The compressor should smooth them out while not squashing them. Der kleine Xotic SP Compressor hat es trotz seiner Miniaturabmessungen faustdick hinter den Reglern und macht auch am Bass eine überaus passable Figur. Der Xotic SP Compressor Limited Edition Red (ebenfalls 1000 Exemplare weltweit) bietet die selbe OTA Technologie (Operational Transconductans Amplifier) die vielen Gitarristen aus dem wohl besten Kompressor aller Zeiten - dem Ross Compressor - bekannt ist. Xotic AC Comp Booster: Xotic's AC Booster is an overdrive pedal, not normally the sort of thing I review here; however their "Custom Shop" line includes a couple of models with variable amounts of compression, including this AC Comp. Notabe effects pedals include the EP Booster, SP Compressor, RC Booster and Xotic Wah. Bass RC Booster V2; Bass BB Preamp; Accessories. The SP has a stronger comp effect than the Ego, using the Lo setting on the SP is about 9:30 on the sustain knob on the Ego. ALL-BRASS® CABLES; Voltage Doubler; RAW Vintage; Store; Dealers. Xotic Guitars and Effects manufactures guitars, basses and effects pedals as well as parts and accessories that musicians love. The Ego has that bass presence that I can't get from the SP. Sie gehören nicht unbedingt zu den bekanntesten Effektgeräte-Herstellern, aber der Diamond Compressor Custom Maybach der kanadischen Pedalspezialisten mach… 348. My signal chain: Vox HDC-77> Zendrive> Xotic SP> Flashback x4 delay> Mooer Pure Boost> THD Special 12/20 1x12 combo (stock). Diamond Compressor Custom Maybach Test. With that being said, here's how I tested the dip switches: Turn blend to 100% wet. SP Compressor; Super Clean Buffer Super Sweet Booster; Guitar Effects. We're a small California company that's all about tone. Volume Pedals; XW-1 Wah; Soul Driven; RC Booster v2; SL Drive; AC Booster; BB Plus; BB Preamp v1.5; Robotalk 2; X-Blender; Bass Effects. (Zendrive always off during testing). Sustain/compression set to Hi. OneControl Lemon … The SP retains snap and brightness which is good on the neck pickup but the Ego can achieve that by setting the tone knob to 1:00. Mid and High setting are too compressed for me. 520.