Among the top 30 wide receivers in yardage, 13 are on their rookie contracts. They did pick up Corbett, a second-round pick of the Browns last year, but league scouts contend he has played terribly this year and was not much better as a rookie. Desde la llegada de Nick Foles, este receptor es una máquina de targets, recepciones y productividad. It’s also worth noting what type of receivers Edelman, Thielen and Beasley are, which is, to put it simply, not fast or big or explosive. Los Angeles was part of three deals Tuesday, sending starting cornerback Marcus Peters to Baltimore, acquiring second-year Brownsoffensive tackle Austin Corbett, then completing a blockbuster trade with Jacksonville for Pro Bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey in exchange for two first-round picks (2020 and 2021) and a fourth-round selection (2021). © 2020 NFL Enterprises LLC. Marquise Brown was a late first round pick in 2019 and is 25th in yards. Random Ramsdom: Is Jared Goff just an average quarterback? Jalen Ramsey says he saw and felt the OPI “clear as day” Sep 9th. Personally speaking, I believe quality football teams are built from the inside out. Jalen Ramsey vs ARob Anyone nervous about starting Arob vs Jalen Ramsey? One of the main arguments against running backs has been that they are easily replaceable by talent on rookie contracts, so why should a team pony up for a workhorse back if they can steer James Robinson onto the field for a fraction of the cost? Can the Bills or Dolphins grab the torch in the AFC East? Tua Tagovailoa's first career start for the Miami Dolphins is significant not just to the franchise but to the entire Polynesian football community. Stefon Diggs is tied with Metcalf and was a fifth round pick; Robby Anderson went undrafted; Beasley went undrafted; Allen Lazard went undrafted; Keenan Allen, Michael Gallup, Tyler Lockett, Cooper Kupp were all third round picks; Jamison Crowder was a fourth round pick; Tyreek Hill was a fifth round pick and even if he fell in the draft for a highly publicized reason, everybody goes at some point in the draft because of reasons. How have receivers managed to get credit for doing better with their health or being able to consistently produce when there are many Allen Hurns and Jordan Matthews and Donte Moncrief’s out there? Terry McLaurin was a fourth round pick in 2019 and is fifth in yards. In the wake of Herb Adderley's passing, Andy Fenelon reflects on the spectacular career of a true shutdown corner -- and the pain that comes with losing another great Lombardi Packer too soon. Grading Rams 2018 draft class after two and a half seasons. Despite a 1-5 start to the season, Kyle Rudolph tells Brooke Cersosimo the Vikings have the talent to fuel a winning streak that could put the team in the playoff race.