before you vote for goku think about his hax and what he could do to kill goku. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Which Crunchyroll Award Did You Disagree With The Most? Please is your fight, so give it a lot of details. Who Wins and why? Yhwach vs goku (3-a version) Stick695. Other edit: I honestly don't know what character he said I think it was mother something or Dream of The Endless. Isn't almighty power is NLF by it's nature and should be able to help Yhwach win here? Well with equal speed, Yhwach could take Goku's powers from him for himself. 1d in General. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Who Would Win? It even allowed him to crawl out of Ichibe's reality twisting magic completely unscathed. Please help, My arguments: Lucifer got beat up by the Angels and sent to hell therefore he isn't a gag, His arguments: Lucifer got stronger after he got beaten up as seen when he surpassed Mother Of Existence, and when he killed Michael. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. TBH if we assume power compatibility, Goku should no sell Almighty due to his power level making Yhwach look like shit. Who wins? Yhwach can see the future and change it, do you understand what that means? The only ability he has shown is so broken it's literally NLF incarnate. Yhwach is just too much whether he has the Spirit King's power or not. Edited by Reppuzan 19:10, March 10, 2017. The king resides in the Soul King Palace that exists in a separate, special realm in the very core of Soul Society, which is protected by the Royal Guard. Goku can't hit this Yhwach since is Whis apprentice and equal in power to Goku, since is my fight. Goku Strength. Doesn't the Almighty require Yhwach know how the ability being used against him works? Ichibe vs Goku Ichibe Votes: 1 11.1% Goku Votes: 8 88.9% Total voters 9; sonicflare9. Loading editor. JavaScript is disabled. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Yhwach may not have galaxy busting feats but he's preventing this from crumbling away with his own power:, Which is Infinite: demigra has flicked away supreme kai of time how can merge time lines together hold together the ENTIRE multiverse and at the same time manipulate it she is outerversal this is all proved by the dragon ball xenoverse game. Why can't Yhwach ignore Goku's attacks with his almighty powers? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. and he has debated like 80 people and lost like 6 times. Also Yhwach can steal only special abilities, not physique. I say yhwacb could beat goku pretty easily and I want to debate people on it cuz yhwach power is really underrated. -Yhwach get's one week of prep-training with Whis, he learns how to use God Ki and get's a speed boost to equal Goku's speed. Goku is a damn galaxy buster at this point. If we go by his explanation no powers in the universe (blasts, magic, reality warping) can affect him. Saiyan Saga Goku is stronger than Kaguya and Kaguya is stronger than Yhwach. I still don't get why people use Yhwach in fights. I still don't get why people use Yhwach in fights. Also to change the future he doesnt have to move or act he can just stay still and smash Goku's heart. I just can't see how Yhwach could stand against him at all. demigra is said to be beyond the concept of time itself and exist outside of its own flow a feat yhwach has never been able to show. Goku stomps. both at their peak and bloodlusted, If your level of toxicity=AP which fandom wins, What is the most Atrocious case of Downplay you’ve ever seen, Top 5 faster MFTL+ characters ( no infinite, no immensurable and no omnipresence).