if you prefer that), 19 pts - Exp. Yamato — Japanese Tier X battleship.. Your damage control comes up very quickly but some people might prefer it being faster. I'm spotted almost from spawn. Most of the time the gain is within 2-4 sec for a full 180° turning! Ist better used for FP oder other skills. 1/6, 1/5 and 1/4 are the HE shells' penetration coefficients. Hi all, By the time the RU BBs are released, I will probably have a 19 skill captain ready. Also paradoxically, CE can be useful with an aggressive approach too, allowing you to get in closer before opening up with your first devastating salvo. FP, Basics of Survivability and flags are great for reduced fires and floods. Vanguard. Only weakness is vulnerability to BB AP, between its large citadel and poor gun angles-- a problem greatly mitigated by the tier's complete lack of super cruisers and the format's limit of 1 BB. I see that all of my commanders' skills have been reset so I am looking for experienced players' advice on what are generally considered the best skills for each class please, or any unusual or otherwise interesting skill builds that people might have. Thoughts? ...and unlikely to continue with British CL\CA line either (don't want to user free XP and the tier 4 is soul-destroyingly painful for me to play), ... Oh? As per the tables above, 152 mm and 155 mm HE, primarily found on light cruisers; and 100 mm HE, found on Japanese gunboat destroyers and some secondary batteries, are by far the biggest beneficiaries. If you can "vanish" while you heal back your health you can (especially with UK ships), almost live twice ! High alert (-10% cd on DCP) might not be the best for russian BB, because your cd is already low, but i would still try it, because its likely they will give free respecc for a few days after the line is released. Despite their stated role as brawlers their secondaries are completely mediocre. Yamato was designed around the idea that an individual ship could have superiority over any battleship of a potential enemy. An AP shell whose diameter is greater than 14.3 times the thickness of an armor plate will overmatch and pass through it regardless of angle. Double edit: Final captain build- Fire prevention, Concealment, superintendent, high alert, adrenaline rush, preventative maintenance, Basics of Survivability. If you aren't going for a secondary build, then I have to recommend CE. I think I will take concealment. Looks like I'll probably either take vigilance because of Kreml's massive size and KM turning circle or several lower cost skills. Not 100% failproof, but it is a good indicator to move from. Without CE you are even easier to spot and as a brawling ship, you want to get close and preferably without the enemy knowing. Because you can get closer without being spotted, giving you the chance to surprise an enemy ship with a hard hit. By Because I'm using Znamensky the preventative maintenance, high alert and expert marksman get bonuses. And thus these 2 points are most of the time wasted. Changes to the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells Skill (Update 0.9.2). It is much more helpful late into high-tier matches when the DDs are gone and there's often no CV at all. 180 mm HE benefits less from IFHE because of a more drastic relative reduction in fire chance for not much gain in both absolute and impactful damage output, The only secondary weaponst that may benefit from IFHE are German 105 mm secondaries with 26 mm base penetration, however, they give up a lot of fire chance for the ability to penetrate up to and including 32 mm plating, which is most of the time not worth it. Will bounce up to 254 mm AP if sufficiently angled. (Emerald), This is what I run on all IJN BBs (well, at least Kongo+), 1 pt - Prev. Then you could pick torpedo armament expertise or demolition expert and adrenaline rush. Extremely potent HE. My main question is whether it is worth swapping expert marksman and priority target for concealment. So the later you are detected the better otherwise you will just get killed before you reach your destination or the enemy just avoids you. BBs can use it too, especially the ones with atrocious turret traverse like some early Brits, and the more static bowtanking BBs like Nelson. if you didn't take it @3 or if you took it then whichever of the other 2 you prefer.